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Pants down, massive skids on show, who takes 50 at home, we do. Awful day for England showing how far we’ve slipped under Eddie Jones and now how far behind we are under Borthwick.


camilaeddie edit daisy jones and the six edit camila dunne edit eddie roundtree edit.

Can’t wait to read Clive Woodward’s column this week as he attempts to stick this result on Eddie Jones..

Dombrandt is an absolute fraud at international Jones was spot #ENGvFRA.

Who remembers when rashad evans was champion and on the same team as Jon Jones? Jon didn’t give a shit 😂 took that man’s belt. Imo the point of competition is to be the best. Merab needs to fight aljo. Aljo would lose too in my opinion.

When Eddie Jones was sacked, Borthwick was seen as the best replacement. Nothing will be gained by questioning his abilities. England have a lot of work to do. This was a case of one average team having a poor game, and a very good team playing brilliantly. #ENGvFRA.

@HoopsRandom I remember this well! Penny won mostly on reputation (although his jam was mad). I’ll take Sean Elliot, Eddie Jones, Rodgers and Kemp. Special mention for Matt Fish who’s probably still telling his friends about that jam! #NBA.

Hey @EnglandRugby, remember when you sacked Eddie Jones because of a few mediocre matches last autumn? Well… didn’t that work out well..

eddiecamila fancam edit eddie loving roundtree camila dunne emila daisy jones and the six djats glue song beabadoobee.

billy whore dunne, camila no wrong doing dunne, warren just there for the vibes rojas , Daisy girl boss jones, Karen too real sirko, graham down bad dunne, Eddie wants to bash Billy’s face in roundtree , Simone real one since day 1 jackson.

daisy jones and the six djats daisy jones the shining billy dunne camila dunne karen sirko eddie roundtree daisybilly eddiecamila karengraham edit fc fancam.

Steve Borthwick replaced Eddie Jones in December and might already be out of his depth. 😬 #StanSportAU #SixNations.

🗣 There are huge systemic problems with this team. 🗣 Eddie Jones was very harshly done by in my opinion and treated appallingly. 🗣 Borthwick is finding out, mate this is not Leicester. @MattRCNM on England. #ENGvFRA #GuinnessSixNations.

os edits do eddie e da camila vao fazer muita gente assistir daisy jones & the six por eles e as pessoas vao encontrar apenas migalhas na serie kkkkkkk.


Just realised the guy playing Eddie in Daisy Jones and The Six is the same dude from The Knight Before Christmas, I am screeching.

camilaeddie camila dunne eddie roundtree daisy jones and the six waiting room phoebe bridgers edit fc.

@SMITH24Rugby Insufferable blowhard, Sir Clive Woodward, thinks all England losses until the end of time are the fault of Eddie Jones..

What’s worse, sacking Mourinho 9 days before a final or sacking Eddie Jones 9 months before a World Cup? #criminal.

daisybilly eddiecamila billycamila fancam edit daisy jones billy dunne camila dunne eddie roundtree daisy jones and the six djats fc edit sam claflin riley keough camila morrone josh whitehouse is there someone else by the weeknd #daisyjonesandthesix.

@EnglandRugby What was the point in getting rid of Eddie Jones a year before he was due to leave? The team look worse then they did before he was sacked..

@SquidgeRugby What did Eddie jones say about public schools? (I am simply not aware of he’s statements).

If you are into Rugby and you watched this game you will Eddie Jones must be secretly enjoying this.

Daisy Jones and The Six is a decent adaptation, with necessary changes for television. The best of which is Eddie being even more insufferable than he was in the book. 10/10 can’t stand him. Perfection. #DaisyJonesAndTheSix.

OMG just about now the big wigs in England rugby must be asking was Eddie Jones really that bad----------shocking display so far ----🤔🏉🏉🏉.

@bbcrugbyunion This has got to be the worst England team and coaching setup we’ve seen for decades. I actually think they’ve backwards since Eddie Jones’ departure. No creativity, guile nor impact. A classic dumpster fire!.

@StephenWall1985 If this was Eddie Jones then JVP, Dombrandt, Sinckler, Smith & George would not only already be off. But would never feature for England again..

real ones remember eddie from daisy jones as hugh armitage in poldark.

Eddie Jones Photo,Eddie Jones Photo by naï,naï on twitter tweets Eddie Jones Photo

Eddie Jones vient de payer sa première tournée générale au Kiff Café de Brisbane. #ENGvFRA.

🚨Breaking news 🚨 Clive Woodward has not blamed Eddie Jones for the current #ENGFRA score.

The #RFU sacked Eddie Jones and now we have this crap from England what a shambles Borthwick isn’t a international coach that’s clearly on show today. England have been utterly awful. #BorthwickOut.

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