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Egg Boy is donating the money raised for him to the victims of the New Zealand terrorist attack. Absolute legend. 🥚.

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Egg Boy akan Berikan Rp710 Juta Hasil Donasi Kepada Keluarga Korban Teror Masjid Selandia Baru.

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@parkimins big leafy one joe (after mr. trohman, obviously) and mr cactus looking gentleman egg boy, after our savior, Egg Boy.

「エッグ🥚ボーイ」って褒め言葉か?www🤣 このエッグボーイ君。韓国で、小便の入ったペットボトルを大使館に投げつけた男とやってることが変わりない。これからは韓国のこの男「小便小僧」って呼ばなくちゃw 卵事件を賞賛する豪は、韓国と同じレベルってことでOK!?🤣🤣🤣.

Egg Boy関連でよく見る、Your brain needs more proteinってフレーズ面白い。.

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Imagine if egg boy was brown, do you really think he’d get the same fame? This is how white supremacy works smh.

🎶 egg boy slinging in the dead of night take these broken eggs and learn to fry 🎶.

Egg Boy is donating the money raised for him to the victims of the New Zealand terrorist attack. Absolute legend. 🥚.

I will not tut tut about the egg boy’s slippery albumen-covered slope to anarchy even though I too am ashamed I probably wouldn’t have had the ticker to do it..

Its cool that blue checks and journalists will cry over the egg boy because political violence but austerity policies killing tens of thousands of disabled people doesnt get a wimper. They all own..

So happy that Egg Boy is achieving success in his own right, no longer overshadowed by his father, Egg Man, famous for appearing in that song about a walrus..

egg boy got 58k in donations from other australians from his brave act and he donated most to new zealand :(((( HE IS SO PRECIOUS.

like the whole egg boy thing was cool and all but don’t form this white saviour narrative around the boy when there are woc actively confronting these racists and getting death threats in response instead.

@ubutterbeelieve Lmao I just remembered that our hero egg boy exists and felt better.

@nyhcmaven84 You been off twitter today til now? Whelp, Egg Boy and Chelsea are the biggest thread traps so far, plus some funny ones about BetOil..

Follow Egg boy on link ⬇️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️ . . . . . . #eggboy.

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Kalo di luar negeri, orang yg melempar telur ke pejabat di negaranya berarti orang tersebut udah sangat tidak suka dengan pribadi atau omongan dari pejabat tersebut. Itu bisa berarti bentuk protes mereka dan ketidaksetujuan mereka. Thanks for the egg boy in New Zealand 🙏💕.

My housemate just unfollowed violent soho cause they agree with egg boy. I just yikes’d my way outta the room.

Conservative commentators, desperately searching for words about the massacre of Muslims by a far right terrorist without sounding like massive hypocrites. Then egg boy. A huge collective sigh of tap tap Left wing commentators are massive hypocrites ... #auspol.

@MariaOzLakshmi @matt_schoey Oh. My. God. This needs to go viral!! I am shaking looking at this. WHO IS THAT PRICK DOING THAT AND SAYING THAT TO THAT BOY??? It was an egg for fucks sake!!!.

@suzipeep Why did you not ask whether this was an assault by the boy? Because Anning has egg on his face and now his head is it civilised and fair to think he deserved it and the boy is a hero?.

@ChrisSmith211 Yeah mate egg boy stood no chance. The guy got his henchmen on him afterwards.

@hilltophoods I can be egg boy!!!!! I can be banana girl! I can be anything u need!.

Headshot . Please find this egg boy fb and insta. Good job.

I have so much hope for our generation when I see things like this I LOVE THE EGG BOY.

Christchurch Terror: A 17-year-old boy was arrested after allegedly throwing an egg at Senator @fraser_anning at a speaking event at Moorabbin in Melbourne today. The teenager has since been released pending further inquiries. #auspol #7News.

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