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【青山浩二選手 現役引退に関して】 青山浩二選手が今シーズンをもちまして、現役引退することとなりましたので、お知らせいたします。 #RakutenEagles

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Howard Eskin
Howard Eskin ()

After watching #Eagles last night I’m coming to realization things are not good. Well this morning I’m getting something I hope is less painful. I’m getting Core Muscle surgery (hernia). This should be less painful. Thanks to Dr. William Meyers. See you tonight w Brandon Graham.

Sheffield Eagles
Sheffield Eagles ()

🎙 Eagles Assistant Coach @KeithSenior4 was on the latest episode of the Talking with TK (@tristan_knell) Podcast. 👉 You can listen here: 👇 A snippet of what to

Wrexham.com ()

The company has a large store on Eagles Meadow - very worrying news for staff locally and across the UK.

Golden Eagles
Golden Eagles ()

Golden Eagles Esports is giving away 2x Fortnite Battlepasses to welcome in the new season! Here’s what you need to do to enter: - Follow Us ! @GES_Esports1 -🔃Retweet &❤️Like this post. - @ Tag 2 Of Your Friends

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Gregg Bell
Gregg Bell ()

Tre Flowers gives up inside position on third-down slant by Alshon Jeffery for Eagles first down.

Jake Magner
Jake Magner ()

“This will be the week the Eagles offense figures it out”

Eagles Photo,Eagles Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
TootsieSlide Capper
TootsieSlide Capper ()

Throwing out a miracle parlay i just put in Alabama Pacific/nevada O135 Auburn -2 2H Eagles + Eagles U50 Georgia St ML 2H $30 wins $800 Bol guys

Tabassum Hossain
Tabassum Hossain ()

NFL News nfl game Seattle vs Philadelphia nfl streams Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles Live ➤ PC ➤ Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles Seahawks vs Eagles

Eagles Photo,Eagles Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Mikey ()

@GaryWolensky @RoobNBCS This is the worst eagles team I’ve ever watched and I’m in my 20’s. And we are a few years removed from a freaking Super Bowl.

͏W ()

@HEATLES_EAGLES It would be a shame if her mother found out about this. I’m truly sick.

William Spencer III
William Spencer III ()

Louder for the Eagles fans in the back pointing everywhere else except Wentz!

Dk ()

@kentrelI Yea that shit was sickening. No room for that kind of behavior on this platform.

Replays WF 🍉🐶
Replays WF 🍉🐶 ()

Packers are killing the bears twice , beating the Lions Panthers Eagles and the only hard game is the Titans

Bobcat Football
Bobcat Football ()

For the second week in a row @alexsingleton49 has led the Eagles defense in tackles. Playmaker. (📸 via @Eagles) #GoCatsGo | #ProCats

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Jester Bob 🧢
Jester Bob 🧢 ()

@sethjoyner I think the Eagles are obligated to find out if it’s Doug or Wentz. If the Eagles look better with Hurts, it is Wentz. If it’s more the same, then it’s time for a new coaching staff

Ben Volin
Ben Volin ()

NFC playoff standings. As bad as the Eagles are, it’s not like a worthy team is being kept out right now. They all stink

Eagles Photo,Eagles Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Rachel ()

@kennyclarkrocks I lost in week one. Stupid Eagles. Got my picks all correct since then, of course.

CogginToboggan ()

As always we are ahead of the game. Listen to the Eagles funeral right here.

Fred Greetham
Fred Greetham ()

#Browns Vernon, Clayborn, Ward, Takitaki, D Come Up Big in Win via @247sports

McLaurinStan (2-7)
McLaurinStan (2-7) ()

We win, Eagles lose, and Dallas is gonna be spotlighted and they should lose its a good day

Alex ()

Why don’t the eagles returners catch the ball instead of letting it roll for 10 yards

Martin Frank
Martin Frank ()

LB Alex Singleton having a great game for #Eagles, holds up Hunt for Sweat to make tackle on 3rd down.

Eliot Shorr-Parks
Eliot Shorr-Parks ()

Josh Sweat remains one of the only bright spots from this season. He should be the starting DE next season. #Eagles

𝙘𝙝𝙧𝙞𝙨🎒 ()

@Eagles As an honest Eagles fan I think I speak for our fan base when I say we are a trash team. This team is coached poorly and we are still trash. We’ve been inferior to the Cowboys for years now and we need to rebuild and trade Wentz. This is coming from an honest Eagles fan btw.

Oliver Assiran
Oliver Assiran ()

@KristinChristy It should be impossible for the eagles to loose to the browns 😩🤮

Em ()

I’ll never understand how with as bad as the eagles are they always seem like they’re down only a touchdown

Jawn Gonzalez
Jawn Gonzalez ()

you mock Carson Wentz now, but just wait till the Eagles need someone to field strip a deer

Shelfy ()

Eagles have now started 9 different offensive line combinations in 10 games. It gets funnier and funnier every week as this continues.

The Black Eagles
The Black Eagles ()

A dominant half from the Black Eagles! We can change edits anytime, lads 😁

Eagles Photo,Eagles Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
東北楽天ゴールデンイーグルス ()

【青山浩二選手 現役引退に関して】 青山浩二選手が今シーズンをもちまして、現役引退することとなりましたので、お知らせいたします。 #RakutenEagles

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