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Federer wants a new nickname - any suggestions?! @rogerfederer #BNPPO19.

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++>>[email protected][TENNIS/TV-IZLE]** Roger Federer vs Dominic Thiem live 17 March 2019 Final Federer vs Thiem Live 2019 Live on HD stream Last Moment 1. Live>> || Roger Federer vs Dominic Thiem 2. Stream >> #Federer vs #Thiem Final.

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Classic Federer loss this. Nerves get the better of him late in a third set final. Seen it so many times. That dropper at 30-30 should be an easy putaway, instead an absolute horrible dropshot..

Nitidamente Federer jogou os últimos dois games pensando nas contas que tem pra pagar amanhã. Esquece os pobrema, Rogério! #TenisNoSportTV.

Fighting back! 🥊 @ThiemDomi leads Roger Federer 4-1 in the second set. | #BNPPO19.

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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 They should have a set of Federer vs Haas.

Qué muñeca!! La gente pagó para ver Nadal-Federer, como no lo habrá, el torneo organizó rápidamente un set exhibición de dobles entre Djokovic, Sampras y McEnroe, Haas. Unos cracks!.

Federer Hmmmm. Lines up pretty well with a certain theory I heard on a podcast last @BallBoyzTennis.

Diálogo en Indian Wells: -Che Larry (x Ellison) se nos cayó el Nadal/Federer. Larry: no te calientes, te armo un Djokovic/Sampras contra McEnroe/Tommy Haas. ¿Te va?.

Should Thiem win, I highly recommend he retains this returning position against Federer tomorrow. Should go rather well for him..

Más presencias en finales de un mismo M1000 (1990-2019): 12 🇪🇸 Nadal | MC 10 🇪🇸 Nadal | Roma 9 🇨🇭 FEDERER | IW 8 🇺🇸 Agassi | Miami 8 🇪🇸 Nadal | Madrid 8 🇷🇸 Djokovic | Roma 8 🇨🇭 Federer | Cincy 7 🇷🇸 Djokovic | Miami 6 🇷🇸 Djokovic | IW 6 🇨🇭 Federer | Canadá 6 🇨🇭 Federer | Cincy.

@pri_veloso Federer é o maior de todos os tempos. Exemplo de atleta. Eu sou fã do tênis q ele.

Roger Federer plays Rafael Nadal in SF of the ATP #IndianWells Masters. H2H: RFvRN 15-23 Hard: 11-9 Clay: 2-13 Grass: 2-1 Last five matches: 5-0 (all hard) Last met: October 2017, Federer won 6-4 6-3 Shanghai Masters final. Last time Nadal won: #AusOpen 2014 SF 7-6 6-3 6-3.

Ni Federer ni Nadal han cedido un solo set en cuatro partidos en el desierto californiano..

#TENISxESPN Nadal venció a Khachanov y jugará este sábado ante Federer en #IndianWells..

Undisputedly two of the best players of all time, Roger #Federer and Rafael #Nadal have played some epic matches over the years. Ahead of their 39th clash in Indian Wells, relive their storied rivalry here >.

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Vamos Rafa!!!! 💪🏻 🎾 🇪🇸🎾🇪🇸💪🏻 Rafa Nadal gana con la rodilla tocada y habrá Clásico contra Federer más de un año después vía @marca.

Nadal vence e reencontra Federer nas semifinais de Indian Wells:.

Would be surprised if Nadal plays tomorrow but even so, Federer would be the favourite to win in straights. Look for Nadal to likely withdraw (hope not) and not play Miami either (hope not too). Clay season coming up and that’s what why too important to jeopardize..

🎬: Federer vs Nadal 🍿 Episodio 39 🍿 #FEDALXXXIX.

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#TenisNoSporTV Mohamed Lahyani é um espetáculo à parte. Muito antigo como árbitro de cadeira. Arbitrou Federer x Sampras no R4 de Wimbledon 2001 e jogos famosos como Mahut x Isner 2010. Abraço Eusébio!.

#Tenis 🎾 | Federer ya está en semis de Indian Wells.

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¡El punto de @rogerfederer más emocionante que verás en semanas 😍! Crónica de su triunfo ➡️ (📽️: @TennisTV).

@phil_avo @AjinkyaVR Is it worse to have your Friday ruined by Federer or by Ajinkya.

@AvneeshChandra @AjinkyaVR This is like the 547th Friday Federer has ruined for me in the past decade. You’ll be fine.

Federer wants a new nickname - any suggestions?! @rogerfederer #BNPPO19.

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