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#OnThisDay 1968 Richard Attenborough gave Fyfe Robertson a little singsong on the Brighton set of his directorial debut - Oh! What A Lovely War.

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𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔽𝕒𝕔𝕖𝕤 𝕆𝕗 𝔼𝕟𝕕𝕠
𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔽𝕒𝕔𝕖𝕤 𝕆𝕗 𝔼𝕟𝕕𝕠 ()

Are you god damn kidding? Do they know who the fuck is in there? Stupid cunts. How about you fools have Bernardo, magnotta, picton, Millard, fyfe, Crawford, Williams, mcarthur, McClintic, rafferty into your homes. Maybe understand what you are asking not just petty crimes. Fuck

Parody Rob Roberts MP. #WitnessProtectionProgram
Parody Rob Roberts MP. #WitnessProtectionProgram ()

Parody Rob’s 12 year old daughter has played the new Taylor Swift album so much over the weekend I am going for an eye test in Fyfe

Seb ()

@vishy_28 @imJordyJohnston Leave the poor boy alone Avishka. He’s just knocked off work a few hours ago. How’s Fyfe’s hammy Jords?

Cam ()

@RayJCapo79 I can’t be arsed going back through my tweets but did call it after his 1st year that he could be Fyfe like.

Matt Plenty
Matt Plenty ()

@freodockers His kick to Fyfe inside 50 after palming off the Collingwood player was equally as important!

Livin The Fyfe Life
Livin The Fyfe Life ()

@WarnieDT Yeah makes sense! Think a good call. Keen to get creative in our draft league this week. Think this * premiership is BS. Feel like any trophy this year is worth times more 🏆

Hey jude ⚓️⚓️💜16
Hey jude ⚓️⚓️💜16 ()

Watching First Crack . First time Freo have had a win like that without Fyfe being the reason . So good , means we aren’t reliant solely on our inspirational skipper . Such a good point .#foreverfreo 👊👊👊👊👊

Jo-Ann ()

@GeoffHutchison @freodockers how many times has david munday kicked the last goal to secure the game for freo and it was great seeing fyfe back. he really makes a difference.

david prestipino
David prestipino ()

@3AWisfootball Fyfe worked into the game and finished with 24 and game high 18 but yes, Serong was clearly BOG

david prestipino
David prestipino ()

big win by @freodockers relentless pressure won the my top 5: #AFLFreoPies Serong (the cog) Fyfe (brave, 18cp) Mundy (never retire) Tabs (ahem, clutch) Ryan (globetrotting general)

Franco ()

@3AWisfootball @Horror_Film_Fan look who got 5!! Fyfe went at 62% with 6 clangers yet a certain calf from another mob with similar stats got absolutely canned this round!! Hmmmmm

worst responder
Worst responder ()

@3AWisfootball Caleb serong was clearly the best mid in the ground. Fyfe bias strikes again.

James Augustine
James Augustine ()

5 Mundy 4 Tabener 3 Serong 2 Fyfe 1 Ryan Colyer, Schultz and Crowden very good when it counted. #foreverfreo

Brice Mitchell
Brice Mitchell ()

Round 9 #supercoach Price Projection* - Nat Fyfe StartPrice $652k 2019Av 120 2020Scores 110/143/166/71/inj/84/inj R9Price $639k R9BE 227 R9Score 112 R9:$639k->$587k ($-52k) NewBE 157 ProjScore 114 R10 R11:$587k->$567k ($-20k) NewBE 117 R12:$567k->$566k ($-2k) NewBE 116 *approx

W.A.Dad ()

@MoveOnNotice @freodockers And Fyfe finished better than he started thankfully. And importantly for us got through unscathed by the looks of it.

Paul Yole
Paul Yole ()

@GilWritesHere @freodockers Ryan Serong Fyfe Tabs Crowden Also played well Blakely, Darcy, Cerra, Shooter, Mundy, .... oh heck, all of them!

Justin Rake
Justin Rake ()

@GilWritesHere @freodockers The exact same but maybe swap Taberner and Mundy. Fyfe running a close sixth.

James Durkin
James Durkin ()

@bricemitchell getting in early for all of us that traded out Fyfe can we have a projection of how many weeks till we can get him please and thanks

SuperCoach AFL
SuperCoach AFL ()

Ryan 🔥 Noble 👀 Fyfe 👍 How did your #SuperCoach squad fare in #AFLFreoPies ?

Fyfe Photo
Luke Ryan
Luke Ryan ()

FUCKING dope game from them wharfies!! love Fyfe back in action, Serong to be a star one day ⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️ @freodockers

Anthony Margaretic
Anthony Margaretic ()

@freodockers Hand Serong a blank cheque. Haven’t been this excited by one of our youngsters since Fyfe 💜

🐐 Toby Greene
🐐 Toby Greene ()

I’m comfortable saying that Nat Fyfe is the best footballer I’ve seen in my 20+ years of watching footy. Absolutely levels above every other player right now #AFLFreoPies

Andrew Mock 🐯🏆🏆
Andrew Mock 🐯🏆🏆 ()

Again Grundy had the chance to get his midfielders in space several times in the dying minutes of a close game and he couldn’t do it. Most of them went straight to Fyfe despite Grundy getting his hands to it. It’s becoming a pattern. #AFLFreoPies

Bet365_aus ()

Nat Fyfe appreciation tweet. 21 disposals, 8 kicks, 13 handballs, 6 clearances. #AFLFreoPies #foreverfreo

Fyfe Photo
BBC99 ()

@matt__nicholls fyfe in fwd line is great move - defenders all looking over their shoulder for him - frees up others

⚓️Telfeee⚓️ ()

I’ll say it right now and I don’t care who @s me because you’re wrong. Our most important player isn’t Fyfe, it’s Taberner.

Michael Smith
Michael Smith ()

@teakingw I would’ve said Shannon Hurn when West Coast were 1-3 but Pendles closely followed by Fyfe 🤷‍♂️

Bomberland 🔴⚫️
Bomberland 🔴⚫️ ()

Sometimes I think Fyfe is overrated, and get distracted by Dusty, Neale, Danger, etc. as the best players in the comp. Then I sit down and watch a Freo game (not often) and get reminded of how goddamn good he is. What a star.

Steve ()

Love that no one mentions the fist to moores head which is why he dropped the mark. Fyfe cherry picks and is celebrated lol #aflfreopies

BBC Archive
BBC Archive ()

#OnThisDay 1968 Richard Attenborough gave Fyfe Robertson a little singsong on the Brighton set of his directorial debut - Oh! What A Lovely War.

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