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#VieDesRefuges ❤️ En cette chaude journée, notre animalière Estelle cajole un oison (petit de l’oie) né il y a 10 jours à la « Davière », le nouveau #refuge de la Fondation Brigitte Bardot dans l’Eure..

Mercredi déflagration sur @SudRadio 12/14h. Jacques Baud , ancien fonctionnaire de #OTAN et spécialiste suisse du renseignement, fait le point sur les derniers développements de # la psychologue Marie-Estelle Dupont pour son « Se libérer de son moi toxique »..

Reggie is running out of allies in this game and she does not want to see Estelle go 😢 #BBAU.

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Talk about lack of communication/game awareness from Theekshana and Hasaranga. Should never have been looking for 1 off the last ball, should have discussed it just to make sure they were on the same page. #SLvAUS.

Our only plan was to not lose another girl. #bbau Regardless of side. Aleisha included. We succeeded!! Even if it took us this long..

Estelle watch face today to keep away the bad vibes. Happy Monday! ☀️.

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SEE Dami and Indiyah aren’t in everyone’s business. The other islanders keep coming to speak to them bc 🤣🤣🤣 #loveisland.

The irony of the Tim / Estelle situation is that I (and I’m sure many) went into this season a big Tim fan and I’m leaving a bigger Estelle fan. He totally put his own foot in it and created this self fulfilling prophecy that only made Estelle look even better 😂 #BBAU.

Lets create a bigger target in Estelle. Let’s make everyone think she will win. So she must go next. #bbau.

Johnson voted for Estelle EVERY WEEK and now she’s voted him and he’s upset? I think I’ve missed something #BBAU.

@GothamFC currently has four players (Estelle Johnson – Cameroon, Ifeoma Onumonu – Nigeria, Kristie Mewis/Midge Purce – ) representing their countries during the July World Cup qualifiers..

Ngock Yango x Estelle Johnson x Njoya Ajara X Aboudi Onguene 😀🇨🇲 #indomitablelionesses.

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they want estelle to be the villain sooo bad, they’re legit obsessed with her lmao #BBAU.

Never played a game of “who I couldn’t beat” for top 3. I would want to be there with the strongest and best players. Not about who you can’t beat #bbau Also gotta get to the top3 first.

🔴Marie-Estelle Dupont décrypte le délire covidiste. 📢 ⚡️⚡️⚡️.

Pour le mariage de Mélanie, je veux du caviar, un serveur par personne, un chateau, une rolls, et Stéphane Bern 🤣😂 #4mariagespour1lunedemiel.

Jay picks Paige ✅ Danica picks Jay ❌ Same situation. Different reactions. #LoveIsland.

#Enchantons2022 29/06 : la lettre K ou L Killing Joke Eighties ❤️.

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Oh here we 🙄🙄 the @BBreggie in the laundry was HILARIOUS. You just mad you didn’t get there first. Hehehe 🤍.

my gut tells me estelle wins the second chance challenge tomorrow and i’m here for it #BBAU.


Found the full version of the Ring of Judgment manga cover art, now featuring Tilia and Toval (the actual cover just has Estelle and Joshua).

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SEE how they run to Uncle Dami when they have relationship problems 😭😭😭 #loveisland.

Will be in Dambulla, but I’m ready 😜 Mustard counts as yellow, right?.

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@BET_UK ICONIC ALBUMS takes a deep dive into the making of the most influential Black British albums of the 2000s. ‘I Am Chipmunk’ by Chip, ‘They Don’t Know’ by So Solid Crew & ‘Shine’ by Estelle. This first series drops 30/06 on My5…My episode is 14/07   Sick line up. 🥂.

Umm sorry but “strong players” Who left has won the most challenges? Who made the biggest move in the game? Umm who also had all of their HOH powers reversed. Who has secret gameplay exposed by Drew in the mainframe? Who got rid of your BIGGEST threat being Joel. #BBAU.

My phone has a whole other definition of food with Estelle and Rin over there 🤔.

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#LoveLiketheGalaxy, starring Wu Lei, Zhao Lusi, Guo Tao & Zeng Li, + Li Yunrui, Yu Chengen, Xu Jiao, Estelle Chen Yihan, Gao Han, sp app by Zhang Yue, Wang Zhuocheng, Shi Shi, & more releases new trailer as it gears up for premiere #星汉灿烂.

ตารางไลฟ์ที่ลืมลง เจ้าหมาแหนมเอามาเสริฟ์แล้วค่ะ!! สัปดาห์นี้มันก็จะติดๆกันสักหน่อย ยังไงไว้มาเจอกันได้นะคะ!!.

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@estelle_landy I love you…. I sorry, I just wanted to save my friend 👉🏼🥹👈🏼.

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