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Ennis labels Fifita’s Broncos defection ‘alarming’ as reasons for $ move revealed 😮🔥 👉

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Chugger ()

@NRL_Dragons Ravalawa might as well be a second rower on the wing. He reminds me of John Fifita, who is actually Tongan, but I’m sure you’ll get my drift.

MickintheGong ()

@PhilGould15 This is the 3rd time that the Dragons have been ripped off by the Bunker Dragons v Sharks A few years ago, Fifita awarded a try when Nightingale clearly got to the ball first. 1replay and try awarded. Bunker official? Mark Mcgaw. Last year, knock on, try awarded Xerri. Now this

Jack_Napier ()

@KingWallyy1 A Boyd and Cartwright dual signing is what the broncos need imo, seems a fair and legit swap for fifita leaving

Liam ()

The Broncos only hope at this point is that the Titans somehow do a Toronto and end up with a roster of 19 players and no cap because they spent it all on Fifita

Stevie G
Stevie G ()

@BennyDTD I get where you are coming from. Fifita and Tino combining for nearly $2mill and MFot will deserve a sizeable upgrade soon. Just saying, backrowers don’t win premierships

David Tweet
David Tweet ()

@travismeyn @GCTitans Good times for the Titans. Get Fifita one day then get rid of Cartwright the next.

King Clinton
King Clinton ()

I look forward to the titans celebrating the Fifita signing Boyd retiring and brimson coming back next week by getting belted by 40 today.

Daniel Sankey
Daniel Sankey ()

While no Broncos fan wanted to lose David Fifita, I look at this as an opportunity. IMHO far too much contract cash already tied up in the pack.

Jason Oliver
Jason Oliver ()

“News Corp can reveal Cartwright is seeking a release from his contract at the Titans to return to Sydney for personal reasons.” Picked up Fifita and working towards moving on from Boyd and Cartwright. What a week for the Titans.

Cyril Sidestep
Cyril Sidestep ()

@time_taken_up absolutely respect Gus’ views on RL. Its big $ and the club has been burnt paying overs so I get Gus’ point. I’m probably blurred in bitterness as a fan when Brennan took on duds from Penrith on big coin. Latu was ordinary at State League. Fifita worth 2 Latus and a Cartwright


Michael Ennis has labelled David Fifita’s Broncos defection ‘alarming’ 😮🔥 Remember, that’s the type of groundbreaking analysis that saw @FOXNRL sack the majority of their staff for 📎☑️ 👉

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Redonfield ()

@ReadingThePlay Fifita would have known this and had option to sign 1 year deal with Titans and come back. The fact he signed longer term deal more a case of decision was based on dollars or lack of trust of front office to make sure Coach change happened?

Cyril Sidestep
Cyril Sidestep ()

Find it odd Gus Gould critical of Titans signing Fifita on that $. The same guy who was happy to help Garth Brennan out by offloading Cartwright, Peach and the dud Latu on big coin. Penrith used the Titans as a spring clean for their cap when Gus was there.

The Fall Guy
The Fall Guy ()

Seems someone on the Gold Coast (is it Big Mal or Hagan) knows what they are Fifita & get the last 2 years of Boyd’s deal off their books. Peats deal finishes this year & now they just need to get rid of Cartwright & Wallace

Jake Carden
Jake Carden ()

What does that say about Seibold? I know Fifita got offered massive money but if you believe in the coach and the club usually that is worth a lot. It’s not like he’s jumping ship to a powerhouse club, it’s last years wooden spooners. #NRL #BroncosInCrisis

Simon Orchard
Simon Orchard ()

Those saying Fifita’s decision to snub the Broncs is an indictment on the clubs culture are singing from the wrong hymn book. It’s a financially motivated decision, pure and simple. The modern day player (and manager) knows footy is a business and loyalty isn’t what it used to be

Steve Morgan
Steve Morgan ()

@Martin_Lang11 💯 - young fella doing what he promised his mother he would do! Take the $$ in years time, season 2024 - Fifita signs a new contract with a club with a chance of winning premierships & will sign for less $$$

Ross Martin
Ross Martin ()

@PenrithPanthers This is going to be a harder match than expected. - Key outs for the Panthers - Disrupted spine (Api/Dylan) - First interstate trip for the boys in 2020. - Wet weather - Titans tougher under Holbrook. - Titans buoyed by Fifita signing. Come on boys! Come home as Number 1!

💥Fee💥 ()

@mata_fifita Nxt time you should CALL 😂😂 I noticed they were out yest too hahaha good thing I’m dnt care for it! 😂

Terry Zarsoff
Terry Zarsoff ()

@GROGParty Cameron Munster is on 700k so I would rather by 2 Munsters to 1 Fifita any day

Ultimatum Scoreboard 0-1
Ultimatum Scoreboard 0-1 ()

Love fellow Broncos fans saying they’re glad we didn’t spend on Fifita yet are complicit with Flegler being paid 600k and Joe O 450k. If Harvard Tony didn’t take so long to use him effectively he may not have even considered a move elsewhere. Also 25% more pay = yes please

!BOOtygrAMZ! ()

@fatalini1 They out drove all the way here for nothing🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

Fox League
Fox League ()

Ennis labels Fifita’s Broncos defection ‘alarming’ as reasons for $ move revealed 😮🔥 👉

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Steve Zemek
Steve Zemek ()

@bonec0ne @BennyDTD “David Fifita. What about him. All fire and brimstone. Like the time Brisbane paid for him to get out of a Bali prison. Now he’s a Titan. And he’s out to make the Broncos pay again.”

RugbyLeaguePodcasts ()

Fergo & The Freak: A Huge Announcement (And It Has Nothing To Do With David Fifita!)

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☚ Beirut #AFLCatsRoos ☛
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