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The question is, Will you still be able to breathe with her Floyd pants on your head?

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Gary ()

@Redloveschrist One too many and I want to see that sick Floyd statue in NJ taken down.

TG Dee
TG Dee ()

Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu with their stormtroopers or ground forces are planning a march SAPHR, President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to announce further measures of lockdown also to safe lives. Julius is crying fawl yet they both say they want to save lives

Reporta Digital
Reporta Digital ()

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) participó en Londres contra la extradición de Julian Assange. Desveló que ha rechazado millonaria oferta de Mark Zuckerberg, dueño de Facebook, quien quería usar su canción Another brick in The Wall con fines publicitarios.

Floyd Photo,Floyd Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Roberto Graña
Roberto Graña ()

@Jota_DBS Su blancura florecerá cuando se quiten la venda que llevan en los ojos. Destrozan estatuas históricas, pero levantan un monumento en memoria de George Floyd, los negros destrozan y saquean negocios y los blancos son racistas, en fin, lavado de cerebro total

Floyd County Police Dept
Floyd County Police Dept ()

The Floyd County Police representative at the Respect for Law awards program Monday was Officer Zach Doan (right). Thank you Doug Walker (Rome News-Tribune) for the picture.

Floyd Photo,Floyd Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Frank Williams
Frank Williams ()

@BritishProg It would be helpful to others if you could explain what you think is the difference between psychedelic and prog, as I think the early Floyd albums are prog, but you think they are psychedelic. That might be an interesting idea for another post from you. What do you think?

Lord Brian Urso, Guitarist From Gideons Mob
Lord Brian Urso, Guitarist From Gideons Mob ()

@tOmb07886327 @marksandspencer Did the guy deserve to die? Absolutely not. Is the cop a scumbag? ABSOLUTELY. But floyd was a career criminal. Why are people lionizing this guy who has a history of violence once holding a gun to a pregnant womans stomach.

Braun Stoleman
Braun Stoleman ()

@abiroberts How do they get to underwear from George Floyd?...Unless the knickers have secret pouches for fentanyl and moody $20s

James Fraser
James Fraser ()

@feckinmetalcast The Pink Floyd Experience, a Kiwi band. Check out their website and you’ll get an idea of their stage show

Paul von Drayventhal
Paul von Drayventhal ()

@StefFun @Topas_ Außerdem besteht Abmahngefahr, wegen der Ähnlichkeit zu dem Pink Floyd-Album The Dark Side Of The Moon. Viel zu großes Risiko für solche Riesenevents.

Vinicius Rosa
Vinicius Rosa ()

@maringolo_11 @rts1983 Trump morreu pela azar!!! O caso Floyd e o negacionismo no começo da pandemia foderam ele, ele ia ganhar a eleição com o pé nas costas!

T.O.m.b ()

@Gideons_MobBand @marksandspencer George Floyd he never went anywhere without his beige

getting wet is okay
Getting wet is okay ()

@Red_Pilled_1 If it’s inspired by floyd the rapist why is there any you can’t rape while people wear it ?

Maria Alexander
Maria Alexander ()

@macjonesgf @helloleesh I don’t feel bad for someone who mocked George Floyd’s death and wears a holster all of the time.

* ˚. ✵
* ˚. ✵ "Hallo, met Via Via" ✦˚. ✺ ()

Dat de Nederlandse elftal aangevoerd door een zwarte man niet wil knielen, dat de 1 jaar herdenking van George Floyd een Entertainment / Variety show werd, dat we nog in discussie zijn of Keti Koti een nationale herdenking/feestdag = Intellectual

HHHealth ()

@MarkMcAulay10 What level of stupid combined with bad tastes & tone-deaf idiocy do you have to have to make George Floyd into a fashion statement?

🌸เบบน้อยตะลุกปุ๊กปิ๊ก~~🌸 ()

อย่างเช่น ฉันฟังเพลง High hopes ของ Pink floyd คือ คิดหนักมากว่าจะเอาท่อนไหนมาจีบจีวอน แล้วด้วยความที่เพลงเป็นเหมือนบทกวีต่อเนื่อง เวลายกมาท่อนเดียวมันแปลกๆมาก ไม่เล่นแล้ว 🤣🤣

Ronnie ()

Disgraceful #mks no shame George Floyd should not have died how he did but he was pure scum.

Smarton ()

1. George Floyd 2. Rosa Parks 3. Nelson Mandela 4. Tupac Shakur 5. Barack Obama 6. Adama Traoré 7. Anne Frank 8. Alfred Dreyfus 9. Ilan Halimi 10. Brahim Bouarram

Edward ()


Chwis ()

Hopefully screwfix will follow suit and release a full range of hammers inspired by Peter Sutcliffe.

Mike (MSD)
Mike (MSD) ()

I wonder if @marksandspencer will now be putting a statue of George Floyd in all their stores? 🤔

Jan Hejn
Jan Hejn ()

@AdamLysekk @velkejkapo Floyd zemřel v nemocnici. První zprávy od policie byly dost podobný aka recidivista pod vlivem drog apod

Ignacio Hutin
Ignacio Hutin ()

@GabrielSalvia Seguro, pero me refiero al apoyo civil, a la difusión mediática. Cuando mataron a Floyd hubo manifestaciones en Berlín y en Londres. Ojalá las hubiera en este caso también, al menos para visibilizar el altísimo nivel de discriminación que sufren los gitanos en Europa oriental.

토끼굴 ()

@Floyd_Leech__0 있어? 나중에 인형들 보러 가야지. (팻말 걸어주며) 응응 뿌듯하다! 이거 걸치는 동안에는 곰치쨩이라고 불러줘야겠네. 곰치쨩 어감 귀여워우니까 뭔가 묘하다

Matthew Brandon
Matthew Brandon ()

@DavidblogerICBW @JDCocchiarella Honor those heroes like George Floyd was honored by your precious ignorant democrats. We all know you’re a cuck and like watching your wife with other but shut the fuck yo about the “insurrection” that was nothing close to trying to overthrow the govt. zero weapons smfh

𝓕 ()

@_floyd_Le_ ねーしんどい…いっぱい休めたほうがいーよ、ほんと(あまりの気持ち良さにうつらうつらと微睡んで) チャーハン….!いいよねぇ、味付けも好みにできるし、すげー楽(こくこく)

Patricio Espinoza
Patricio Espinoza ()

@cgajardop Fortalecer? Ja circulan los mismos delincuentes los conocen y a sus familias y a sus abogados. Saben q son culpables de solo verlos y siguen circulando por que? Moneyyyyyy decían los Pink Floyd

Ms Z Bukake (backup).
Ms Z Bukake (backup). ()

The question is, Will you still be able to breathe with her Floyd pants on your head?

𝐛𝐲𝐚 🔮;
𝐛𝐲𝐚 🔮; ()

meu professor: o que é um prisma? eu: a capa do álbum do pink floyd sou cringe e do rock, ou seja, cringe 2x mais

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