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Raise your hand if you won’t be wearing a mask in 2022, no matter what King Fauci says.🖐

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Nostalgic Pessimist
Nostalgic Pessimist ()

@JonahDispatch Maybe you should instead blame Fauci for giving Trump bad COVID advice? What do you have to say about Fauci? Trump has too many detractors, so it’s quite obvious why many on the right wing fervently protect him. Logic, duh!

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Dr. Lynn J Anderson
Dr. Lynn J Anderson ()

Gov. Kristi Noem torches Fauci during emotional CPAC speech | FULL via @YouTube

Pat Bagley
Pat Bagley ()

Fauci said if we did everything exactly right deaths could be kept below 60k. Trump and his Fox ignoramuses are responsible for 500k deaths (and counting)

Blimi Marcus
Blimi Marcus ()

Let’s talk about this post. Many people declare they no longer trust the CDC, Dr. Fauci, the FDA, and every single scientist, physician, nurse, and epidemiologist, because of changing guidelines. But that’s the beauty (yes, BEAUTY) of science.

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America’s POTUS
America’s POTUS ()

@EddieTrunk @instagram Pretty sure Fauci said being vaccinated doesn’t change anything. There is no reason or any incentive to be vaccinated.

Dangerfield ()

@SunRisenShine7 We know some of who was involved, Butts, Killary, Fauci, Tam (Tom), and a lot more of the NWO.

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity ()

Sen. Paul Calls Biden’s Top Doc an ‘Elitist’ Who ‘Manipulates the Public with Lies’

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity ()

RAND RIPS FAUCI: Sen. Paul Calls Biden’s Top Doc an ‘Elitist’ Who ‘Manipulates the Public with Lies’

The Nasty Italian 🇺🇸
The Nasty Italian 🇺🇸 ()

Comrade Fauci says one mask is good, two masks are better, but stop breathing is best

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Carl Bergquist
Carl Bergquist ()

@killedbyproxy Blott svenska åtgärder har en effekt? Det finns otaliga exempel på när FHM har hävdat att just åtgärder *haft* effekt. Munskydd kommer nog ges effektverkan när de används just i Sverige. De har aldrig fungerat någon annanstans (dvs om man inte fråga efter hos CDC, Fauci m fl).

Matt Walsh
Matt Walsh ()

Fauci: “There are things, even if you’re vaccinated, that you’re not going to be able to do in society. For example, indoor dining, theaters, places where people congregate.” These are the words of a power-mad lunatic.

Lisa Boothe
Lisa Boothe ()

Dr. Fauci has very clearly exploited a crisis for his own ego and pursuit of stardom. He has no regard for the businesses destroyed, lives taken from suicide, or the children who have fallen behind in school. But hey, did you see that TV interview he did the other day? #FireFauci

⚖️ Heidi-Silence is Complicity 🐝🐝🐝
⚖️ Heidi-Silence is Complicity 🐝🐝🐝 ()

@djred678 @shannonrwatts As Fauci told the Washington Post here , at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, masks were not recommended for the general public, as authorities were trying to prevent a mask shortage for health workers and the extent of asymptomatic spread was unknown.

Mr. B
Mr. B ()

@nypost Why hasn’t the FAUCI tell the public to wear eye protection? Huge failure from the highest paid federal employee, over $400,000 a year!!

Matt Walsh
Matt Walsh ()

Fauci is the perfect government employee. Completely ineffectual, failure after failure, has presided over a disaster, can’t even keep his own excuses straight, yet still has his job.

World Health Organization (WHO)
World Health Organization (WHO) ()

Media briefing on #COVID19 with @DrTedros, Dr Lee Bollinger, Dr Anthony Fauci, @DrNancyM_CDC

Matthew Moats 💜💜💜
Matthew Moats 💜💜💜 ()

Coronavirus: Americans could still be wearing face masks into 2022, Fauci says

Kaitlan Collins
Kaitlan Collins ()

We’ve done worse than most any other country, & we’re a highly developed rich country, Fauci tells ABC about the death toll, adding when they predicted it could reach 240,000, “people were thinking we were being hyperbolic, and now here we are with a half a million deaths.

Kyle Griffin
Kyle Griffin ()

Fauci: Trump let terrible things happen. When it became clear that in order to maintain my integrity and to get the right message [across] I had to publicly disagree with him, he did things — or allowed things to happen — that were terrible.

Carlos Loret de Mola
Carlos Loret de Mola ()

Terrible que EU se acerque a 500 mil muertes por Covid-19: Fauci. ⁦@latinus_us⁩

Liz Wheeler
Liz Wheeler ()

Raise your hand if you won’t be wearing a mask in 2022, no matter what King Fauci says.🖐

Antoni Serra-Torres MD🗣
Antoni Serra-Torres MD🗣 ()

Los americanos han pagado muy cara su sumisión a este personaje caduco llamado Fauci, y lo que les queda

Don McCollister
Don McCollister ()

@johncardillo @RealMattCouch Fauci is a fraud ! Lives in the swamp with all the other swamp liberals.

niki 😷🕊☮️ 🕊
Niki 😷🕊☮️ 🕊 ()

.I am so thankful for Dr. Fauci standing up to traitor trump. If not for Fauci and @JoeBiden my husband and I would not have been able to get the vaccine we did get last week.

Global Issues Web
Global Issues Web ()

Fauci expects Americans could still need to wear face masks in 2022. - The New York Times


👁️🚨👁️ Fauci expects Americans could still need to wear face masks in 2022. ʘ

Carlos M. de Varona
Carlos M. de Varona ()

2/3 Thought Wallace to have a third stooge today. Not so. I think Fauci did the 3rd Stooge Act, by interpreting @JoeBiden statement that Trump had not done anything re the Covid vaccine, so not to directly contradict the Electoral college Pres. @JesseBWatters

Nick Bush
Nick Bush ()

@BarryB65427489 @thebradfordfile Pretty awesome you found time to study infectious diseases while not only training to be a paramedic and a pilot, but also fighting in Vietnam! You must literally sleep only 1 hour a night if you have credentials comparable to Dr. Fauci.

Bizim TV
Bizim TV ()

Dr. Fauci: Donald Trump, koronavirüs konusunda oldukça şanslıydı @bizimtvcomtr aracılığıyla.

Laura Ingraham
Laura Ingraham ()

Biden and Fauci seek to keep Americans ‘under their thumb’

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