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Essendon set to receive a fine of more than $10000 for the late should go to the Good Friday Appeal!.

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Shame on anyone who booed a champion. Buckley goes whack! #AFLDonsPies #AnzacDay.

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Ha. Essendon booing through the whole prezzo? They are lucky to still be in the comp. Not too late to fold..

Words of wisdom from WWII veteran and proud Essendon man Bob Semple, who paid a special visit to The Hangar today. #AnzacDay.

The Anzac Day clash is a special day for all involved. This year’s blockbuster will be a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the game between Collingwood and Essendon since the tradition began with the memorable 1995 drawn match played in front of 94,825..

94 point win to Essendon VFL . Makes for a great weekend Laverde 6 goals Gown 3 goals Mynott 25 disposals- 2 goals.

@superfooty @RalphyHeraldSun Two weeks ago he was coaching essendon . Now employed by the AFL looks like James is trying to get his mates to find him a jab *job.

[email protected] Essendon VFL - 10 goals up and 1 quarter to go. Sounds about right..

Just nice hearing that praise about an Essendon midfield.

@essendonfc Just Wow! What a package to treasure of such a brilliant day. Thank you to all of the players and staff and supporters for making Brayden’s debut and life at Essendon FC a dream come true 👍🏻.

Todd Marshall Wins- 11 Losses- 1 concussion vs Essendon and 1 Overtime finals loss after the siren vs West Coast. It is exactly why people go ballistic at selection. He makes our TEAM better..

VFL HALF TIME North Melbourne: (23) Essendon: (69) Goals: Gown 2, Laverde 2, Mynott 2, D. Clarke, Hocking, Houlahan, Mosquito.

Good Essendon win has hit me right in the feels this morning to the point I’m doing arts and craft with my daughter 😂 #Easter.

3 game winning streak score averages Essendon 119 points Opposition 78 points Comprehensive turn around in running both ways(defense and offense).

Had a nightmare last night that we lost to Essendon by 10 goals. I was relieved when I woke up to find out we lost by 58 points 😊.


Essendon is set to regain Devon Smith and David Zaharakis for Anzac Day..

📽️ We are through to the Fifth Round of the FFA Cup with a 1-0 win over the Vaughan Coveny coached Essendon Royals. We had a chat to Ethan Gage following the match about the win, as well as looking forward to Dandenong Thunder next Saturday in the league. #SMFC #FFACUP.

I reckon those who thought Merrett was best on today looked purely at the stat sheet. He was Definitely one of Essendon’s best, but Shiel was the one who got the ball rolling and had more of an impact when the game was still up for grabs early. Clear BOG for mine #AFLNorthDons.

Essendon supporters everywhere north home game nightmare to get home.

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@masonsixtencox @joedaniher06 I’m a passionate Essendon fan and am not meant to like anything Collingwood ……… gee your are making it difficult ! classy tweet young man.

hugely disrespectful that the essendon “bombers” are playing at the anzac day match.

One good thing about ANZAC DAY is it’s our turn to win and there is going to be 75,000 thousand Essendon in the house to about 20,000 Collingwood flogs bring it on WE ARE ESSENDON ⚫️🔴🍻👍🍻🍻🍻🍻.

Carlton have been the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked since they cemented first game of the year and it’s never questioned. Based on crowd today we don’t deserve to lose Good Friday. In no way an excuse Essendon were as impressive as were SHITHOUSE 👏🏽😷 #AFLNorthDon.

Bombers players blasting Bohemium Rhapsody in the rooms, complete by singing the big ‘Oohh ooohs’. A very good Friday for Essendon. Averaging 18 goals the past three weeks..

Essendon set to receive a fine of more than $10000 for the late should go to the Good Friday Appeal!.

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