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In the making of a Nation, maintaining the sovereignty is most fundamental. There should be no compromise in this endeavour, either in thought or action. -Sg #StopTerrorismInKashmir.

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You just met the greatest decoder of Sarcasm... LOL! And his bio Endeavouring to find the OPTIMAL.. Dont endeavour You have already.

Endeavour to follow back all who followed you yesterday and today or risk been unfollowed or blocked. Thank you and God bless. Good yawning.

#Endeavour #刑事モース のサウンドトラックは1枚だけ出ています。劇中で流れたオペラやクラシック、そしてテーマ曲。 「Un bel dì」 は滂沱に暮れずにいられない… 全シリーズ分または厳選曲でS2以降分を出してほしいです(涙) CD、デジタル、Unlimitedあり。 ▼アマゾン.

If British tv drama was an all you can eat buffet I would probably just keep filling up my plate with Endeavour until one of the staff went over and whispered something to the manager and he gave me a beady stare.

#Endeavour episode 2 had the moon landings as its backdrop. Read our review from @Blackadder345 here.

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Working in television, one of my personal pet peeves, a minor annoyance if you will, reared it’s ugly head again tonight. See if you can spot it. Hint? Just because you can’t see ALL of the Moon, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Okay, rant over. Good episode, as always. #Endeavour.

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Shaun Evans did a great job directing this episode of #Endeavour. Clearly a very talented chap. Bravo to him..

Hi Wendy,Im plenty fine in @UKLabour! We already have a party committed to neolib economic policies - it’s called the Tory this endeavour will do in our current voting system is keep them in need a radically transformative more of the same but rebadged.

In the making of a Nation, maintaining the sovereignty is most fundamental. There should be no compromise in this endeavour, either in thought or action. -Sg #StopTerrorismInKashmir.

Awesome experience at Kanj Kiri Container Tent City Kumbh at Prayagraj. Never imagined that in AC container I will witness the five star luxury along with delicious food. I wish Lalit Kiri all the success for this endeavour for the first time at Kumbh..

“It’s a risky endeavour. Comedy is inherently anarchic and subversive and anti-establishment.” Ha ha. Great opening gag..

My cousin asked our English teacher why her nipples were hard & if she was cold or horny 😂😂😂🤣 I wasn’t even meant to be in her English class, we both got sent to the principal’s office. - Endeavour Sports High.

[事件簿] 皆様、最近マタ垢周辺で「久しぶりにスッキリでそう💩」と思いトイレに意気揚々と向かったが、「中は全部ガスだった💨 騙された!」 というデルデル詐欺が横行しているようです。(被害者Rさんの供述) お気をつけください。 はあ~😩💨.

Hi, after all of the fun watching the new Endeavour yesterday, today we have Series 2 episode 2 - Nocturne on ITV3 8:00 - 10:00pm. This is one of my favourites. Enjoy watching Morse investigating a murder at a scary girls school. xxx.

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Here it is! Take a look at first pictures of the India-spec Ford #Endeavour facelift, which has started arriving at dealerships ahead of its launch later this month:.

また我が儘な食欲が出て突然どうしてもソフトクリーム🍦が食べたくなって買ってきた💧 つわりが落ち着いてきたので夜はチーズフォンデュに挑戦。今日も栄養偏ってるなー😬.

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Since when is civil engagement seen as a ridiculous endeavour #HamOnt @SamMerulla @FredEisenberger #yhmcc Elected officials answer to the people..

Holiday snaps. Behind the scenes on #Endeavour VI | FILM 1, Florence Park, Oxford. August, 2018. Konica Hexar AF, Fuji Superia 200 #film.

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#Endeavour #刑事モース シリーズ6が英iTunes Storeで購入可能になりました(Feb/11 0:00GMT-) 全4話のシーズンパスは HD:£ (£話) SD:£6:99(£話) DL終わり次第第1話『Pylon』。.

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Slate. Behind the scenes from #Endeavour VI | FILM 1. Magdalen College, Oxford..

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Scrolling though Twitter, too distracted by how awesome #Endeavour is to actually care. I just really, really, really, really, *really* REALLY like it, ok? 😍😍😍😍😍.

#endeavour is the best show on tv and quietly has been for six years full stop ✋.

Lovely tribute to Colin Dexter in #Endeavour this evening. Thank you @ITV - yes, we spotted it..

The Victorians used to take pictures of the dead in living poses the murderer seems to have a fetish for this. #endeavour.

I love Endeavour and am v glad to see it get its critical due. FYI fellow Irish fans, now that we don’t have access to ITV anymore we have to wait until Tuesday to watch the new episode..

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