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@PRGuy17 It just makes it so much better than you are just some random dude. Well done Jeremy 👏 Extremely well played. The watermark was just wonderful and being on friendly jordies was all icing on the cake. Brilliant 👏.

ultimate payback via a genius-level watermarked PRGuy and Friendly Jordies 🙌🏼 😂.

Friendly Jordies Photo,Friendly Jordies Photo by the rural juror,the rural juror on twitter tweets Friendly Jordies Photo

I don’t fucken know who PR Guy or Friendly Jordies or any of these dorks are. Can we talk about the new Kevin Gates album? Or Icewear Vezzo?.

@PRGuy17 Just watched Friendly Jordies it was great, hope you still stay on twitter @PRGuy17 !.

@realCarrickRyan Mate, he outed himself. He’s always said he’s not being paid. Would you believe him now if Friendly Jordies asked him?.

@realCarrickRyan No he didn’t. And I can’t assume to know why. Maybe because we have all, on the daily, heard him deny it. Maybe because we all knew the answer And still you haven’t answered Carrick. If he denied it to Friendly Jordies, would you then have believed him?.

So friendly Jordies lost his case against John Barilaro now we have this Malaka dude losing again Avi. Hmmmzzz when will these youngsters realise they ain’t all that smart?.

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