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@MarriedAU #freemick let the poor man go home. He has ewes to look after, see Martha, it is a word 😆.

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Jess’s friendship argument makes NO SENSE seeing as this is a show to find a MARRIAGE not a FRIENDSHIP #MAFS #FreeMick.

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I have gone from finding Mick pretty annoying, to feeling very upset for him. For Gods sake you pathetic experts, step in and decree that he can go home to his kelpies #freemick.

@MarriedAU #freemick let the poor man go home. He has ewes to look after, see Martha, it is a word 😆.

#freemick god jess just let it go. Connect with dan on the outside, you won’t disappear in the ‘real world’. #MAFSAU.

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@Tulia12447489 Nah mate Jess isn’t there for love. Jess is there to get famous. #freemick.

Mick better get some compensation after being kept around by Jess & the producers for the sole reason of ratings #FreeMick #MAFS.

Jess is an awful person, Dan is an awful person, the experts are awful people & the producers are awful people #FreeMick #MAFS.

Where is the duty of care from these supposed experts to protect someone against lies and emotional manipulation? #MAFS #freeMick If this were physical and not emotional abuse, would they still insist one party who desperately wants to go home, stay in an unhealthy situation?.

This is absolute bullshit, Australia get #FreeMick trending right now this is absurd #MAFS.

@MarriedAU Ohh for the love of god Jess let the poor fucker go!!! #lethimgo #freemick.

I know we are losing couples left right and centre, but fucking hell, just let Mick leave #freemick #MAFS.

Mick is literally being emotionally abused, I don’t like this. Let the poor guy just leave. #freemick #MAFS.

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