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Ellis Genge, a man of many talents ⚽ 👏 Watch Episode 2 of The Next Level | O2 Inside Line: #WearTheRose @EllisGenge

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SA Rugby magazine ()

[email protected] coach Ivan van Rooyen says he is happy with the fight his players showed in their agonising 33-30 loss to @THESTORMERS at Ellis Park on Saturday.

Sofokleous10 ()

Βαρβιτσιώτης: Δεν μπορούμε να μετατρέψουμε τα ελληνικά νησιά σε «Ellis Island» της Ευρώπης #politiki #greece

PompeyNewsNow🎙PO4cast ()

🔵 Well done to #Pompey’s Ellis Harrison who is named in @TheLeaguePaper @SkyBetLeagueOne Team of the Day 👏

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Se petiha???? ()

@HellasJournal Ellis Island υπουργέ έχουν τα οργανωμένα κράτη!!! Εμείς είμαστε ένα τεράστιο κάμπινγκ, πάνε, έρχονται, μπαίνουν, βγαίνουν, κολυμπούν, σκαρφαλώνουν, αναρριχώνται και άλλες πολλές δραστηριότητες, οι οποίες σου προσφέρουν καλή φυσική κατάσταση!!!

Ellis Moloney 🔬 ()

I hate virtue signalling in society. Stop fake caring about these issues because it makes you look like a good person infront of your social media following. I give it about 3 days and Caroline Flack will never be mentioned again.

The Dead Ladies Show ()

What connects anarchist Emma Goldman and pop diva Sophie Ellis-Bextor? Go listen to our latest podcast for answers! 💃🏻

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NormaEdUSA ()

Hoy es el aniversario ¡Warren Ellis! 😎 Ese guionista británico obstinado en destrozar nuestras neuronas. ¿Y cómo lo celebramos nosotros? Rercodándote que el próximo viernes podrás leer su última obra junto a Jason Howard: #CEMETERYBEACH 😊

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AdvanceAustraliaHQ ()

We stand with @thebettinaarndt in posing a threat to advocacy for victims of sexual assault. How shameful and unethical of Kate Ellis to advocate for victims of sexual assault?! #auspol

#FlipFC ()

There are so many players who wouldve been better budget pick than Richardson Siddle Hazlewood Australian Adam Lallana Ellis

💫NAY💫 ()

#Consider This 💫 God Is Worthy Of Our Doing Great Things For Him Each And Every Day As An Act Of Worship And Praise. Tune Out The Distractions And Obstacles, Focus On God, And Do Quality Work Only He Can Appropriately Reward🌷 Blessings

BELLISsima⭐️⭐️🐬⭐️ ()

ふろん太の選手紹介パフォーマンスで面白かったの 彰悟 ゴルフ。打った後に頭を抱える ノボリ ノ・ボ・リ・ザ・ト ノボリザト 脇坂 ゴルフ。3回くらい打ち続ける 碧 ジャンガジャンガ アキ キザーン 今年も旬のネタは逃さないふろん太。できる海豚w

Ellis ☆ 📌 ()


45Militant⭐⭐⭐ ()

@ZachKimbrew @JackBrewerBSI A lot actually. Prison Reform 400% increase in Black owned businesses Less on welfare More working Less taxes Pay raises Pardoned Black Americans Lowest unemplymnt ever 300 BILLION to Black communities Ellis island award Low inflation rates Lower mortgages Just a few

Marv ()

@brevin_ellis @DallyTheSleeper once Aaron did that one had 360 off the side of the backboard and jumped over Tacko he should’ve BEEN won

Lowboybrev 👨🏽‍🎤 ()

@DallyTheSleeper @girlslovemarv chill that nigga wasnt all that fye to me, he definitely did better than i expected tho, but come on aaron a different breed, the judges did way too much cap this year 😂

Geoffrey Pounsett ()

Tony was my favourite when I was a kid. I loved his elegance and his consistency and the beauty of these at-bats Ellis he was unmistakeable on the field and at the plate, and he was OURS, a Jay at the beginning and at the end. RIP to one of my heroes. #BlueJays

M.Duda ()

MN, O TOM ELLIS É TÃO LINDO, N AGUENTO ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amo a lana del rey ()

tenho certeza que o ellis comprou essa paleta do jeffree unicamente pra fazer o olho da última make que ele postou pq sem chances de alguém comprar ela assim por espontânea vontade

EmmetOhBoy ()

Hey @frommfamily Hattie and Ellis are always ready to test the crunch in your Crunchy O’s.

Elsie Barker ()

@IlhanMN Really racist this coming from the most anti Semitic anti American people I have ever seen what that wall is for is to see to it immigrants come into our nation legally through points of entry like my great grandmother did in 1901 when she entered our nation through Ellis Island

ANZ Stadium ()

@Grant_W_Ellis @TEGDAINTY Hey Grant, we had to hold gates as production were still doing sound checks. We opened as soon as we were given the green light by the promoter.

Fan wujiu just landed in LA baby ()

i’ve decided to handcraft the william forward ellis meta for black rights. “have you learned to play him yet” mane shut up

Camille ()

[15/2 23:43] Ellis: Vc é incrível tá? [15/2 23:43] Ellis: Não deixe que ngm tire o brilho que vc tem

𝐩𝐡𝐞𝐞 ✩ psisly spoilers ()

𝙙𝙖𝙮 𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙩𝙮 𝙨𝙞𝙭. ↣ ellis (jujlester)

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Grant W. Ellis⚫️⚪️🔵 ()

@TEGDAINTY @ANZStadium The gates should’ve opened much earlier than they did. We arrived at midday & joined a queue. The gates didn’t open at Gate N until after the Welcome To Country had started & we didn’t get inside until Lee was finishing, and weren’t seated until Conrad’s second song.🤷🏼‍♂️

Ziggy ()

@thebettinaarndt Shame on you David husband of Kate for biased and unethical journalism. No disclosure here!!

Charles ()

Curtis Ellis: Dems demand harsh punishment for Roger Stone – Not violent criminals and illegal immigrants

Stephan Holmes 6 ()

@thebettinaarndt I fail to see how fact and reason constitutes a hit job. Your paying the victim has reached a new height of lunacy. If the best you can do is draw a link to his marriage to the esteemed Kate Ellis it really is time for you to give up.

CLIC Sargent ()

Today is International Childhood Cancer Day. We meet the most amazing children everyday living with cancer, like Ellis, 6. His family stayed in our Home from Home to be close to him during treatment. We can’t stop childhood cancer, but we can limit the damage it has on lives 💗

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England Rugby ()

Ellis Genge, a man of many talents ⚽ 👏 Watch Episode 2 of The Next Level | O2 Inside Line: #WearTheRose @EllisGenge

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