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Angels PR

Last night, Chad Wallach made his #Angels debut. His father, Tim, played in 57 games for the Halos in 1996. They are the fifth father/son combo in franchise history, joining: Ruben and Ruben Amaro Jr. Chris and Cron Jerry and Jeff DaVanon Bob and Darren Oliver.

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Sen. Casey’s father, Bob Casey Sr., was the “Casey” in Planned Parenthood v. Casey..

@FatherBob Dear Father Bob I appreciate that you are fighting for disabled people and older people and our right to be alive too. And stuff those people. Proverbs 12:17-19 my old grandad would have reminded me. You’re a truthteller, don’t let them stop you! <3.

With great sadness we inform you that our heavenly father has called home one of our own. Bob Zellmann Sr. was called to pinch hit this morning. Bob played for Norwood for many years, was a CRVL officer and a MBA Director for many years, most of that as Sec/Tres. RIP Bob..

Ryan Deto
Ryan Deto

PA Dem Sen Bob Casey still not listed as co-sponsor of a bill to codify Roe V. Wade. Casey has straddled line between being pro-choice & pro-life for years In leaked decision, justices overturned Roe and a landmark case involving Bob Casey’s father: Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

@FatherBob The kitchen wouldn’t be the same without you Father Bob - sometimes may need to step away from the heat sometimes but hang in their you are such an inspiration to so many.

Yesterday Chad Wallach made his Angels debut. Chad’s father, Tim, played in 57 games for the Angels in 1996. They are the 5th father/son duo to both play for the #Angels joining: Ruben and Ruben Amaro Jr. Chris and Cron Jerry and Jeff DaVanon Bob and Darren Oliver #GoHalos.

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@FatherBob Hi Father Bob, there are so many good humans on Twitter who appreciate you. You have every right to mute and block the ones that give you a hard time. It will be a much more peaceful experience. 🕊️.

@FatherBob Good Morning Father Bob, thankyou for spreading an important message such as the need to be vaccinated. We all appreciate the good work you do. Have a wonderful day today .👋🌻😊.


@FatherBob Father Bob, I’m an atheist, I spent many years at private Christian schools where people were more interested in the self than others. You restore faith in what I think Christianity is about. Helping others. Caring about others. Thank you for all you do. 🙏.

@FatherBob ‘Good morning @FatherBob !!!’ It sounds like we’re back at school eh?!! Now, everybody else, grab your ‘flu vaccine and your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th #COVID19 vaccination too! And, if you can, donate lots of 💲to catch you later Father Bob!!!.


@FatherBob Father Bob there are a lot of people in trauma & over sensitive right now. Many have turned to hatred as a way of communicating. Please try to ignore & rise above it🌹 And for now use your ‘mute or block button’ on Twitterverse for those being offensive. Do not let them in 🙏.

@FatherBob Take care Father Bob. You are an absolute legend and an Australian Treasure.

@FatherBob Good Morning to yuou Father Bob have a wonderfilled day of loving kindness 💜✨🕊️.

@FatherBob A very good morning to you Father Bob, love your vaccination tweets, ignore the fools and enjoy your day..

@FatherBob Beaten up for saying people should be up to date with current affairs? Twitter loves you Father Bob! 💕💕💕.

@FatherBob Dear Father Bob, thank you for being born. It is great to see a Christian standing up for the oppressed when most of them are wrapped up in selfishness and.

@deblvsbabygroot @FatherBob Don’t forget to donate $5 or $10 to Father Bob’s good causes. He can’t work without it!.

A Pro-life democrat is like a unicorn. Bob Casey is a disgrace to his father..

@FatherBob @CraigSteele9 You are a good man Father Bob. We worked together on a few funeral services over the years and can I say all the families couldn’t speak highly enough of what a beautiful, kind and caring man you are. Keep up the good work ❤️🙏.

@morriganwhisper Still missing our Bob Father @FrazerBobby though… And he is definitely one of our favorites! #MotherlandFortSalem #SaveMotherlandFortSalem.

@FatherBob You’re still a free human Father Bob. A citizen with a voice. What would Jesus do? He wasn’t shy with His opinions..

I will create generational wealth for my family this year. I will break this family curse 🙏🏾🤞🏾✊🏾💯. Thank you father for another beautiful day 🙌🏾….

@FatherBob Good morning dear Father Bob, sending love and hugs, and my quote for the day “ at least it won’t be sleazy, under Albanese”.

@lulu_lulu2020 Howard started this nastiness. Although I remember my father loathing Bob Menzies..

@FatherBob Good morning to you, Father Bob, and best wishes to you for a fine Sunday..

@FatherBob @LindaMelisande Father Bob don’t you dare . I enjoy your tweets and your helping Aussies. I can’t write Latin but Seize the day . That from an almost 60 year old Aussie.

@FatherBob You talk about whatever you want to talk about, Father Bob. You have that right, like everyone else..

@FatherBob It’s what bullies do. They beat up good people. I got called stupid & saw the writer was a fan of One Nation. So I took it as a compliment. Now planning my program to be recognized as a groupie, as defined by @cathywilcox1. Go get ‘em Father Bob ! 👏👏👏.

@L6_man Se verá de la mierda, pero lo prepara con el mismo amor que Bob prepara sus kangreburgers, así que tal vez estén buenos.

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