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A month from now, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? puts to sea. Currently laying in supplies of rum and hard biscuit.

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Carla Marx
Carla Marx ()

Yes, they run the Labour Party like a management consultancy. Oh, wait, it *is* a management consultancy - for David Evans’s company. #StarmerOut, #EvansOut 😡

Owen Hughes
Owen Hughes ()

@glenn_evans Some type of formal/informal coalition will be required so that will increase representation - also a well organised and strong opposition can provide both scrutiny and positive ideas/amendments through the committee system

Kayleigh Donaldson
Kayleigh Donaldson ()

Read about that time Chris Evans got drunk with a journalist and she turned it into a super-fun rom-com-esque profile! Then subscribe to my newsletter!

✨ Crystal ✨
✨ Crystal ✨ ()

@tifffanayyy @MeganMiAmor 😳🤯🙀 BIG TWIST when you leaving FHCA? Where you going?!

Greg ()

@leicesterliam We do mate it’s Leicester anything is possible and we could also lose every game 😂🙃 Evans out will fuck us if we don’t set up each game right IMO man 🙃😭

Dan Turner
Dan Turner ()

@davidonmi @LCFCshitposting I was thinking (assuming evans is out): Schmeichel Ricardo Fofana Cags Castagne Praet Tielemans Ndidi Ayo Kel Albrighton Perez plays as a second striker in possession with Ricardo and Praet interchanging on the right. Vardy as impact sub against tired legs


@LCFC For a club as ambitious as Leicester city, Caglar soyuncu, Wesley Fofanna and Timothy castagne shouldnt be anywhere near our defence!!. Does it mean that we have no solid defence without Johnny Evans?? This is shameful. Totally shameful.

Ghost_rider72 ()

The Coral - Dreaming Of You (Live On The Chris Evans Breakfast Show via @YouTube

Charles EP Murphy
Charles EP Murphy ()

Just learned Futurequake and Zarjaz editor Dave Evans died. Fuck. I remember he got me to do a major setting rewrite of a script I sent into FutureQuake, and he was completely correct, it made it much stronger.

Lennon Veasey 🥳
Lennon Veasey 🥳 ()

@nhLCFC_ When it’s Cags, Fofana and Evans yes it works pretty well but even then not keen at all, 4-1-4-1 got the best out of maddison and our high press wingers early on in 19/20

LJ🥶 ()

@huththegoat @KwekuCofie 100% bro agreed, Evans is a leader with great discipline and defensive know how at the back, need someone like him for the future

CE-1968_@hotmail🇵🇸 ()

BRYAN ROBSON & HELEN EVANS MUTV walk out on This Terrible Family The 1Billion fans will forever B in your debt ‘ You Know you’ll walk back in to your jobs when The GLAZERS r evicted #GetOutGlazers

COLLENE 𝘈𝘤𝘬𝘦𝘳𝘮𝘢𝘯♔
COLLENE 𝘈𝘤𝘬𝘦𝘳𝘮𝘢𝘯♔ ()

Sharpay Evans lost in AlQuoz 💟✨ candid shot by @Majeemburger 🤣

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Leicester City
Leicester City ()

Marc Albrighton comes into the starting XI for Jonny Evans. Christian Fuchs is now named on the bench.

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie ()

A month from now, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? puts to sea. Currently laying in supplies of rum and hard biscuit.

calicoskatts - Pretty Mint With The Big Nick NRG
Calicoskatts - Pretty Mint With The Big Nick NRG ()

I would like to file a complaint as I never see Kotkaniemi, Lehkonen, Evans, Romanov, or Toffoli on my Bingo card. Literally the only players I see on there are Armia , Tatar, Danault, Anderson and Suzuki. 🤔

Tnsports ()

Agent: Tennessee Titans declining fifth-year option on linebacker Rashaan Evans

Hank Evans
Hank Evans ()

சங்கி ஊரு. இங்கல்லாம் எப்பிடிதான் வெக்கமேயில்லாம பொறந்தானுங்களோ :-/

Mia ()

Sharpay Evans is responsible for all of my personality traits❤️

相生れみ(あいおいれみ)💐フロコレ ()

🌟 NARA IDOL PARTY 🌟 (EVANS CASTLE HALL) 2日目ありがとうございました♡。 2部: Nightはカチューシャしたぁ💎✨ 実は毎公演イヤリング変えてる💭 メンバーの髪型にも注目してね☺️ 明日も楽しみぃ〜!🎀

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えばんす。 ()

昨日は対抗戦お疲れ様でした! 一緒に企画してくれたちまきさん 実況&配信をしてくださった梵典さん PVを作っていただいたウリアッ上さん 対抗戦に参加していただいた方 視聴しにきていただいたみなさん ほんとにありがとうございました。 第2弾企画するのでぜひまたよろしくお願いします!

Evans Photo,Evans Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Marcellina ()

Veo una película donde Chris evans está seduciendo a una SE IMAGINAN QUE CHRIS EVANS TE SEDUZCA?????

Alex ()

A huge reason I loved Jack Evans matches back in the day was because he would do shit like this and IMMEDIATELY get killed for trying something so stupid. The majority of his early run was him getting destroyed for taking ridiculous risks and it ruled.

Bob Trask
Bob Trask ()

Great to see Evans on the ice in OT - Ducharme rewarding him for a game well played and the coach should be congratulated for making that choice.

NWP Rural Crime Team /Tîm Troseddau Cefn Gwlad HGC
NWP Rural Crime Team /Tîm Troseddau Cefn Gwlad HGC ()

PC Dewi Evans is at Brenig Lake investigating the Osprey nest

Pat Oddy 🇪🇺
Pat Oddy 🇪🇺 ()

Police spy issued ‘nasty’ threat to woman’s family, inquiry told | Rob Evans

Etuku Ham🇰🇪
Etuku Ham🇰🇪 ()

@Evans_miloo Even the Kenyans in the background at the shops are busy with their issues.

Ailen Díaz 💚
Ailen Díaz 💚 ()

La verdad es que no se hago riéndome de ese bloqueo cuando podría estar mirando fotos de Chris Evans.

mee hoshi
Mee hoshi ()

@Evans_xiv_ 動き回ったりするのです?? 私は常にDに鎮座していたいのですが…🤔笑

ًjulie/sam! salem be quiet
ًjulie/sam! salem be quiet ()

i was bored in quarantine and wanted to see chris evans frozen in ice

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