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Top of the class. 📕 Read more: #finland #education.

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🔥 ACCA OF THE DAY 🔥 5 fold @ Stake 🇨🇳 China 🇨🇳 China 🇨🇳 China 🇨🇳 China 🇫🇮 Finland A strongly Chinese acca of the day!.

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My @LOTLegends pick for 15/08/19 🇫🇮 Finland Division 1 FC Haka v TPV Haka half-time/full-time result @ Kick off: 4:30pm DO NOT PLACE, I HAVE A PRE-MATCH SINGLE FOR THIS WITH HIGHER ODDS.

Here, if you missed it, is the story that resulted from that trip to Finland a year ago, a place I plan on returning to one day:.

Also reminds me that a year ago today I was on my way to Pori, Finland to meet a certain Canadiens No. 3 overall draft pick on his home turf:.

Finland’s Working Hours Act promotes flexible hours and remote working #work.

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Gone for these 3 all solid in there leagues and all should be in Italy’s squad for next months games against against Armenia and Finland 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥.

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Dok neki glavonja piše da su ljudi tu da se izrabljuju i rade po 12 sati, ovdje je donesen zakon da se po dogovoru s poslodavcem pola radnog vremena može raditi odakle god. Selim se na Tajland 💃🏼.

After two years of selection experimentation, Finland are returning to the tried and true format of UMK: #Eurovision.

Where in the world is @Savolainen_J? Well, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Italy, Hungary, Spain, China, Taiwan, USA, Portugal, and - just for you, Elon - South Africa. Oh, the power of a determined person. $TSLAQ.

@spectatorindex Share of unemployed receiving unemployment benefits in 2016. 🇫🇮Finland: 🇧🇪Belgium: 🇫🇷France: 🇨🇭Switzerland: 🇦🇺Australia: 🇪🇸Spain: 🇬🇧UK: 🇸🇪Sweden: 🇺🇸US: 🇮🇹Italy: (OECD).

@spectatorindex Countries where the unemployed (16-64 years old) are most at risk of poverty in % in 2016: 🇩🇪Germany: 🇧🇬Bulgaria: 🇪🇸Spain: 🇦🇹Austria: 🇬🇷Greece: 🇮🇹Italy: 🇬🇧UK: 🇩🇰Denmark: 🇫🇷France: 🇫🇮Finland: (Eurostat).

@thehankconsucc @NoiseStrangest In Finland the reason is that you’re legally an adult when you turn 18 🤷‍♀️ We most definitely don’t drink responsibly, but what a concept that in the states you can go to war at 18 but not have a fucking beer.

#Canucks It appears Vasily Podkolzin has joined his KHL club SKA for its exhibition game with its KHL rival Jokerit in Finland today. Game time is 8:30 am PDT. There does not appear to be a live feed of the game available but if I find one I will tweet about the game..

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A better motivator than a pay rise. 📕 Read more:.

Russian president Vladimir Putin is traveling to Helsinki, Finland, next Wednesday, meeting with his Finnish opposite number Sauli Niinistö. #Estonia.

Intellectual Property Protection, 2018 1. Finland 2. Switzerland 3. Singapore 4. Luxembourg 5. Netherlands 6. United Kingdom 7. Belgium 8. New Zealand 9. Hong Kong SAR 10. France . . . 37. Rwanda 58. Kenya 60. South Africa 64. Ghana 91. Ethiopia 129. Nigeria (WEF, GCI).

I remember years ago seeing a story about the boss of, I think, Nokia getting caught speeding in Finland and getting some humongous fine because it wa calculated as a proportion of income..

@jimimuadong @CopainStig Nä ska vara åland då samt delar av Finland , prova goggla på utrikiska.

European Vocational Skills Week is back for 2019! Events will be taking place all year throughout Europe, culminating in a week of activities in Finland in October. Find events in your country here: #EUVocationalSkills #DiscoverYourTalent.

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💪 Faktat kehiin: 1. #Tuhkarokko on täysin estettävissä turvallisella rokotteella. 2. Rokotusten avulla pelastetaan joka vuosi 2–3 miljoonaa lasta. 3. #UNICEF toimittaa rokotteet lähes puolelle maailman lapsista. 👉 Rokota lapsesi. @iltasanomat:.

Finland has pledged to pursue a hearing into alleged breaches of the rule of law by Hungary’s far-right government after a campaign of vilification led by the prime minister, Viktor Orbán..

都说北欧人尤其是芬兰人很懒,上班晚下班早,其实我看人家真是懂得生活。这个社会也不会在那些不产生劳动价值的岗位上浪费人力资源,例如地铁安检,公交保安,事实上那些关乎民众生活便利的设施例如超市营业时间一点不比国内短 #Finland.

Breanna Wilson of @Forbes has discovered 3 Reasons To Get To Finland And See Why The Saying ‘The Forest Is The Church’ Is Absolutely True.

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Finland’s 🇫🇮 education system is one of the best in the world.

Top of the class. 📕 Read more: #finland #education.

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