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Memo to #TheDrum Never have Fran Kelly sit in that seat in the studio. Who is that pompous RW twat next to her? Thank you Signed: The majority of your viewers.

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@UrbanWronski @mackaysuzie PKavelas & Liberal voter Fran Kelly have their podcast on Fridays Let’s see if they deny their bias then.

a completely normal thing to do is to ignore fran kelly absolutely skewering a conservative about cpt getup/mining/business/anti-alp links but abuse her because she said labor is not popular in rural qld seats.

@simpsubhswf @frankelly08 Fran Kelly is so Biased she would fit right in on Skynews after.

#rnbreakfast Fran Kelly. So rude! When did interviewing become about the interviewer showing how much they know? OMG switch off. #abc do better.

Fran Kelly continuing her bagging of Bill Shorten & Labor big time on @RNBreakfast she is a.

Fran Kelly this morning not questioning Cormann about Lib policy but questioning him about Labor policy. What is this [email protected] WTF is this about? @gavmorris.

@Jockboy46John The lefties are having conniptions over Fran Kelly on The Drum! 😂😂😂 what a joke! The ABC is the most biased left wing ALP mouthpiece on the planet!.

@jrdn54 Fran Kelly was blatantly about a fair go for Labor’s well established,balanced no more FK on #thedrum!.

@glenpen60 @MettaBhavana1 Some ppl in public eye, sportsmen/woman, politicians fail to recognise they are past their use by date - Fran Kelly is one of those - has lost ability to be impartial and is doing RN a real diservice. Give her a package, and save the ABC/RN #auspol.

Fran Kelly is trying to get on the polititions band waggon by sucking up to Morrison..

@MarianSmedley @OverTheHill4 Oh, please. Fran Kelly is supposed to be the moderator, she is the host. Her role is to elicit opinions from the guests, not to bring her personal bias to bear on the entire program. #thedrum #ausvotes.

@jrdn54 @beachwalker05 Fran Kelly and PK are both LNP hacks. Although painful, slightly better than listening to 2GB.

Such a great contribution to intelligent debate. Fran Kelly has a record second to none of intelligent, unbiased interviewing.

Adam Liaw & Fran Kelly both seem to be out of their depth. Why is Fran so hell bent on focusing on ALP policy without so muchasca whisper about LNP policy. #TheDrum.

@OverTheHill4 You insist on missing my point. It is your opinion that Fran Kelly is not impartial but I say again Van Badham has proven that she is not impartial by openly campaigning for the Labor Party. This should be disclosed..

In a day that displays the wonderful mind of ‘Michelle let them burn coal not dung Landry’, the witlessness of Molan, the guile of George, Bookcase Brandis blowing our expenses and scumo picking carrots for his lunch ...who does Fran Kelly #thedrum focus on? Bill Shorten.

@ABCthedrum Will someone please tell Fran Kelly her position is to bring out the opinions of the panel, not her own..

Time to make formal complaints about the bias of Fran Kelly. Not to mention pejorative statements, talking over guests. Too opinionated. Unprofessional moderator #thedrum.

#thedrum Fran Kelly having too much input into the discussion. Too much of her own opinion instead of eliciting views. Pejorative characterization not acceptable.

@TheDrum Fran Kelly not impressing me! Too much ego & not enough even handedness! Too keen to put Govt talking points! I’ve turned off RNBreakfast for that reason! Now on the Drum! Not happy Fran!.

Memo to #TheDrum Never have Fran Kelly sit in that seat in the studio. Who is that pompous RW twat next to her? Thank you Signed: The majority of your viewers.

Wow is it Fran Kelly on #thedrum ...or Teena McQueen? whoever ...she’s got a bug in her ass about Shorten.

Fran Kelly is atrocious as moderator on #TheDrum why bother having guests if you interrupt them all the time with your own opinion 🙄.

@vanbadham You were on fire on The Drum arguments. Fran Kelly, on the other hand, was appalling, as.

#thedrum Who the f---k got Fran Kelly to host the Drum tonight, ABC LNP bias is unbelievable..

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