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I am a proud Jamaican. These women have shown us that we are and have been the best sprinters in the world. Congratulations to Shericka, Elaine and ShellyAnn. #champions.

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Democrat Rep. Elaine Luria accused of violating ethics rules by fundraising off role on Jan. 6 committee.

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TONIGHT: Jill Elaine Hasday and @emilybazelon talk to @Lawrence on the #LastWord at 10pm ET..

@LauraBockov I just saw this and thought stole this comment from him! I also saw how Amber used a lot of his phrases too, during her testimony and on the post trial interview. She really stalks him.

, que serviu de moradia popular para várias comunidades e grupos políticos até aos anos 90. Mais informações sobre a sua vida neste link (em inglês):.

@gglovehewit Or the Defendant fed it to Elaine. All these cameras and social media like being in the …. 😂😂😂.

@elainejgodfrey Hi Elaine, I see a lot of people are calling you a mark for mendacious creeps in these replies. I can help with that. My class on how not to be a mark for mendacious creeps is fully virtual, and right now it’s only 20 sessions for $ each..

Scrambling and re-arranging the letters in “Elaine Godfrey” to see if it’s an anagram for Liz Bruenig.

Are y’all just being stingy with videos of Elaine performing at Fon or what ? ☹️☹️.

Sé que no estabas bien, no somos perfectas pero lo intentamos, te quiero mucho Glenda Elaine más chiquita. <3.

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@LauraBockov @gglovehewit I think that you’re right. She fed Elaine and wanted her to say it as her spokesperson..

Comecei coroa da meia noite mas assim quero pular logo pro livro 5 pra poder ver meu casal Elaine e Lorcan 😭.

Happy #SocialistSunday everyone and thank you once again Elaine @ElaineDyson1 for linking socialist community..

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@sharp_eshar He should be worried! We are coming for them all Elaine! Tell him Gooner Dad said so 😂👊🏻 2 points off them last season with injuries and we are adding serious quality.

@jmericksoniii @ClaudesBBQ I saw that also. Elaine Benis says, fake, fake, fake,.

@ElaineKent73 We learn a lot when we are around death. Everything becomes irrelevant. Enjoy everything whilst we can. Much love Elaine, have a great week lovely 💕🤗.

@Kholby I read somewhere that children are going into hospital in Italy at higher than normal rates, attributed to COVID. As we know, it took a long time for children to be vaccinated..

@briantylercohen Does she know about Uvalde, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Riccori or Parkland?.

@juninshataocrf Kkkkkkkk famoso vai ser o murro que a Elaine vai te dar depois daquele Tweet.

Excellent review of options for appeal in Depp Heard case, explaining the confusing bond issue Verdict FINAL! Judge Has HAD IT With Elaine in New Hearing! Clock is via @YouTube.

@sampson_elaine @TheDemCoalition From what I’ve seen of it, admittedly from afar, I’d agree. To paraphrase Gertrude Stein: there doesn’t seem to be any “there” there..

@ChrisPinnock1 Not sure u nuh. She not doing bad for her age. Everybody not gonna be a Shelly or Elaine and we have to accept that. Ato seem like he was there for her before anybody else and give her a lot of personal one n one and mentoring etc so wudnt say she must switch just so.

Sleeping really hits different when you’ve met Elaine and had a conversation with her. Oh and even hugging her too 🥹🥹.

@Cats4mice @accuweather We now have armadillos and alligators in our area--both from FL, global warming. The alligators are away from us, but armadillos can be seen iften enough..

@sampson_elaine @brian_warrick They hardly trust the Such is the nature of Theocracy..

@ike_eveland collab!! wiz shu!😭😭😭i am (o i can post this comment second time lol).

@Elaine_He_0605 多放些限制级戏份吧,正好合了毒唯和正主的心意,报应迟早会来,不是不报时候未到,无人在意🤪.

not when PLDT Ultra Fast Hitters exist HHAHAHAHHAHAHAH you have Alyssa Valdez, Jaja Santiago, Gretchel Soltones, Aiza Maizo-Pontillas, Rubie De Leon, Sue Roces, Elaine Kasilag, Amanda Villanueva, Jem Ferrer, Charo Soriano, Denden Lazaro & Lizlee Ann Pantone. NT material.

Flat tire. Elaine: Can I call an ambulance? Do you realize this is out. Jerry: I know..

Warm welcome to our new #BMCPregnancyChildbirth Editorial Board Member @elaine_jefford from @UniversitySA. We are looking forward to working with you. Interested in joining #BMCPregnancyChildbirth? To find out more visit <;.

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