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Rahul Gandhi must visit East Ladakh (Galwan & Pangong Tso) and tell us if he is standing in Indian or Chinese territory. He has repeatedly said that we have ceded territory to the Chinese. Time to verify on ground. That will be the ultimate SABOOT.

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JT Crabtree
JT Crabtree ()

HUGE WEEKEND! @WeAreSouth_MBB with a chance to win the East at home! WE NEED YOU IN THE MITCH!! #BurnTheBoats

AJ+ ()

This Kenyan startup is harvesting the locust swarms that have been tearing through countries in East Africa and turning them into fertilizer and animal feed, two things that the insects tend to destroy.

Prez💊 ()

@SixersMaddie u said we needed a shot creator during the game the other day when literally our 15 ppg 6 man shot creator was our, when did I say he was enough to get out the east?

Royal Diadem
Royal Diadem ()

@Whitb_xx Whit I have no idea, I’m just a very irritated hungry person. I don’t know any other quality Chinese in east

Cole Sullivan
Cole Sullivan ()

Thomas says she fears investigators will not be able to solve this case without more information about what happened. #wbir

mam (middle aged mother)
Mam (middle aged mother) ()

@PaulaWatson963 Girls should not complete against boys. If this was normal, Shelly Anne Fraser Pryce’s 100m times would match that of Bolt’s. There’s a reason why the East Germans pumped their female athletes full of life changing male hormones in the 80’ 💉💊🥇

ExtremeTracker ()

For Counties North and West of Harris, the Winter Storm Warning would take effect by 9pm Tonight, Counties South and East of Harris would be effective by 3pm Tomorrow.

FürZuhause ()

Wtf. I entiendo cual es la necesidad de jugar en otras regiones un ejemplo un Europe juegue east o west I mean

شــرقـیِ غـمگیـن
شــرقـیِ غـمگیـن ()

@ZamaniKaren316 من داشتم جداشون میکردم فحش میدادن بهم😂😂😂 دیدی ک وقتی منشن میدی واسه بقیم میره اگه تو منشنا باشن، به اون بچه عرزشی گفتم درست حرف بزنه این طلوع افتاب بزرگتره ازت😂😂😂این خر پیر نمیدونم چرا به خودش گرفت(((=

Platinum Sombrero
Platinum Sombrero ()

royals projected to go over .500 and the east coast elites are shaking smh

Fr. George Goodge
Fr. George Goodge ()

At the prayer of the Cherubic Hymn, when the priest is directed to raise his hands and recite the hymn thrice, I face east the first time, south the second time, and north the third time.

Sam Danladi®
Sam Danladi® ()

*Bandits killings in the North *Herdsmen terrorising the middle belt * Police brutality across the south-west-east * Ethnic tension btwn Hausa/Yoruba, etc. But you keep supporting bad governance bcs urs is in power. #BuhariMustGo #StopKillingNortherners

Prince Uduak Pedro
Prince Uduak Pedro ()

@seanhannity The is because Obama and Joe Biden, dragged American Government into sponsoring many terrorist groups in the middle east and Africa, just so they can get free access to stealing mineral resources by playing the Ordo Ab Chao tricks. Joe is back to original America foreign policy

Mobile Nom | Jacksonville FL
Mobile Nom | Jacksonville FL ()

🍴 Window is up! Son of a Butcher is at East Hampton until 6:30pm. Details on @MobileNom

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Bloomberg Economics
Bloomberg Economics ()

Manhattan’s Upper East Side is suddenly in vogue with luxury homebuyers again. The neighborhood has had the borough’s priciest contracts every week since November

Ibrahim Aliyu
Ibrahim Aliyu ()

@amnesty Why do you keep mute on the happening In Oyo state, Ibadan and other parts of East/south of Nigeria despite the fact and evidence of the destroying vandalization and killing of innocent people just for being Hausa/Fulani. Why #EndSARS alone? #StopKillingNortherners

KCL East African Society
KCL East African Society ()

Where are our East Africans at?🥲We need to show up and show up more as panelists and contestants next year #uoltmo #wemove

Bob Brookes
Bob Brookes ()

I partner with Richard by looking after residents in Droitwich East. This is one of the successes achieved.

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Kit Bonde
Kit Bonde ()

Senior PA official visits jailed Palestinian leader Barghouti with elections planned

Jason Van Arkel
Jason Van Arkel ()

After 3 quarters, @OttumwaGBB leads DM East 38-9. Bulldogs playing fatigued but trying to finish strong. #iahsgbb @OttRadioSports

Instant Weather BC
Instant Weather BC ()

#bcstorm 1:07p WINTER STORM WARNING ENDED Winter storm conditions are no longer expected. end/pspc Greater Victoria Southern Gulf Islands East Vancouver Island - Duncan To Nanaimo

Christina🇦🇺 ()

Good morning. I felt long, strong earthquake last night. A magnitude just east of Fukushima. Hope people are OK and stay safe for all people in Japan. バッテリー消費を節約したいとき スマホ機内モードにすること。

Not A. Cat, Esq.🕙
Not A. Cat, Esq.🕙 ()

@QuintonLucasKC Maybe spend a little less time opining on this sham impeachment and maybe a little more time keeping East of Wornall from resembling Fallujah.💁🏼‍♂️

John VE1CWJ ()

@G0MFR @2m0sql No worries, hopefully another time when it’s just a touch further East. Thanks for trying! 🙂

EMOschools ()

Thank you to this wonderful group of professionals for supporting East End Hospice. @eastendhospice #proudsup

East Photo,East Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Zac Russell זכריה
Zac Russell זכריה ()

3 degrees? Idk but every person is 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon and there’s 2 or 3 degrees from me to Cherokee Nation East just in my family.

Zia The Best
Zia The Best ()

College Park/East Point bout to turn Trump all the way out. Fulton County, GA, it’s your time now!

Elizabeth-Ann ()

@TooDopeTeachers You can go to the Kaiser app or web site and actually schedule your own appt. There were several slots available at Denver East as of this morning!


LKN continues Winter Storm Warning for Ruby Mountains and East Humboldt Range [NV] till Feb 13, 10:00 PM PST

Major Gaurav Arya (Retd)
Major Gaurav Arya (Retd) ()

Rahul Gandhi must visit East Ladakh (Galwan & Pangong Tso) and tell us if he is standing in Indian or Chinese territory. He has repeatedly said that we have ceded territory to the Chinese. Time to verify on ground. That will be the ultimate SABOOT.

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