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The @EBU_HQ has issued the statement below regarding the hosting of next year’s #Eurovision Song Contest. Find it online here ➡️.

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A statement from the BBC on the Eurovision Song Contest.

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UK Government unimpressed at Sturgeon launching campaign to get Eurovision in Scotland just an hour after Ukraine told it cannot host Government source: It doesn’t look the behaviour of an ally of Ukraine to immediately put out attention-seeking tweets.

Huh? The Brexit vote has already been respected. We have already left the EU. That was the Q on the ballot paper… …Not the ECHR, ESA, Eurovision, UEFA European championship, European team of the Ryder Cup, Euromillions lottery, European continent or anything else European..

Imagine the BBC hosting Eurovision. Imagine your TV license being used to fund an event that celebrates European unity and friendship that is also one of the biggest dates in the gay calendar. Imagine. Imagine. IMAGINE..

Glasgow and the @OVOHydro would be a great venue for the @ESCinConcert! I’ll work with others to do all we can to help make that happen🙏! 🎶🎉.

Honestly couldn’t care less where Eurovision is being hosted - the fact it’s being hosted in the UK is insane and I feel so grateful that this is happening during my ‘eurofan’ lifetime. Will be there wherever it is in the UK, and I can’t wait, LETS GO EUROPE!.

Bomba de @Songfestival_be: La EBU tendría un proyecto sobre la mesa también un proyecto de sede para #Eurovision 2023 en Bruselas..

Mañana os comparto el link para que votéis -estilo Eurovisión en Quién va a ganar la Eurocopa Presiento que esta vez va a estar muy igualado..

Imagine the Eurovision in UK in stage like this one 🥵🥵🥵🥵.

在经过和乌克兰广播公司和其他利益相关方的沟通后,欧洲广播联盟宣布2023年欧洲歌唱大赛将不会在乌克兰举办。 欧洲广播公司无法保证在当前情况下的安全和运营保障,对此深表遗憾。 接下来其将同第二名的英国进行沟通。.

And then what kills me is how many people threw punches at us, yelled at us, threw water bottles at us. And so many people just watched. For what for a straight Eurovision girl?.

thinking about how in year 7 we had to do a geography presentation on landmarks across the world and like the Eurovision nerd I am, I picked the Esprit Arena Düsseldorf because it hosted the contest in 2011 😭.

Τουλάχιστον ξέρουμε ότι του χρόνου στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο θα δούμε έναν αξιοπρεπή διαγωνισμό Eurovision και όχι την αγγαρεία που έκαναν οι Ιταλοί φέτος.

Yes, bring Eurovision to Scotland, what a time that would be!.

ICYMI: Overnight we got three more Eurovision 2022 Live-On-Tape performances from 🇩🇰🇮🇸🇦🇹, check them out:.

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LETS GOOOOOOO i hope it’s somewhere close so i can get tickets.

Qué puntuación le dais al cantante @andresweiss_ ? ser honestos. Yo entre un 5 y un 6, ha seguido el ritmo y su inglés no es malo del todo, aunque le faltó mayor entonación. La letra es mejor que la canción de Chanel en Eurovisión..


@gema__fernandez @hopebystefan si capaldi canta en eurovisión yo no respondo por mis acciones ni palabras en esta red social.

🇺🇦 El ministro de Cultura de Ucrania, Oleksandr Tkachenko dice que no está de acuerdo con la decisión de la UER y que Ucrania debe organizar #Eurovision 👉 El líder de Kalush, Ruslana y el director de la tele ucraniana firman el comunicado también.

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Por cierto… Quitando Eurovision y el fútbol. ¿Cuál fue el último programa que consiguió más de 3 millones de espectadores? Es que ya ni me acuerdo. Intento pensar y no me viene nada de T5 ni A3..

Es un buen momento para hacer un rebranding de esos y hacer un logo sin banderitas, caris. Pero, puestos a escoger, corazón sin bandera. #Eurovision.

JUST IN: Ukraine condemns decision to strip it of hosting #Eurovision 2023 - AFP.

it’s june fucking 17th and some people on here are still screaming about chanel not winning eurovision i am begging you to get a hobby.


Idk much about the technical details of Eurovision but I hope Ukraine are able to host it for themselves, just in a different location. I don’t know if the UK treating it as ‘our’ Eurovision is very rare.

Nipoleon wants Scotland to represent the UK in next year’s Eurovision, you couldn’t make it up 😂🇬🇧.

Ucrania pide a la UER que revoque su decisión sobre la sede de Eurovisión 2023.

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Curioso del comunicado de Ucrania donde muestran su negativa ante la decisión de la UER, es que Ruslana y Oleh de Kalush Orchestra estén en el comité. Hablan de que no se les han pedido alternativas. ¿Cuáles podrían haber ofrecido? ¿Alguna sede lindante con Polonia? #Eurovision.

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@kerrymoyles @Eurovision .... I don’t unfortunately have a spare room but guess I could move into the shed. Arguably worth.

The UK hosting #Eurovision is one hell of an opportunity to get a new generation on board and put the tired Bucks Fizz throwback shite to bed for once and for all..

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