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My thoughts are with the people of Texas. Your governor seems to believe the best way to deal with a power outage crisis is to go on Fox News and blame windmills.

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Eric Garland
Eric Garland ()

For example, if you take the case of Seth Rich (and his poor family, who have been through hell) and propaganda, you might think it was only on the Fox News side. Except in 2016. When the whisper campaign was on the Democrat side, albeit more subtly. But same


Tiger Woods was on his way to meet Drew Brees and other celebrities for a production shoot Tuesday when he was “seriously injured” in a car crash, according to Brett Baier with Fox News and Shelley Smith on ESPN.

Rep. Jim Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan ()

The Left wants to cancel Fox News, OANN, and Newsmax. Can you imagine the outrage if Republicans tried to cancel MSNBC?

Rachel C. Abrams
Rachel C. Abrams ()

SCOOP: Congressional Dems sent a letter to Comcast, Amazon, Google, ATT & others, demanding to know what they plan to do about the the spread of dangerous misinformation from Fox News, OAN and Newsmax - including whether they will continue to carry them

Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈
Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈 ()

My thoughts are with the people of Texas. Your governor seems to believe the best way to deal with a power outage crisis is to go on Fox News and blame windmills.

Mike Madden
Mike Madden ()

@atrupar Let’s just admit that Tucker and the whole Fox “it’s not really News” crew are petulant children, send them to their rooms and stop retweeting their attention seeking behaviors.

Olliana ()

@MollyJongFast @ThisIsTheTea People are listening and believing Fox News nonsense!Without looking up if it makes sense or not. Ask around or even just sit and think if Fox News reports make sense. We all know Fox News is absolute garbage, so my concern is the listeners.

Sean ()

@shannaroberts4 @GovAbbott It’s not the wind turbines. Do some research and stop listening to Fox News.

Apres.Ski ()

@AndrewFeinberg @mikepompeo I think there’s a Fox News clause that guests need to lie at least a liiiiittttle

CJ ()

@GeekAaron @TuckerCarlson The 2019 Pew survey showed that among people who named Fox News as their main source for political and election news, 93% identify as Republicans. Nuff said.

Brian👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🎮🍻🏈 ()

@BillOReilly I live in Michigan and I swear its the deep South of the north. racists are all around me. Mostly fox news watchers

Erin still believes in the good
Erin still believes in the good ()

@PamKeithFL Add FOX News too. They are way off past political spin & full on lying

American ()

@FoxNews fox news should be ashamed at trying to pin everything on Gov. Cuomo when it’s fox news and the trumpublicans fault !

Thiz ()

@jcslattery Im so sorry. We’ve been very lucky in this. No blackout, no burst pipes. Seeing all the videos and posts makes it feel like there’s nothing we can do but wait for it to happen to us. Then you see our governor on Fox News lying about who’s to blame.

Kevin Howard
Kevin Howard ()

@ECMcLaughlin He used to somewhat sane. No evidence of that anymore but some old Fox News reels.

Schmetterling ()

@ndrew_lawrence @GregAbbott_TX is LYING on Fox News while Texas is freezing and dying.

The Moderated Media
The Moderated Media ()

CNN skips asking about Cuomo nursing home scandal | Fox News

████ [REDACTED] ████
████ [REDACTED] ████ ()

@FoxNews Right. CNN should hold Biden accountable with hard-hitting questions like Fox News did with Trump. I mean, those two to three tough questions from Chris Wallace over the span of four years is truly the model for fair and balanced journalism.🙄

Winston ()

@chrislhayes @TheDemCoalition I’m all for freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but Fox News has to be stopped. The government needs to enforce fact checking on these opinion programs pretending to be news.

Serranosuner ()

Trump trashes Mitch McConnell in searing new statement | Fox News He’s back 👍👍👍

Mesa update
Mesa update ()

Police seek missing Mesa teen last seen on Feb. 16 - FOX 10 News Phoenix


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Random Citizen
Random Citizen ()

@benshapiro So I guess you missed Fox News, OANN, and Newsmax spend 4 years blowing Donald Trump.

james davison, Author
James davison, Author ()

This Mayor for President!... Texas mayor quits after saying residents are ‘lazy’ amid outages | Fox News

Caroline✨ ()

I don’t have many followers but the green new deal literally hasn’t been voted on or been taken into effect. Fox News, yet again, with a fear mongering story to idiot America

David AsTheman
David AsTheman ()

@kylegriffin1 Dominion can do America a favor and sue FOX NEWS out of existence.

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Go Bears!
Go Bears! ()

@bradenpace @AOC That talking point let’s us know your brain has been frozen from logical thought for far too long. Turn off Fox News, watch your brain work again kid.

Ryley ()

@MollyJongFast @MalcolmNance What is Fox News going to do now that Trump is fading away to a personal hell that he created?

Move Kentucky Forward
Move Kentucky Forward ()

So how long before RWE (owner of Roscoe Wind Farm) threatens Fox News with a lawsuit for their latest lies just like Dominion did?

Justin Baragona
Justin Baragona ()

Chris Hayes calls out Fox News for lying about windmills being the source of power outages in Texas,. They want to take every policy issue and turn it into some painful culture war They want to turn into a culture war, like the libs don’t want you to have power.

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