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Introducing new granddaughter Emily Kay Sykes. 8 lbs oz, 20 inches! Everyone doing

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みょん🌸✨不登校ママ応援ブロガー✨ ()

(神・ω・) みょんのここがスゴイ! (神 ˘ ∀ ˘ )  体力無限! (神・∀・)  魔力無限! (神 ≧∀≦)  ずば抜けたカリスマ性! (神・Д・) みょんのここがダメ! (神・ω・)  ひかえめに言って… #神様がスゴイ所とダメな所を教えてくれる診断 #shindanmaker


@tcburkejr @emilynclark “I’m starting my garnering journey this Spring” is what he means, Emily. He gon grow some food. 😳

Emily Murnane
Emily Murnane ()

Nothing is farther away than the other side of the room when u are laying down but need your charger

Timnit Gebru
Timnit Gebru ()

Emily doesn’t have anything to do with Google. She made the mistake of collaborating with Google researchers on a paper @JeffDean kept on thrashing & insinuating we as researchers were trying to dox anonymous peer reviewed of some sort. Pedro Domingos, well known for creating 1/

First Lady del Finalista✨
First Lady del Finalista✨ ()


Ellie ()

hey yall ive decided to change my name on social media for privacy reasons so going forward please please please don’t call me emily anymorejckdkdjej im buckling down on privacy due to future things so id prefer to be called ellie on social media thank u very much

BHHSLadyEaglesSoccer ()

CONGRATULATIONS Lady Eagles for defeating PAM 4-0. Cadence Sanders led the team with 2 goals, along with Jacie Meredith, and Kenadie Avants. Assists came from Avants, Kassy Valdez, and Emily Green. #💙🦅⚽️💙GOING TO WORK, KEEP IT UP😁💙👍

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Camila Abdanur 🏳️‍🌈
Camila Abdanur 🏳️‍🌈 ()

como vc e a emily se conheceram? — Sei lá, quando vi ja tava lá (mentira foi num grupo de telegram com amigos em comum)

Maperchè? ()

Raga secondo me non è da prendere troppo sottogamba perche facciamo la fine di Emily #tzvip

Margherita92 ()

Stefania noi supportiamo sia te che Tommaso, quindi NEVER STOP WORK Tradotto EMILY #tzvip

A Late Show
A Late Show ()

.@jeremyzucker & @chelseacutler collab for today’s #PlayAtHome performance of their new single “emily.”

Nicky Clark
Nicky Clark ()

Emily loved her “happy injection day party” and slept all night. I thought I might write here about what worked for her as a young woman with a severe LD & severe needle phobia, in-terms of getting the crucial vaccine.

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Charlie Sykes
Charlie Sykes ()

Introducing new granddaughter Emily Kay Sykes. 8 lbs oz, 20 inches! Everyone doing

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Nomin (.◜◡◝) ✨semi ia📚
Nomin (.◜◡◝) ✨semi ia📚 ()

Listen hear I don’t like getting into fan wars or drama it gives me so much anxiety. But if I see someone come after my faves it’s on sight🙃

Netflix France
Netflix France ()

- Dynastie S4 et S5 - Ozark saison finale - Aggretsuko S4 - Love, Death & Robots S2 - Emily In Paris S2 - Grace et Frankie saison finale - Valeria S2 - Plan Coeur saison finale - Outer Banks S2 - Narcos : Mexico S3 - Barbares S2 - Baki : Son Of Ogre - Et beaucoup d’

Andrew Neil
Andrew Neil ()

Well done Fraser, in face of surpringly inane questioning from @BBCNewsnight Emily Matlis, whose sole concern was to do down The Spectator rather than probe the enormity of the threat to democracy, Parliamentary inquiry and free speech north of the border.

miss emily ✨
Miss emily ✨ ()

@Cazzy the fact my mother, a 77 year old asthmatic high risk person is still *months* away from getting her vaccination is a fucking joke

Alex Montiel
Alex Montiel ()

Emily Blunt (Un Lugar en Silencio, El Diablo Viste a la Moda) cumple hoy 38 años de edad. Es la favorita de muchos para interpretar a Sue Storm de los 4 Fantásticos, aunque ahora hay rumores de que Jennifer Lawrence podría tomar el rol.

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ToughPigs: Muppet Fans Who Grew Up
ToughPigs: Muppet Fans Who Grew Up ()

Some people are happy to watch the series. Others are griping about disclaimers. But Emily Litella still just wants to know why everyone keeps talking about The Muffin Show.

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britt 🥥
Britt 🥥 ()

shipping emily with men when she was written as canon lesbian (the network said no bc they’re lesbophobic) just doesn’t sit right with me

emily!! 🎈
Emily!! 🎈 ()

spontaneously getting piercings with ur friends >>>>> 💖💘💓💗

Dannnn ()

@FannyRevuelta @Brenda_Emily El último fin libres! Y disfrutamos muchísimo todos 🥺 ojalá pronto volvamos a estar juntos así 💓

Jane ()

@mikesatz @Walton_Emily That’s because you’re a crafty man (see Terrestrial Broad Way).

캔디스윗걸 밀리
캔디스윗걸 밀리 ()

근데 컬투쇼.. 평소에도 자주봐서... 좋아하는 라디오에 최애 나오는건 언제나 짜릿해

rrrrraap monstaaaa
Rrrrraap monstaaaa ()

aniversário da maior crush da minha existência vulgo Emily Blunt, e eu preciso relembrar ela cantando All That Jazz MEU INFARTO DIÁRIO

Ella ()

@_Jordannnnnn_ she still lost 2 seasons though, Carley has a 100% final win rate, Emily 33%

🔞 premarital eye contact 🔞
🔞 premarital eye contact 🔞 ()

emily is like i have had ENOUGH of people trying to hop in and out of me!!! get outta my toe shoes!!!!!!!

Emily Quiñones ♥ ツ
Emily Quiñones ♥ ツ ()

Incendio en una fábrica en el Parque Industrial Carlos Herrera, en #GomezPalacio !!

ゃ 𝙡𝙞𝘯͠𝘯 𓍢 ≀ 🤟🏻
ゃ 𝙡𝙞𝘯͠𝘯 𓍢 ≀ 🤟🏻 ()

@Bootterflhyun @JYPETWICE Jeong sería Fani Lupita sería Jiji Emily Nay y quien hace el coso ese: Momo

Rex Chapman🏇🏼
Rex Chapman🏇🏼 ()

Austin, Texas: What a beautiful open to her sports segment during this weather crisis. So well done. Emily Giangreco for the

☚ Baccus Andrews ☛
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