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Former Falcons’ QB Marcus Mariota reached agreement with the Philadelphia Eagles on a one-year, $5 million deal worth up to $8 million, per source. Mariota is expected to be the Eagles’ No. 2 QB this season..

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All-Pro CB James Bradberry is returning to the Eagles on three-year deal worth $38 million, including $20 million fully guaranteed and another $6 million in incentives, per sources. Total package is $44 million..

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Not going anywhere 😎 We’ve agreed to terms with @bigplay24slay on a two-year extension. @Toyota | #FlyEaglesFly.

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Eagles re-signing RB Boston Scott to one-year, $2M deal. (via @TomPelissero).

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Eagles re-signing James Bradberry to three-year, $38M deal. (via @TomPelissero).

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I could be completely wrong. But I have a suspicion that the Chiefs weren’t best pleased with JuJu’s valentines joke and subsequent back and forth with Eagles players. I think he gets that same deal in KC if that didn’t happen..

Nice money for the former Eagles LB. Had made just $3M total in his NFL career prior to this contract..

On behalf of all Eagles fans. Get this man signed today Howie #FlyEaglesFly.

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The most important game of next season for me is the Eagles vs Jets. I absolutely do not want to lose the ability to say we’re undefeated all time against that team.

@Alidelphia89 They’re asking if the Eagles are collapsing. Gonna have to say no since it’s early March…but I’d love to see other teams believe this.

Hey #Eagles fans, if it makes you feel any better, I do know this: The Eagles front office is trying very, very hard to secure a long-term deal with Gardner Johnson @CGJXXIII #CJGJ Not there yet, obviously, but WE KNOW they do want him back!.

@guiAKAfloyd Não precisa cair isso tudo pra ir pros Eagles. E fazer isso aí é perder muita grana, ele recebe tipo 25% do salário que ia receber se fosse uma pick top 5. Isso aí pra mim é burrice.

@TheReal3_JT @Rob_Shenanigans He worded the tweet bad. He’s saying he less likely to be a free agent since the eagles cleared space..

Juju fr started beef between eagles and chiefs and then just dipped 😭.

@WizMelts I mean it’s true but the Eagles OL had a starting caliber players as backups. And to be fair Mailata would bench 90% of the leagues Tackles lol.

took a stab at filling some holes. @eagles make it happen, JCP is going to be a beast.

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Jeff Kerr
Jeff Kerr

Hopping in with Rob at 10 tonight to talk #Eagles and #NFL free agency!.

What a great monday, blew a 24-14 lead in the super bowl now I get to watch as the team gets dismantled live on twitter! @Eagles.

@delie97 Hier noch ein Zitat dem offiziellen NFL Press release: This is in addition to Isaac Alarcon (Cowboys), David Bada (Washington), Matt Leo (Eagles) and Sandro Platzgummer (Giants), who are set to enter THIRD YEAR of the program with their NFC East teams. Auch falsch? 🤔.

@Logateee @DanielJonesMVP Huh???? Not a cowboys fan lol but Daniel Jones is the definition of an overpay eagles cowboys own you.

Philadelphia Eagles got worse. Running their mouths all over confident too arrogant. Patrick Mahomes put the Eagles team, defense in their place. He put the Philadelphia Eagles on the lower totem pole, shrunk them to peanut size. I’m so happy. Makes me feel so good! @Eagles.

@RoobNBCS Wow, Dilliard. Even the Eagles back ups are getting $10 million per year. Stoutland should get 10% of that..

@AdamSchefter Oh well,I was hoping the Eagles could bring him back on a good two year deal..

not too concerned about the eagles not making we known to strike gold with later free agent pickups.

@CBradleyXXX @akashanav i never expected to sign him back. once again, we already have his replacement. Eagles will for sure still be better than the 49ers, who just lost McGlinchey, lol.

BSO is seriously desperate. He should rather talk about his achievement in the past 4 years. Drum your actions during covid and how you handled the situation in Lagos, speak about the light rail train project . This man might visit the Flying eagles very soon self !!!!.

@EROCK_Eagles It is still hard to see these players you learned to love and see them go. But it is what it is..


This Eagles team losing a lot of pieces from their championship run on defense.


@Imagine_V2 @PHLEaglesNation No he found out the market is exactly what he thought and gave the eagles an offer they probably will match.

@kazu_t_eagles_8 ありがとうございます! 参考にさせてもらいます🙇‍♂️.

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