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Frydenberg denies his lockdown commentary was a major factor in his defeat. Talking to Ryan supporters last night and they were still angry about that.

If @Mon4Kooyong didn’t already have it in the bag, spearheading the push to allow people with COVID to phone vote is surely the final nail in Frydenberg’s coffin, right?.

If Frydenberg gets parachuted into another seat I would 100% expect to see another teal candidate running against him.

We’re hearing from Frydenberg that he believes he will retain the seat and, by his calculations, he is ahead by 60 billion votes..

Frydenberg has incredible “Dad saying a couple of words at a 21st after twelve crown lagers” energy here..

He supported Tony Abbott against Malcolm Turnbull. He supported Kevin Andrews against a moderate challenger. Frydenberg ain’t no moderate..

The gall of Frydenberg referencing the Guide Dogs CEO who lost her role over him #ausvotes.

Frydenberg couldn’t count as the Treasurer so I doubt he knows the chances of holding onto #KooyongVotes . Grab some dignity and go get a job..

@latingle @jacobgreber Liberals in the cities eg Frydenberg, Sharma, Wilson etc, got smashed by independents largely because they either did not have the guts to stand up to the nonsense of the National Party re climate change or they agreed with the NP.

Once more: Frydenberg is not moderate. He is a standard issue hard right neo-liberal who cites Thatcher and Reagan as his inspirations. Not being a religious nutter doesn’t make you moderate. #insiders #auspol.


@AmyRemeikis Yes. Pretty proud of us Vics too. We already had 54% ALP and when we swung, it was to Greens and Independents. Those Independents got rid of Frydenberg & Wilson. Pretty happy with all of the states that worked together to get rid of LNP. #BinNight.

This narrative that Wilson, Falinski and Frydenberg were moderates is bollocks. #ausvotes.

Australia election 2022 live: Anthony Albanese promises to ‘bring Australians together’ as Liberals mull inner-city rout.

@redrum8008 @catherine___c It stood out. All the Teals were affiliated in some way with why the deleted old twitter accounts where they denounced Dutton and other Libs with vile and Woke comments. People too slack to research so they vote out A DISASTER FOR 🇦🇺.

@MartinPakulaMP No Craig Kelly. No Clive Palmer. No Pauline Hanson. No Josh Frydenberg. No Tim Wilson. No Dave Sharma. No Katherine Deeves..

@Vic_Rollison Both Labor & Greens votes went down because they voted strategically to get rid of Frydenberg. Please stop bagging The Greens. They just removed 2 sitting Liberals in Qld. And if Labor’s 2030 target was adequate maybe Terri Butler would have kept her seat..

其实这次工党和自由国家党联盟的选票都被小党和independent分流了不少, independent更是拿到了12席. 其中自由党2号人物, 人称Treasure for NSW的联邦财长Josh Frydenberg直接就被整没了. 😆😆.

Frydenberg Photo,Frydenberg Photo by 爱闹你,爱闹你 on twitter tweets Frydenberg Photo

@annabelcrabb If this wasn’t time stamped I wouldn’t know whether you were referring to Morrison’s speech, or Frydenberg’s..

@RavenZech2 The speeches from Morrison, Frydenberg and Dutton demonstrated why they just had their asses kicked. Now they have Dutton who represents everything that turned the electorate against them and despised more than Morrison. BTW fuck of Stoker..

What’s going on in Victoria Frydenberg Wilson Liu Allen All gone I thought Victorians hated Labor Clearly not #auspol.

@TKoutsantonisMP @JoshFrydenberg Frydenberg losing his seat is a highlight of this election result. He was an appalling Treasurer; he was an “acceptable” face for the hard right, who never crossed the floor on a single issue; he actively participated in bullying and misogyny; he was arrogant and entitled..

Tony Wright: Frydenberg, vanquished, struggles to comprehend the depth of disaster.

It’s as if a journalist has been released from a cage for the first time in years, & is permitted to write without any constraints whatsoever. Oh, and is it worth the read! “Frydenberg, vanquished, struggles to comprehend the depth of disaster - The Age.

@rohan_connolly @tonyowright Great article, and shows exactly why Josh Frydenberg lost Kooyong..

Must read article! And summarises exactly why Frydenberg and the rest of the entitled delusional incompetent and so very selfish “moderate Liberals” needed to go. #AustraliaVotes #auspol.

@xital_1 @MikeCarlton01 Libs won in 2019 with 28%. Many Labor voters in safe Liberal seats voted for teal independents to oust Wilson from the Prayer Room, Frydenberg from Kooyong, and several others. Labor’s vote in the Senate is strong..

the unbearable urge to write LOL on all of the huge frydenberg signs that are on ppls fences.

My brother and his wife, lifelong Labor voters, have voted teal independent Dr Monique Ryan - solely to try and get rid of LP sitting member Josh Frydenberg! 🤣🤣🤣 #auspol.

Best of all results really. ALP can’t say small target strategy is a winner and with Frydenberg out, Dutton can’t win back lost inner city liberal seats they need to form government again..

Frydenberg didn’t join Scomo on the campaign trail often enough. He could have used the extra work experience.

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