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🇫🇷 En 2016, Pôle emploi promettait de faire baisser le chômage en France de 10% grâce à Bob Emploi, son algorithme “génial”. Au bout de 5 ans et de €185 000, force était de constater que c’était du pipeau..

@AlboMP @FatherBob I’d love to have seen Fr Bob go to QEII’s funeral. If anyone embodies Australian values, it’s our Fr Bob ♥️ Happy Birthday Fr Bob, God bless you + thank you for your extraordinary contribution to Australia..

Fr Bob Photo,Fr Bob Photo by Kitty, always at home with my cats 😻,Kitty, always at home with my cats 😻 on twitter tweets Fr Bob Photo

someone on tiktok just said I look like Megan thee stallion like cmon now… I just have a cut crease on?? last time I wore a bob they were telling me I look like doja cat and when I had braids they said I look like fka twigs like be fucking FR.

Thisisneverthat nous lâche des bob en maille 👀 33€ au lieu de 55€ 🎟️ Lien.

Fr Bob Photo,Fr Bob Photo by LONGUE VIE À TOUS MENNÉS ❤️,LONGUE VIE À TOUS MENNÉS ❤️ on twitter tweets Fr Bob Photo

🎥 Au ❤️ du réseau LiA #2 Vous ne saviez pas qui se cachait derrière les mystérieuses voix à la radio dans les bus (ou le tram) ? Eh bien, vous allez le savoir très vite avec nos régulateurs Lucrèce et Bob 😊 Épisode à retrouver en totalité sur.

@FatherBob Happy Birthday dearest Fr Bob. You are never far from my thoughts (or desk.)😊❤️🎂.

Fr Bob Photo,Fr Bob Photo by Tandigi 🌳,Tandigi 🌳 on twitter tweets Fr Bob Photo

Tom Bobによるストリートアート。街の立体物をうまい具合に何かに仕立てていくのがうまいアーティスト。.

Fr Bob Photo,Fr Bob Photo by 土屋アソビ🌖,土屋アソビ🌖 on twitter tweets Fr Bob Photo

@FatherBob Sorry I missed this Fr Bob. I hope you had a fabulous day! Keep on going, you most excellent gentleman. You are so loved. And so needed. Happy birthday 🎉❤️👏🏻.

@FatherBob @YoiksAndAway Always a gem Fr Bob- and an unpolished gem is always the most interesting. Happy Bobday!.

Did you know we received our name during a homily Fr. Bob was preaching in preparation for the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross? Maybe next Sunday, or at subsequent times, some of us will become Companions of the Cross. (Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder).

@FatherBob Bob do hope you had a loverly Birthday yesterday as well and nice music soothes the mine take care and be safe cheers 🤔👍🇦🇺.

@Mindset_FR Je suis toujours dans ma chambre avec mon téléphone entrain de prendre mes canettes paisiblement.

FR like bro i dont give a fuck about how many more watermelons stacy bought then bob istg.

@thatfanged_doe Fr i wanna do more than just jump and bob around to tbe music. I want to actually know the song so i can sing and dance without trying to gauge when the beats going to drop..

@FatherBob Happy 88th birthday Fr Bob 🎂! What a champion you are! May your light shine brighter & brighter this year. Sending birthday hugs your way. 🤗🎉🎁🎈❤️.


@____Kitaa @Riodiscrazy Lmfao damn I said my fault. You should get a bob that shit would be sweet fr 😉.

@FatherBob Happy Birthday Fr you are having a great cake 🎂 ❤️.

@FatherBob Happy Birthday, Fr look wonderful for 88. May you continue to have many more birthdays..

@FR_SportingCP @Nabil_djellit On compte sur vous pour les ouvrir profondément 👏🏻👏🏻👊🏻 😂.

@gumarohjr no way they think they can fuck w the bloodline. Call me up fr I’ll bob and weave and choke slam them..

« Les volailles ukrainiennes envahissent l’Europe » Qui en veut ? Au vu de la pollution en #Ukraine, pas moi !.

Jean-Luc Godard 47K grace tame zachary rolfe Camelot Azerbaijan 98K Fr Bob Goldeneye 17K climate change authority Switch 436K BOTW 25K Mike Lindell 266K Kiryu 32K Braith Ben Roberts Daily Quordle 233 narty.

Bro I been bob the builder putting together my apartment for 2 weeks and my body can’t handle this fr how do men build houses.

@FatherBob @WombatNShadow Happy birthday, Fr Bob. I hope the celebrations continue for a while yet..

@Bob_Gedron Nic się nie spełniło z tego co obiecywali a naiwni, wyborcy z pis jak łykali ta łykają papkę nierządu 🕎 dla nich ważne żeby bomby od FR🇷🇺 nie spadały na nich reszta nie ma najmniejszego znaczenia..

@FatherBob Congratulations on your 88th birthday, Fr. Bob! And many Happy Returns👍🏻.

@FatherBob Wishing you a Happy Birthday Fr Bob. And many happy returns of the day 🎂.

@FatherBob Happy birthday Fr Bob 🙏 See the big fella got the sunshine right for you too ☀️😊🎂 God bless you xx.

@FatherBob Happy birthday Fr Bob I hope that your day has been full of love & blessings x🎂🙏.

Happy Birthday Fr Bob. I wish you to have many more and keep up your excellent ministry..

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