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Essendon laid 30 tackles tonight for the match. Sydney’s Callum Mills laid 13 tackles on his own in a team that had the ball a lot more than Essendon. Who’s Essendon’s Callum Mills equivalent? I’d suggest Essendon doesn’t have one..


The problem at Essendon is no one knows what success is and looks like from a playing perspective. - Matthew Lloyd.

Essendon fans calling for a human sacrifice seems a bit dramatic.

Essendon Photo,Essendon Photo by SgtБутин,SgtБутин on twitter tweets Essendon Photo

Phil Davis, former GWS captain, speaking tonight: “I look at Essendon and only when the game is on their terms they look a good side. When the game gets a little bit tough they just seem to falter and don’t get organised together or put enough pressure on the opposition.”.

A ruthless Swans outfit has come away with a dominant 58-point victory over Essendon at the SCG on Saturday night. Read how it unfolded in our match report. #Bloods.

Essendon attempted 52 transitions from defense tonight. Only 10 of those actually went inside 50. Just 3 resulted in a 6% success rate. Lowest tackle count of the year by any club. Thats a club in disarray when you factor the captain is celebrating his 200th..

SEN 1116
SEN 1116

Mark McVeigh has sent a coaching SOS to a former Essendon teammate as he prepares to begin his stint as GWS caretaker boss, reports @Sammy__Edmund | | #AFL.

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This is beautiful to watch. Players sticking up for one another and defending the Essendon jumper. Shows how far the club has fallen in 22 years 🔴⚫️.

Still early days, but Essendon defence hideous so far, both the space back six is conceding and really poor defensive running and working back from midfield. #AFLSwansDons.

Essendon VFLW now up by 19 in this top of table clash v Hawks early in the last 31-12.

@_itsme_xo @crazythainame Crowley played 188 games for Freo and only 8 for Essendon… he played those 8 was like he was born on the corner of Napier and Brewster Street … mind you he wasn’t alone … #WhenPrideMatters … a lot !!.

President Brasher has been on the board since 2011. That’s a terrible, saga-ridden legacy #AFLSwansDons #Essendon.

Glad people are starting to see that the issues at Essendon run deeper than just this week or last week, and are about far more than this player or that coach. #AFLSwansBombers.

Fewest tackles in a V/AFL match in the 18 team era (excluding 2020)… 28 - Gold Coast (R22 2013) 30 - ESSENDON (R9 2022) 30 - Greater Western Sydney (R2 2019) 30 - Richmond (R20 2015) 31 - Richmond (R19 2014) #AFLSwansDons.

@Bombers_Boss Brendan Goddard is from the Riewoldt style - Goddard himself went nuts trying to get Essendon to drive standards.

I do believe Essendon were shit to let Parker get away with his carry on, but I also think Parker doing it in the first place was one of the most wankerish, cringy things I’ve seen in a while. #latenightthoughts.

At my sons local footy, few kids kicking around in essendon jumpers, and I feel pity for them. Like we did Fitzroy supporters from way back. They will never know what we were..

How, on the SCG - a postage stamp - does Essendon allow enough space for a Sydney player to get so much space that they take an uncontested mark inside their F50 with no Essendon player within 5m of them?.

So now we’re more mental fragile than Gold Coast. Both the Dons and Suns had surprising wins last week. And both faced top 8 teams this weekend. Essendon capitulate by 58 points. Suns, deep into the last term, are smashing Freo by 50 points..

This will never get old as long as Essendon stay shit! 😂😂 #afl #AFLSwansDons.


@jdestoop80 23 touches, 0 tackles, 8 turnovers. Sums up Essendon while he’s been in charge hasn’t it? I thought it was fitting !.

Essendon midfield back to their old habits. Getting absolutely smashed and leaving their backline badly exposed. But having said that, the manning up in D50 has been terrible too . Swans dominant in the second half of first quarter #AFLSwansDons.

@rohan_connolly Just saw this on replay Rohan. Swans literally fumbled their way to a goal. Good teams would make them pay; Essendon didn’t lay a single effective tackle. Season over..

Weird chat from Jon Ralph re Jye Caldwell. Says he had heaps of courage last night and that more Essendon players should be like that. Except his ‘courage’ has landed him injured and out for a few weeks. He’s now not able to help a team that clearly needs him..

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Swannies JUST before the siren 🔥 📺 Watch #AFLSwansDons on Ch. 504 or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG: 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

Fourth time this season Essendon concede 100+ points… (also had two 99s against)… averaged 102 points per game against in the first 8 weeks… that number about to go up… #AFLSwansDons.

@rohan_connolly Couldn’t agree more. I know this might sound drastic and I love how Truck turned our club around so much last year. But while Clarko is available, who drives hard, high and ruthless standards, should Essendon look at that?.

This is a very technical and esoteric footy tactics take but Essendon need some guys who are happy just running out and trying to smash some cunts.

@TimFernandoITPB North, Adelaide and Essendon in that stretch plus the bye. Will miss him against Sydney and Brisbane but you’d back him to only miss 6 given how professional he is. Just goes to show how important banking early wins is/was..

@Deanoo73 @essendonfc 100%. It might fit his ethos personally, but it means other clubs have zero fear or respect for Essendon..

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