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Dane Swan
Dane Swan

Just finished watching the game and it is clearly evident that the reason Collingwood won that game was Ed Langdon’s comments during the week.

Good on Ed Langdon for not swimming between the flags. How much more interesting would the whole thing be if those on the game’s front line weren’t terrified to say something. Thanks for coming on the show. @TheRunHomeSEN.

Ed Langdon’s comments will probably mean an extra 10,000 through the gate and another 100,000 with eyeballs on the telly tomorrow night. More of it please 🎬.

I can’t wait to hear the sweet sound of booing echoing around the MCG as soon as Ed Langdon gets his first possession.

There is no more precious group than the AFL community. Ed Langdon doesn’t rate Collingwood and was prepared to say that. What’s the issue? Or do we just want boring interviews full of no personality and read from the media managers script..

steele sidebottom when he finds out about the ed langdon statement after he gave him a bath on queen’s birthday.

Ed Langdon Photo,Ed Langdon Photo by Josh,Josh on twitter tweets Ed Langdon Photo

Ed Langdon with some brave words before the Dees-Pies clash tomorrow night 👀 #9WWOS #AFL.

Ed Langdon Photo,Ed Langdon Photo by Footy on Nine,Footy on Nine on twitter tweets Ed Langdon Photo

i’m still 110% convinced ed langdon didn’t mean to be rude and just had no idea what he was saying.

ed langdon calling an opposition team shit the day before playing them live on radio was not something i expected.

I like Ed Langdon. So I hope all the journos who said his comments about the Pies were refreshing don’t pile into him because they lost. You can’t have it both ways..

Ed Langdon’s Time-on-Ground Percentage in 2022, per Round R1: 100% R2: 100% R3: 100% R4: 93% R5: 100% R7: 100% R8: 100% R9: 100% R10: 25% (injured) R11: DNP R12: 100% R13: 100% R14: BYE R15: 100% R16: 100% R17: 100% R18: 100% R19: 100% R20: 100% This is insane for a winger. 🤯.

Ed Langdon Photo,Ed Langdon Photo by MyHeartBeatsTrue,MyHeartBeatsTrue on twitter tweets Ed Langdon Photo

was going to cancel ed langdon but then realised that good boys are allowed to be a bit cheeky every now and then.

In an age when footballers are media trained to the point of being robots, Ed Langdon is a breath of fresh air! 👏🏼.

Collingwood should prove Ed Langdon wrong by trying a second trick. May I suggest a slow, steady paced game with lots of long kicking down the line to big defenders?.

Collingwood fans really don’t take any criticism and praise well about their club do they? I stand with Ed Langdon ✌️.

i honestly highly rated ed langdon’s comments during the week and i’m surprised to see there’s so much negative talk about it. this is the kind of rivalry and personality i want to see if the afl, we seriously lack it and it makes the game so much better!!.

People don’t want to have this conversation but Josh Daicos is quite even with, if not ahead of Ed Langdon now. Luckily there are 2 wing spots in the AA side. #GoPies  #AFL.

Pies fans on 22 gamer Jack Ginnivan who has so far achieved nothing: Leave Jack alone, we need a bit of personality in the game (I agree btw) Pies fans on 127 games, premiership player Ed Langdon: Shut up Ed you don’t know what you’re talking about 🤬 Classic 🤣🤣.

Hmmm. So according to Ed Langdon, if you stop the opposition playing their gameplan, you can beat them. This could revolutionise football strategy everywhere. Good work, Ed!.

Ed Langdon not only got smashed. He got given another bath by Sidebottom. Sucked in champ..

Judging whether Ed Langdon was right to speak his mind based on the result of the game that follows is silly. Still insisting on that judgement when the game was decided by one team having an unusually good night in front of goal is just nuts.

SEN 1116
SEN 1116

Ed Langdon handled himself well and played a pretty good game. That match up with Steele Sidebottom was a fantastic one. - Brenton Sanderson.

Jeremy Howe on @abcsport: “I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t on the white board on the way out.” re: Ed Langdon’s comments during the week #AFLDeesPies.

@CollingwoodFC How does Ed Langdon like his duck. Mind you someone should tell him we have won the last 7 of 8 against them. #AFLDemonsPies.

Collingwood are ONE TRICK PONIES Ed Langdon, we just keep WINNING #gopies.

Ed Langdon Photo,Ed Langdon Photo by 🏁DAVID🏁,🏁DAVID🏁 on twitter tweets Ed Langdon Photo

Hey, Ed How’s that for a one trick pony?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA #AFLDeesPies #GoPies.

Ed Langdon has given the Pies plenty of motivation. Langdon says the Magpies are “a bit of a one-trick pony” and are “all duck, no dinner” in the way they play. Think your coach might have a quiet word..


Just saying also Ed Langdon’s comments were completely correct - Collingwood played the exact same as they have every week, the last 11 weeks - they were outplayed most of the game, before coming from behind in the last 10 minutes. One trick ponies indeed, but it’s a good trick..

@SnakeTeflon @7AFL Ed Langdon & Isaac Smith? Hilarious. Brayshaw has spent majority of the season in the Josh Kelly is Centre bounce midfielder and Bailey smith has missed how many weeks?.

@7AFL Josh Kelly, Bailey Smith, Jordan Dawson, Angus Brayshaw, Isaac Smith and Ed Langdon all have better claims. Answer: No.

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