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First Class Trouble with some Feral Boys and some Salad Gang then maybe Emily is Away Too after? Come hang:

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颯れてぃ🔞スケブぼしゅー ()

ほんま 声タイキシャトルだし きょうこだな?

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Rez ()

@emiilyjmf is literally the most beautiful and greatest woman in my life. She is so genuine and caring. I am blessed to know her. She is the epitome of amazing. I don’t know how I got so lucky but I am forever grateful 💜 I love you Emily.

karl :)
Karl :) ()

First Class Trouble with some Feral Boys and some Salad Gang then maybe Emily is Away Too after? Come hang:

Emily Ladau
Emily Ladau ()

I don’t know how she does it. If it were me I’d just lay in bed and cry all day.” This was said in front of me today (about me, but not to me) regarding my disability. The tragedy of disability is not that disabled people exist, but that our existence is seen as a tragedy.

Puppy🌻(they/he) ()

actually, it’s very progressive of YOU emily to ignore all the black people telling you that you shouldn’t use a racist term to make a joke that wasn’t even that fun and then proceed to throw a fit and call someone a transphobe for pointing out your thin lips.

Emily San
Emily San ()

Me metí en un curso de anatomía y en una academia de costura porque no tenia esperanzas de la universidad(ucv) y ahora estoy viendo todas las materias y todos mandan mil tareas en vez de dar clases sumado a lo otro que dije y simplemente me quiero ✨morir✨

Mitchell 🧦🌐🐗🌵
Mitchell 🧦🌐🐗🌵 ()

Like I saw a ton of the QTers referring to Emily as a white *vegan* when that was totally irrelevant, which just seems to be a trope about liberal white women?

Emily Doehne
Emily Doehne ()

How come when u get in a relationship everything is great then years later. I have to beg for attention, time and love and everything else. Y is it so hard for u to love me like u did when we got together? What do we need to do go are separate ways? Because I still love the same

Dani ()

@Teledramaturgia O final do BBB da Emily eu não consegui nem acompanhar, era depressão total aquilo.

Emily ()

É incrível o tanto que a vida fica mais leve quando paramos de ligar para o que os outros pensam da gente

miss emily ✨ ½ vaxxxed ✨
Miss emily ✨ ½ vaxxxed ✨ ()

okay, fine! i’ll bite. 17(ish) vs now(ish)

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S.E.Live365 ()

@Emily_Parker Happy Bday Emily! Can we Feature u on our Women Empowerment Series! Keep Inspirin! #whodey #bday

Lu.²⁸ ()

tô lendo htwc e puta merda não acontece nada que inferno emily e tau pq vcs me mandaram ler isso?

Carol 🍓🔭
Carol 🍓🔭 ()


Alysta⚡️ ()

I just bought these cute ass skirts and I never wear to switch this shit up

Karla Rodriguezツ
Karla Rodriguezツ ()

No se imaginan lo enamorada que estoy de mi Emily 😍 lo más divino que me pudo llegar a la vida 💖

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Sin mieo
Sin mieo ()

@emily_habsburg Casi 10 años despues la corona inglesa dejo tirado a zar ruso al no darle acogida en su

Barstool Antifa
Barstool Antifa ()

can someone who’s good with money help me balance my budget?: food: $200 rent: $1,200 Emily Ratajkowski NFT: $45,000 Car payment: $250 health insurance: $100

emily loves LHL
Emily loves LHL ()

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK , I left my zoom call for math and my teacher went and logged me back in. LIKE IF I WANTED TO I WOULD GO BACK I WOULD BUT NO BC THEY CALLED ON ME

Emily Shah
Emily Shah ()

@NathanielGauti2 This sounds like a great way to meet the demands of an online working environment. I think your approach and recognition that many of the beliefs re: individuals with disabilities are perceived is an important step in increasing self-efficacy and motivation among clients! :)

Emily ()

Cute little building we 3D printed. Gotta dial in the coding to get rid of the spaghetti 🏠

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Karen Fauman
Karen Fauman ()

@gbosslet @emily_fri who was right? Did they have to ask an intensivist to decide? That’s what we are there to keep nephrologists and cardiologists from coming to

Stephen ()

@jacecraftmiller @emilyriter We have another one Emily. Maybe it’s all linked somehow 👀

Craig Van Pay
Craig Van Pay ()

Child development/early education researchers, what are your thoughts on Cribsheet by Emily Oster?

emily 🍄
Emily 🍄 ()

i made hot cocoa on the hottest day of the year thus far because i was cold. emily wtf.

Luiz🥕 ()

@Santanaxxz du sou mt persistente tbm, dificilmente eu largo uma serie, eu terminei winx e emily em paris, pra vc ver o quanto eu sou guerreiro, mas a terceira temp de AHS é mt podre

Joanne ()

📢Mississauga + Malton: This guy woke up this morning & voted AGAINST #PaidSickDays for the 21st time! Then turned around & tried to act horrified that his refusal to protect workers cost a child her life. A family lost their daughter Emily & it was entirely preventable

Emily Burns😊 #SmilesMatter DM’s OK
Emily Burns😊 #SmilesMatter DM’s OK ()

the order is here, the relevant text is in the image. This may seems like it could equally be applied to schools. , schools MAY choose to ask for documention, but they MAY NOT.

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Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut ()

All Bolly watch and learn to use social media for nationalism, all right wingers literally just saved millions lives,by criticising America for raw material ban,meanwhile you all along with librus hiding in your hell holes ,don’t come out now 👊🏼

Axios ()

The will help provide India with resources and supplies to help fight its surge in COVID-19 cases, NSC spokesperson Emily Horne confirmed Sunday. India set a new record daily cases for a fourth straight day on Sunday.

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