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Russia’s involvement in Koran burning in Sweden gets more and more details. Now Finland’s Pekka Haavisto said that Russia may have been involved..

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Thank you to all the skaters, teams, organizer and fans for a fantastic event! Thank you, Finland 🇫🇮! #EuroFigure #Espoo2023.

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It is intergenerational trauma we are still dealing with and passing on to our children. Since 24 Feb 22 these mental wounds are ripped open again. But this trauma is also the fuel to defend our marvelous & beautiful land. God Bless Finland let us help Ukraine win!!.

@KatrinaPanova What an embarrassment for all of Finland! 😬 Cringeworthy performance..

@robdewijk Ik hecht vooral waarde aan de mening van regeringsleiders van de Baltische staten en Finland. Blijkbaar hebben zij beter door hoe Putin (en Russen) in elkaar zitten dan wij in het westen..

@JackPosobiec I am laughing at Finland 😂😅🤣😂😅🤣 But seriously : every culture which allows this, DESERVES THIS. 100%.

@jps56789 I agree 💯but we mustn’t neglect praise for the trans figure skating sensation from Finland.🤦🏼‍♂️.

“During Ms. Uusitalo’s 16 years as a teacher, she has noticed a clear decline in reading comprehension skills, a trend she attributes to students’ spending less time with books and more time with games and watching ’.


From the latest WeekendRead: 🇫🇮 Finland and 🇸🇪 Sweden in NATO 🇺🇸 National security in a divded congress 🇺🇦 Ukraine outlook in 2023 Read and subscribe for the latest commentary and analysis from the CNAS community ⬇️.

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@damiantapley @reshetz Norway and Finland as well. Announced after training and delivery on ground..

@JackPosobiec @libsoftiktok Finland needs a revival. They are currently lost. I weep for my relatives there..

@TaylorRMarshall @JackPosobiec Did they get the gold medal yet? Imagine if they had actually used a figure skater who happened to be instead, you embarrass yourselves and that person you put in skates. Do better Finland..

Tibet outreach work in Finland and Poland by the Office of Tibet, London - Central Tibetan Administration.

@RamonaGrigg I lived in The Netherlands in the 1980s. Daughter born there - free baby - Social Medicine. 55% tax bracket. You get what you pay.

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@WarMonitors Finland is more important since it is on the Russian border. Sweden will get in after the election in Turkey. Erdogan will extract something for it, but it will happen..

@CarloMasala1 Ich war zu meiner Zeit quasi pausenlos schon recht viel beschäftigt in 255 Tagen? Finland wäre aber in der Lage sich selbst erfolgreich zu verteidigen und das für deutlich mehr als 2 Tage? Erst recht gegen diese ruzzische möchtegern Armee mit leider viel Feuerkraft..

@thechosenberg Of all places he moves to the birthplace of American Capitalism lmao. Try Finland, Spain(Catalunya or Basque Country), Scandinavia or Germany..

Turkish President Recep Erdogan threatened Sweden with a shocking decision on NATO membership. Erdogan suggested that Turkey may give different answers to the applications of Finland and Sweden, which seek to join the alliance together..

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