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Getting quite a few tweets and messages saying Peter Dutton constructed the crisis in Alice Springs. No. It was Aboriginal people in Alice who told the rest of the country and govts that they did not feel safe. They have been trying to get national attention for months #auspol.

ICYMI: @AlboMP has effectively refused an invitation to travel to Alice Springs to address the horrific crime wave with @PeterDutton_MP. LISTEN:.

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The opposition leader has made it clear how he is going to approach the Voice to Parliament referendum, writes Michael Bradley @marquelawyers. Now is the time for Albanese to step off the high road and fight back [FREE TO READ] #auspol.

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Anthony Albanese cannot allow Peter Dutton’s game of deceit on the Voice to Parliament to continue, writes Michael Bradley @marquelawyers. It’s time to step off the high road and accept that Dutton is his enemy regarding the Voice #auspol.

Linda Burney says Indigenous voice would have prevented Alice Springs crisis while Peter Dutton gets Bolted #auspol.

I wrote my PhD on sexual abuse of Indigenous children - Dutton never asked me for advice by Hannah McGlade.

1897 photo of excavation of skeletal remains in a burial mound at Serpent Mound, Ohio. From Hazard & Dutton (1897). The text gives no information on this..

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**** O Presidente do Uruguai não se intimidou com a ameaça do L, na relação comercial com a China. Ao final, o Presidente do Uruguai venceu a disputa, acovardando o L que foi obrigado a falar fininho..

I wonder if Adam Bandt ever looks around and wonders how his party ended up to the right of Peter Dutton on a vital social reform such as the Voice. #VoteYes #Theguardian.

Will Peter Dutton take an aggressive stance on Domestic Violence across all of Australia like he has Alice Springs or are their no political points or society divisions to be gained?.

Kanye West could be canceled in Australia because of Peter Dutton 👀 #KanyeWest #News.

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***** Entenderam? Tdo mto bem esquematizado. Provocarão o caos, para justificar a criação da Guarda Nacional..

***** Além dos traidores conhecidos, suspeito ainda de outro, OL. Foi responsável por indicar o Mantreta, irmãos Troublers q sacanearam o mto o Bolsonaro. Na campanha ao gov estadual, foi mto arrogante, o que acabou reelegendo Leite e tirou votos. Apenas minha impressão?.

Whether it’s the Voice, #climatechange or carbon tax, the Libs use the same playbook & we fall for it, every single time Dutton knows the Voice is necessary, but he’s happy to scuttle a once in a generation opportunity just to see the other side fail Shane in him [and us] #wow.

**** Esse é o nosso mundo, o da meias-verdades. Nunca vão lhe contar qual é a parte verdadeira e qual a parte falsa..

@MediaAnalystOz is quite correct. Dutton’s dog whistling should have been shut down late last week. Dutton will stoop to any level including disgracefully weaponising a moral issue, to try & lift his public persona. The 🇦🇺 media are just as complicit in 🥔 disgraceful behaviour!.

Why is the media giving Dutton so much air time? His solution is to lock everyone up and throw away the key. He has no solutions, no empathy and no power. The MSM need to stop amplifying his views..

Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg says he is supportive of Opposition leader Peter Dutton’s “entirely reasonable” request for detail on the Voice to Parliament..

Un giorno scriverò un post sul perché Beth Dutton è la donna emancipata nella visione maschile che non sa cosa sia veramente emanciparsi; perché Kim Wexler sia la donna che rappresenta l’umano senza bisogno di rivendicare il genere, e perché Dana Scully sia il modello per l’oggi.

**** A esquerda brasileira é uma das piores do mundo. Lule chegou a comparar Bolsonaro ao Hugo Chavez. Então, qual a lógica dele ter admiração pelo sucessor do Chavez, Nicolas Maduro? Tamanho ardil deveria ser o suficiente para impedi-lo de ser Presidente do Brasil.

Dutton Photo,Dutton Photo by 𝓢𝓻. 𝓓𝓾𝓽𝓽𝓸𝓷,𝓢𝓻. 𝓓𝓾𝓽𝓽𝓸𝓷 on twitter tweets Dutton Photo

Oof. Peter Dutton is not popular, it appears. Even in Australia..

**** A lei das estatais ainda tem vigência? Só uma pergunta..

Australia, Resolve poll: Approval rating of the performance of Opposition Leader Peter Dutton (L/NP, Centre-right|Conservative) Very Good/Good: 28% (-) Poor/Very Poor: 46% (+3) Undecided: 26% (-3) +/- vs. December 2022 Fieldwork: 17-22 January 2023 Sample size: 1606 #auspol.

#OnThisDay 26 January, 1796. The East Indianman Dutton dragged anchor and ran aground on Plymouth during a storm. The ship was carrying nearly 600 crew to the West Indies when it was forced back towards Plymouth due to a stormy gale. The crew was unable to abandon ship due to.

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**** Fluxo cambial total no ano até 20 de janeiro é negativo em US$ 992 milhões, mostra Banco Central (BM&C News) Comercial Saldo (C): -US$ 83 milhões Financeiro Saldo (F): -US$ 909 milhões Saldo (S=C+F) -US$ 992 milhões Fazoele 👍.

“Calling for Treaty over Voice makes no sense at all. Treaties are under way in several states, but a national treaty requires a national Voice.“.

Hannah McGlade wrote her PhD on sexual abuse of Indigenous children - Dutton never asked her for advice Hannah McGlade Legal academic.

@2GB873 Booooo. Peter Dutton is a monster. Your radio station is for dinosaurs. This is really poor propaganda that cheapens the nation. Get your act together.

Pretty weak of @albomp to get bullied by Dutton to go to Alice. Still shit scared of conservative press. There are real problems in Alice, but a flight and photo op won’t fix them. #auspol.

Australia - Preferred Prime Minister: Albanese: 55% (+1) Dutton: 20% (+1) Resolve Strategic / January 22, 2023 / n=1606 / Online (% Change With Dec 4, 2022).

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