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𝙱𝚁𝙴𝙰𝙺𝙸𝙽𝙶: Veteran midfielder Sam Foley becomes Pete Wild’s fourth signing of the summer, as he joins Barrow from fellow League Two side Tranmere Rovers. #WelcomeFoley | #BarrowAFC.

Foley Photo,Foley Photo by Barrow AFC,Barrow AFC on twitter tweets Foley Photo

@Lawrence You know who brought that case to the Supreme Court? I was at the counter protest in Foley Square a couple of years ago, there were like FOUR 3%er militia from UPSTATE NEW YORK!!!!! We thought it was a joke, and now this.

Today the Governor received the call of the Honourable Martin Foley MP..

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couple of sources telling me that they were expecting 1, maybe 2 of these ALP MPs to resign - but not 4 also worth noting there are some conflicting statements about whether Martin Foley is retiring from politics or just from cabinet latest #auspol news at 8pm aest on @6NewsAU.

directed by Nat Ćmiel production by Unlimited Dream Company (UDC) [Scene 1] & yeule, Inc. : Nat Ćmiel, Linda Wu, Daniel Mutton @DanielMutton_ music: Untitled #2 by Kin Leonn sound design / foley Nat Ćmiel vfx: Hebe Wang @ruorib, Nat Ćmiel colour: Nat Ćmiel, Elliot Chyi.

Is Foley tired of the blood on his hands? Knows Andrews will throw him under the bus eventually anyway and just getting in first? @MartinFoleyMP if you’re calling time anyway, go out with integrity! Speak up about the fact your Govt prioritizes the economy over health..

The Age
The Age

A coalition of large renewable energy investors warns billions of dollars in private investment in clean power is at risk unless fossil fuels are excluded from proposed power market reforms | @NickToscano1 & Mike Foley.

@Glaven1994 @6NewsAU not suprised about foley tbh after the last couple of years as health minister during covid it would taken its toll on him.

Foley not getting a pension is the only decent news in the mass exodus of #ChairmanDan’s ministers who is a nightmare to work for…dealing with Dictators wouldn’t be a walk in the park that’s for sure..

The Vic AMA President reckons Foley will leave big shoes to fill. I agree. Clown shoes. Perhaps he can spend his retirement from parliament looking for a personality..

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During the good times & hard times, you’ll be sorely missed Martin Foley (The Wall).

Foley Photo,Foley Photo by Pete G ALP Union Man🐀🇦🇺🇺🇦3rd jab Done,Pete G ALP Union Man🐀🇦🇺🇺🇦3rd jab Done on twitter tweets Foley Photo

@3AW693 and leadership do not belong in the same sentence. Now, if only he had said coma.

Rosie swims around New York in memory of late and great brother Anthony Foley.

STITCHED won yesterday’s Mystic Lake Derby at @CanterburyPark !! 🤩 Congratulations to his connections! Trainer - Gregory Foley Jockey - Florent Geroux Owners - Nathan McCauley, Michael Olszewski & William Minton.

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@andrewjgiles @MartinFoleyMP Mate, have you seen the state of Victoria’s health system. It’s an incompetent mess. Foley was useless.

ぶらついてたらとっても美味しそうだったので... 美味しいでございます😋.

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🔥 Daniel Andrews is set to lose KEY PLAYERS from his frontbench, with the mass resignation of four of his most senior government ministers just months from the November 🔥🔥TIMBER🔥🔥.

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Sen Rubio was honored to meet w @JamesFoleyFund Founder Dianne Foley & receive the inaugural Levinson Excellence in Govt Service Award. No 🇺🇸 family should ever experience what the Foleys & Levinsons suffered. Sen Rubio will continue to advocate for Americans held hostage abroad..

Foley Photo,Foley Photo by Senator Rubio Press,Senator Rubio Press on twitter tweets Foley Photo

Constitutional law professor Foley proposes a way Congress can stop Donald Trump from running in 2024..

ABC News
ABC News

Andrews government set to lose senior ministers ahead of November election.

In the current issue of @_TransportNews Two years ago, the organisers had to cancel plans to hold the first Grampian Truck Show since 2007 because of the pandemic. This time they were not to be Sponsored by Asset Alliance, images by Ton Foley..

Foley Photo,Foley Photo by Transport News,Transport News on twitter tweets Foley Photo

Foley artists explain how they create the sound effects for a puking scene in the movies. Warning: This video may be more behind the scenes than you want, it’s not for the faint hearted..

@Hamill2086John Remember Miles Briggs who sits at his Tory Desk, Remember Foley who sits at his labour desk, the yoon balloons need to think on..

This was the funniest Royal Rumble. Whenever a Mick Foley alter ego got kicked out, here came another one 😂😂.

Foley Distributing 👑 of the Hill: Cooper Hummel from Cascade Cooper went five scoreless innings, striking out 7 while picking up the victory for the 3rd ranked Cascade Cougars. 📸: Stephen Gassman TH @CHScougsbasball.

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James Foley was executed by members of the ISIS cell dubbed the “Beatles.” His mother has met with one of the terrorists 3 times since he pleaded guilty to his role in the killing..

Taller de fistulas con paciente real. La curacion habitual entre las bolsas con convexidad. Las pastas hidrocoloides. Alginatos cuesta 3 mil pesos cada 48 hrs. Y sin un control adecuado del efluente. C coloca condon d 50 pesos Una sonda foley para dieta monomerica Y alginatos.

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#bbcqt Fiona worked really hard to get the Tory MP to figure out to win back the vote of the lady who lost her grandmother to Covid. No bias to see here..

I never tire of listening to the amazing Colin Foley @cfoley50 #NDConference2022 @ADHDFoundation.

Foley Photo,Foley Photo by Helen McGarry,Helen McGarry on twitter tweets Foley Photo

น่ารักมากกก มีเสียง pop pop foley ตลอดเพลง เพราะความเอนดุของ music producer แน่เลยยย 🥺🥺🥺.

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