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Pep Guardiola: [Phil] Foden was with us in the hotel, he felt unwell…” [via @SkySportsPL].

Lets break this down - 1. Pep plays R. Lewis on the left? 2. Pep benching Kevin De Bruyne? 3. Pep Selling Cancelo?? 4. Pep subs Mahrez after having the best chance of the half? 5. Foden reported illness but lets be honest probably benched anyway! Conclusion - Pep Overthinking!.

What Mason mount did at the age of 21, till date, saka, Rasford, odegard, Bruno Fernandez, De bryune, foden, Madison can do it better, My starboy is Generational..

Foden Photo,Foden Photo by CM🌴,CM🌴 on twitter tweets Foden Photo

@DalaiPalmerMCR Debruyne looks way off his best , he didn’t look fit, Bernardo, Rodri, were awful, Haaland isn’t getting the chances because our midfield goes sideways and backwards, we miss foden and maybe 2 other creative midfielders..

Rafael Leao en embrouille avec Pioli. Ruben Dias, Phil Foden en embrouille avec Guardiola. Certains clubs devraient être vigilants cet été, sur ces joueurs..

@MCFCTone Or if he does bench kev for Atleast have foden not I’ll and not injured :).

@jmisntgood well Bernardo won’t be here and yes I think he’d play really well off of KDB and *hopefully* foden behind Haaland.


Leao - Haaland - Mahrez Foden - KDB LB - Rodri - Rico Dias - Stones Ederson Need the LB to be very good defensively, comfortable in possession, dynamic, with elite ball retention but capability of breaking lines, good ball winning too.


@dore_nee Contre West Ham et Aston Villa Jesus démarre et t’as cette animation, surtout vs West Ham, parce que contre Aston Villa Foden commence à gauche.

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Foden can do this aswell tbh he’s that good. His off ball movement is underrated and is our only direct wingers rn. Pep sees him as that player now. This is why I always feel he needs to play every game because without him we lose alot from the frontline.

@shemAriane1 He’s obviously beefing with half the team dias should be playin foden should be playin no good if he’s falling out with half the team.

@Nilsmancity Alors sa je suis globalement d accord mais la on prenais que sa match il aurait dû sortir alvarez pour kdb avant Mais effectivement l équipe est nul depuis quelque temps je pense on devrait peux être essayer de remettre dans le rythme dias ou même foden au milieu ou jsp.

Is Phil Foden injured for city? Haven’t seen him for ages or has he fell out with pep aswell?.


What about brighton Ben Mee dunking on Martinez Haaland and Foden nutting on your team aswell.

Doesn’t matter what team oily Pep put out today… KDB, Foden, Cancelo… whoever… they would have lost all day and night long..

@ErlingRoIe We Want him to Stay …But Yk he’s not always right …F*cked us up Badly By letting Zinny & Cancelo Go ….Foden needs to Play …We NEED HIM.

Get where Carragher’s coming from, but City are the right team for Haaland. The service today was just incredibly poor which is partly down to benching KDB, excluding Foden and selling Cancelo. It’s not like United last year where they don’t create enough to accommodate a poacher.

@Arkatedyevich Li a thread toda. Ele menciona as grandes chances criadas durante as temporadas (apenas na PL) dando a ideia de que este número é ruim. Mas, no mesmo período: Foden: 19 Saka: 22 Mount: 34 Son: 38 Agora, sobre o posicionamento: +.

@rajsinghchohan I’d like to see and even more so now needs to give Grealish a try on the RW with Foden on LW go with width and direct.

@Enrique0821 Faute, mais celle de pep, après e campagne de ldc perso je peux rien reprocher à mahrez il a tjrs fait le taff, j’ai plus de mal en pl avec lui, après Grealish on sens une amélioration en ce moment mais pour le prix voilà… foden on sais même pas ce qui deviens mdrrr.

@juiws وكلهم يلعبون في اليروباليغ ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه.


@giolalisa e vocês sentiram o rajadao do foden e do haaland nesse dia????.

Foden Photo,Foden Photo by ؘ,ؘ on twitter tweets Foden Photo

@citystuffbr @victor_13_cam mas sinto que tanto com ele quanto com Foden o problema ta sendo não ter um lateral passando junto com eles pra ajudar, quando Kevin entrou até chegou junto dos 2 pontas pra tentar fazer algumas tabelas, mas sinto nossos pontos muito isolados na ponta sem apoio de ninguém..

@ManCity That combination of Haland and Alverez is useless , where was Foden. We need someone who can put pressure on the opponent !!! #citychange.

No se que le está haciendo Pep al City, hoy era el día para recortar al Arsenal e inicia con KDB, Dias y Gundo en la banca y ¿dónde diantres esta Foden?.

Il a prolongé parce qu’il a trouvé sa femme à Manchester sinon jamais il ça m’attriste la gestion de Mahrez pendant que la commu se plaint de la gestion de Foden qui est nul 😒.

@CityzenAmerica Indeed its the bald fraud who has ruined the club by loaning out Cancelo and depend on a 18 year old kid. He dislikes foden and many more just because they have self esteem for themselves to start.


@MCFCTone Can you honestly see, Laporte, KDB, Dias, Foden(when not poorly) not doing enough in training? They’ve been totally undroppable for years..

Back to 4 3 3 from now on please. Dias and Laporte back. Mahrez and grealish/Foden high and wide. Diagonal Runs in behind. Overlapping full backs..

Ederson Walker stones dias/laporte cancelo Rodri Kdb gundo/silva Sterling Haaland Foden How hard was this ey, this is what we were all dreaming for when haaland was signed.

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