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I thought Chris was Fredo also. The truth hurts. Totally lost it! Low ratings @CNN.

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@ChrisCuomo so let me get this straight. In 2010 you called YOURSELF Fredo, but somehow it’s turned into slang for the N word since then? And you wonder how you became a punchline?.

Cuomo/Fredo, 29 & 40 Down! NYT puzzle from ~2011 kind of creeped me out this morning.


@PaigeSully88 #Fredo Cuomo will probably interview him (the shooter) on his show and the shooter will ultimately get a book deal.

We FINALLY get Wall money? And FREDO SCHUMER wants it back? Is FUCK YOU too harsh?.

New York Post. The Godbother. Starring FREDO Cuomo @CNN @ChrisCuomo.


So Hong Kong burns from the Chineese forces trying to overtake it and they sing our national anthem and wave our flag. And we give a crap about Fredo why?.

@VanniePlaas @JakesMogul Yeah well Fredo and his butt plug buddy over at CNN does set an excellent example for the radical left. See, trolling goes both ways idiot..

Why do I feel racist ordering the Chicken Alfredo now .. Thanks a lot Chris Cuomo #Fredo #FredoCuomo.

In the YouTube video of the incident, Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor, said his conservative critics had frequently used the name as an insult against him.

@marklevinshow CNN has no-one anyone wants to watch or listen to any longer. Their ratings will continue to drop after this week of Democratic attack, Gay Sexual Assault, and an assault on a media 😳🙈🤡.

for the record the non puerto rican half of me is italian and i play a mean mandolin so i got the ethos to dunk on fredo any day of the week between the hours of 1 and 4pm.

@ir_re_deem_able @SKYRIDER4538 I know them all and NO Fredo is just the stupid brother.

He referred to himself a s Fredo..

Donald Trump hit out at conservatives who dared to disagree with him about a video showing CNN anchor Chris Cuomo squaring up to a man who called him “Fredo. via @HuffPostPol.

@Scaramucci You started it mini Fredo. You are a little showboat user. Nothing you say or do will change the minds of 63 million Americans. It’s about Americans not your flavor of the day in politics..


Exactly. He’s lucky it wasn’t worse than being called Fredo. Imagine just how miserable these @CNN hacks must.

The Cuomos, ‘The Godfather’ and the ‘Fredo’ Insult by AZI PAYBARAH.


Leave celebrities alone. Especially when they’re with their families. Double-especially when they’re with their families and they’re losers like @ChrisCuomo #Fredo #FredoCuomo.

@ChrisCuomo Fredo you just showed your true colors as an asshole. Cmon. FREDO is an ethnic slur? What a pussy..

@Scaramucci No offence I’m Italian and I’ve never heard of anyone being called a Fredo ever.

@MattWalshBlog @checkmatestate Honestly bro, the threats were over the top and the Fredo response was absurd..

Limbaugh: ‘Fredo’ Cuomo Can Dish It Out, But Can’t Take It..

“Who am I then, Fredo?” Cuomo asked during a 2010 radio interview when his brother was considering running for governor. #FakeNewsFredo strikes again!.

I have long said that @CNN is the most racist network on TV. They use the history of black Americans as a shield so they can go after their opponents. @ChrisCuomo claiming that “Fredo” is the same as the N word, so he can feel righteous as he thugs someone—proves my point..

I thought Chris was Fredo also. The truth hurts. Totally lost it! Low ratings @CNN.

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