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BREAKING: You know that feeling when you help raise $150k to defend a defamation case brought by Peter Dutton against a good bloke like @shanebazzi and then Shane wins! That’s the feeling I have right now as the appeal decision has just been handed down in Shane’s favour..

Tell you what isn’t trashy: this analysis. If you want to know why ⁦@danielhurstbne⁩ is one of the best reporters in the country, read this forensic piece. Sadly we can’t table this but ⁦@PeterDutton_MP⁩ is very welcome to read #auspol.

While Peter Dutton attempts his own version of a ‘May Surprise’ and calls a Chinese auxiliary intelligence ship off the coast of Australia an ‘act of aggression’ Defence doesn’t appear to hold the same view.

Dutton Photo,Dutton Photo by Amy Remeikis,Amy Remeikis on twitter tweets Dutton Photo

How transparent. Peter Dutton now trying to scare Australians into keeping the government in power. Disgraceful..

A who’s who of ⁦@ScottMorrisonMP⁩ front bench including Peter Dutton have previously criticised allowing first home buyers to raid super to buy a house as “a bad idea”..

Great job in the Defence debate from @BOConnorMP Brendan was calm, methodical and across the brief against a clearly desperate Peter Dutton. #npc #auspol.

If @PeterDutton_MP thinks this is trashy journalism, then I am proud to edit Confronted about his inaction on the Brereton reforms, Peter Dutton attempts to shoot the messenger.

This is the CDF/Secretary submission to Dutton that I quoted from at #NPC . It’s now up on the Defence FOI disclosure log, but credit to Anthony Galloway of @smh @theage for first getting those docs:.

Much like The Sopranos Tony Sirico, Charles S. Dutton discovered acting while in jail.

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Confronted about his inaction on the Brereton reforms, Peter Dutton attempts to shoot the messenger via @danielhurstbne.

“In his debate with Defence Minister Peter Dutton at the National Press Club on Thursday, O’Connor laid out a litany of defence capability decisions taken over the past nine years that have resulted in billions of dollars wasted.”.

“In 15 seconds, Labor’s defence spokesman Brendan O’Connor delivered a better attack on the Coalition’s record on national security than anyone else in the party has managed over the past nine years.”.

@MFWitches 1. Morrison, Frydenberg, Tudge, Dutton, Hunt, Colbeck, Cash, Joyce, McCormack, McKenzie, Roberts, Taylor, Wilson, Sharma, Ley, Birmingham, Pitt, Payne, Tehan, Hawke, Liu, Payne, Price, Ruston, Reynolds, Stoker. Did I miss anyone?🤔.

Great day, FA cup winners… it’s been a while. Nice to see @StephenEvans75 auld fella too 😉.

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@DarrenDreger Our government needs to be fired. We’re the only country still hurting their own people.

We are now quite a bit past the point where Dutton’s inflammatory rhetoric becomes a danger to our national security. He is a loose cannon, an active menace..

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I agree with Peter Dutton on one thing: whoever wins Pearce probably wins the Federal Election. That’s why I have been out doorknocking for Tracey Roberts today. Tracey is another terrific @AustralianLabor candidate who would make a brilliant MP. @AustralianLabor #ausvotes.

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Where my fellow cowboys at ? One of my personal favorite traits . Dutton ranch would approve. Not many cowboys listed I think the last few were just sniped 🤝🌊🤠#howdy #famorie @CryptoMories.

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Anthony Albanese and Kristina Keneally did the same when they visited the Hindu Council on Friday, prompting controversy because of the VHP’s connection to rightwing Hindu organisations blamed for violence against other religious minorites in India..

#ausvotes / #auspol wrap up: - Reporter reads questions off his phone accuses Albanese of not being across issues. - Dutton goes full Nth Korean at Press Club. - Supplies getting thru to Colbeck’s hideout. - Frydenberg literally begs for votes. - Anne Ruston still not human..

Dutton rediscovers “reds under the bed” and Morrison says he is no longer himself” Throw them out #auspol.


Dutton was really hoping the Chinese Ship would throw something overboard so he could rerun 2001 #insiders.

Superannuation is for retirement, not for buying houses - Peter Dutton, 2017 Time for a follow up story @samanthamaiden.

@MorpheusBeing @MFWitches Took a drive through Dutton’s electorate yesterday. I didn’t see many signs up. It’s a more mixed area than it used to be, so there is some hope. 😬.

@GuardianAus Its not aggressive, unlawful or even unusual. When a similar thing happened last November, Morrison dismissed it. Dutton has another agenda. Government will not complain about Chinese navy ship near Australian waters.

The argument goes that if the alleged moderates lose their seats, and especially if Frydenberg does, their absence in the parliamentary Liberal Party will skew to the right. Possibly to the extent that Peter Dutton (ugh) will become Leader of the Opposition. 2/10.

Peter Dutton’s latest provocation of China confirms that the LNP will stop at nothing to further their own political careers. #insiders.


It’s hard to think of a bigger danger to Australia’s security than Dutton. #insiders.

Dutton is trying to create a Howard ‘children overboard’ moment to distract from Morrison’s terrible election prospects. Deplorable. #insiders.

@Tiddapage @MorpheusBeing If Dutton retains his seat and then becomes LOTO after the election then federally the LNP will be as unelectable as the Qld LNP. Win win for everybody else.

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