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76ers All-NBA star Joel Embiid has cleared concussion protocols. Dealing with orbital fracture and a torn ligament in thumb, Embiid is doing everything possible to be available to play in Game 3 tonight vs. Miami..

Eye Test = Joel Embiid for MVP!!! Analytics = Jokic for MVP!!! I’m glad I rolled with the EYE TEST on my vote. Carry the hell on….

Has to be so embarrassing to wake up today knowing you voted for Jokic to win MVP over Embiid.

Sixers star Joel Embiid will return for Game 3 vs. Miami tonight, sources tell ESPN. Doc Rivers said he could be limited in minutes, because of minimal conditioning in the past week..


Shoutout to Joel Embiid. — Fractured face — Torn thumb ligament — Leads playoffs in double-doubles — 24 PPG, 11 RPG Gave his all..

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This is how the MVP voting race turned out 👀 Jokic received 39 more first place votes than Embiid.

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Joel Embiid’s presence last night, even on a subpar shooting night, was one of the reasons I voted him MVP. The Sixers are a completely different team when he plays..

The 76ers have been fined $50,000 for not following the injury reporting rules regarding Joel Embiid yesterday. The Phoenix Suns were hit for the same amount for how they handled Devin Booker’s status last week..

Embiid is all of 7’1, 260 lbs. yet he falls to the ground on virtually every play. the math ain’t mathin’ homie.

Lo lo spunto tecnico principale di Gara 3. Appena torna Gioele la foglia di fico cade e Bam si scopre nudo. I limiti degli Heat a livello di ambizioni titolo sono tutti qui: un max salariale con questi limiti. Non ci sono tanti Embiid e Jokic in circolazione, però è un problema.

James. Harden. His stepback falls, giving the @sixers their largest lead of the night, 97-85. Joel Embiid welcomes the squad back into the huddle, enthusiastically. 9:13 left to play..

Miami got the 1-seed so they got an easy opponent they dispatched, so no one noticed. Embiid got hurt, so that’s the storyline. This Heat team is *really* good. they’re inconsistent offensively but they’re *precise.*.

So far, the Sixers have won those non-Embiid minutes 8-0. Timeout Miami with the Sixers holding a 97-85 lead with 9:13 left. Huge not only to extend the lead, but possibly give Embiid another minute or two of rest..

Top 10 Players Remaining these NBA Playoffs (80% Eye Test, 15%Past Playoffs, 5%Clutch) Antetoukumpo Curry Doncic Embiid Butler 6. CP3 7. Ja Morant 8. Devin Booker 9. Jayson Tatum 10. James Harden.

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Embiid sur Harden : « Quand on l’a signé tout le monde s’attendait à avoir le Harden de Houston. Mais ce n’est plus le joueur qu’il est. ».

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Think that mask might block out Embiid’s peripheral vision a bit. He’s caught the ball a couple of times and reacted as if he was startled upon catching it..

He’s 100% right. Embiid should be praised for busting it despite crazy injuries. Instead, people are talking about his body language, being sad, blah blah. Dude is playing with a broken eye and torn thumb. Of course he ain’t happy. But he’s out there..

I really want to win. I feel like we have a big chance to win it all. Joel Embiid after returning from injury for Game 3..

Embiid is playing the best defense of his life and fucking dedmon hits midrange shots like dirk.

Funny thing about this entire series so far is that regardless of whether Embiid has played, the heat as sucked. We just sucked also without Embiid. It’s simple.

#NBA75 💥 Philadelphia se impuso a Miami por 99-79 y pone el 2-1 en la serie.

Did anyone have “Embiid complains about Simmons” on THIS YEAR’s playoffs bingo card????.

Embiid is such a great troll. I don’t think the guy doing the suck it chop cares about the kids lol.

Sixers pull out to their largest lead of the game, even with Embiid off the floor, with that Harden 3! They are up 12 with 9:13 to go!.

Embiid is on the bench and you’re settling for 3s that haven’t been falling at all tonight. Make it make sense..

MVP or not, there is no taking away from Embiid did this season between taking his game to new heights and leading his team through one of the most drama-filled sagas in league history..

Embiid has dominated despite all the he had covid, Ben Simmons drama, roster changes & now a broken face, torn ligament in his thumb, just recovered from a mild concussion and has to wear a mask. He captured the scoring title. How much more does someone have to do?.

Joel Embiid Stars in ’s Latest ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’ Film #nftcommunity #nfts.

Just a heads up: I don’t care if Joker gets a third MVP next year, so I’m going to just parrot talking points that 76ers fans and casuals used to undermine his case and use them to discredit Embiid and others. Join me in indulging in the richness of intellectual dishonesty.

NBA media about to talk circles discussing why Embiid is “sad” or “distracted because he lost the MVP” and not that he’s sustained like 3 major injuries and his body is held together by a face mask and a prayer..

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