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.@joyannreid takes a look at every which way Tucker Carlson is ‘making America worse’: “People like you, and your friends at the BS factory are keeping us steeped in covid sickness, and rage, and paranoia.” #TheReidOut

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Sabbyceee ()

I hate that I only work weekends cause I be bored as hell during the day when all my friends are at work 😩

𝑺 ()

I don’t have patience for people or friends really but when it comes to my family yo no como cuento

Tahoe Jo
Tahoe Jo ()

@FollowMal Most Welcome! Saw a lot of friends amongst your Followers 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

Lizee ()

@MollyJongFast Yes! My friends group had a discussion about the photo last night! 😂

Frances Ottino
Frances Ottino ()

@SpitSocial @mkolken Shaming people is done by politicians. It’s not nice. Respect rules of the establishment; I’m vaccinated, as are most friends & family. Science says outdoors, you now don’t need it; Protestors “mostly” never did, until they began to riot.

💫 ()

I don’t know why y’all be hiding that y’all pregnant Im gone find out anyways from y’all fake ass “friends”

gender ended
Gender ended ()

When this person returned to the table they were once again approached by tizz who kept getting closer and closer to them as they were clearly trying to distance themselves and they decided to go on the other side of the room and talk to one of their friends.

Becs🖤 ()

@jadeantoinetter I made a profile 🥺 I hope it works out cuz literally have recently dropped 100% irl friends LOL

Ashonti🖤 ()

I hate when my guy friends tell me to put them on. Them mfs know Ian got no friends for they raggedy asses😂

DG ()

@BeakFinch know i sound childishly this is just all so awful. (Perhaps this is why my only friends are women?) JFC words fail me, Finch

ash ♡’s luke
Ash ♡’s luke ()

✨ Top Friends 🥇 darlingwalls 🥈 nitswrry 🥉 malumskisses 🏅 lNFINlTYWALLS 🏅 IFLRRYCOULDTALK 🏅 0NLYTHEBRAV 🏅 kissyyhalo ➡️

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BetweenBreaths ()

@sentientones I have noticed that some of my poet friends here are able to do a lot with just a few words. Interesting to note what maybe could be pulled out to stand alone. Thank you for reading! 🤍

Lawal Abiodun Hammed
Lawal Abiodun Hammed ()

The No. 1 reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors.

tio !
Tio ! ()

enemies to lovers is not that good. best friends to lovers is so much better

Marilyn ()

it’s the way I want crab legs today and still wanna go out for cinco de mayo tomorrow. But my friends too responsible 🙄

💕🐝💕🐝💕🐝💕🐝💕🐝 ()

@WYP_PCSO211 Thinking of all her family & friends & police family 🕯❤🙏

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The ReidOut
The ReidOut ()

.@joyannreid takes a look at every which way Tucker Carlson is ‘making America worse’: “People like you, and your friends at the BS factory are keeping us steeped in covid sickness, and rage, and paranoia.” #TheReidOut

Tom T. ن‎®💎
Tom T. ن‎®💎 ()

§ Use of public office for private gain. An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom the employee is affiliated.

emo brainrot
Emo brainrot ()

every time i find a group of three friends i instantly think of me, kazi, and

Hunter ()

@LilNasX my boyfriend thought you just said “c0caine and chicken with you friends, that’s a weird line” opinions?

catradora babey!
Catradora babey! ()

S1E8 A: Trust me, Bow isn’t the type to just leave all of his old friends behind, and neither am— A: …I.

✨✨✨✨✨ ()

My daughter and her friends have been getting ready to go out for 3/4 is beyond wild to see ur kids do shit that u have done🤯...I’m betting they ain’t gonna make it to their destination, but they cute as shit💁‍♀️🤣

Susan Barfield
Susan Barfield ()

Friends! Anyone interested? Go and have a look. @TaketheCupcake @BaggLady10

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QᴜᴇᴇɴDᴀʏ 💋👑
QᴜᴇᴇɴDᴀʏ 💋👑 ()

Sofia was watching me on snap looking at my friends locations. She’s like “why are you spying on them ?” I’m like what lmaooo

ρꫀꪀꪀꪗ ꫀꪶꪖ꠸ꪀꫀ 🦋
ρꫀꪀꪀꪗ ꫀꪶꪖ꠸ꪀꫀ 🦋 ()

And loyalty is in the friends you can trust. And I trust my friends.

Cuzzin Teddy (Raiders STINK)
Cuzzin Teddy (Raiders STINK) ()

@WhosNina__ Lol oh ok I’m jw. Cuz I be feeling bad sometimes when my friends have to eat somewhere else cuz I’m allergic to fish and crab lol

Duke Depp / Willy Wonka Tiktok
Duke Depp / Willy Wonka Tiktok ()

@TXVICKYY be grateful that weekend happened tho bc that’s when i became good friends with everyone’s favorite (blake)

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Meg🪐 ()

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! never in a million years would’ve i imagined people actually watching me play video games with my friends. i’m so thankful for every one of my followers, i love you all. now i’m gonna go cry😭❤️

Lady Kate
Lady Kate ()

@Smalls1138N How honest do you want me to be? Because I’m not sure if we’re at “full unloading both barrels” levels of friends yet.

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