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@mikegalsworthy For the record David Maxwell Fyfe was a British Nuremberg War Crimes Trials prosecutor who helped draft the European Convention on Human Rights & was also a senior Conservative politician..

@graeme_from_IT This lot? 1)Val McDermid, 2)Ruth Wishart 3)Eddi Reader 4)Lesley Riddoch 5)Irvine Welsh, 6)Alan Cumming, 7)Martin Compston 8)Brian Cox 9)Douglas Henshall 10)Iona Fyfe 11)Devi Sridhar 12)Gerard Butler 13)Celia Imrae 14)Susie McCabe 15)Janey Godley 16)Elaine C Smith 17)Hardeep….

Iona Fyfe
Iona Fyfe

Who is coming to my Dunfermline show on 30th March? Might perform some new self-penned songs, translations and interpretations of Scots Songs. Might no. Who knows?.

Al Paton
Al Paton

Have had time to sleep on my #supercoach score and … it’s still terrible. Horror combination of R1 flops - Laird, Jones, Fyfe, J Kelly, Flanders + missing everyone who went big (except Tom Green ❤️) What is real & what’s an overreaction? Interesting week ahead! #staypositive.

Fyfe Photo,Fyfe Photo by Al Paton,Al Paton on twitter tweets Fyfe Photo

One of the people who made me a mama. Named Elliot Fyfe because I was bang into Example and Ross was bang into Fyfe Dangerfield when I was expecting him 😜.

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@AaronLabahn dont know, fyfe at 44% might help. wouldnt worry too much about rank until round 5.

fyfe way too overhyped, still respect the hell out of him, but he’s nowhere near what he used to be.

#SuperCoach 1909 🫠 Excuses: Laird C my 3rd lowest scorer behind Fyfe and Jones. - Kelly 12 day protocol - not enough trades to clean up this mess Pros: Getting most rookies right 👌 Early crow: Kelly > Daicos Fyfe > Ziebell.

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Q/ Since Kevin Bartlett and Leigh Matthews, how many champion midfielders, made the transition to being genuine champion regular match winning forwards v how many are “going to”? Nat Fyfe another in the latter camp? #aflsaintsfreo.

The forward set up today was a terrible choice. Tracey should not be picked in front of Amiss, Fyfe forward is not the answer. I hope O”Driscoll is back in ASAP. #foreverfreo.

Chickened out and went Oliver C over Jarrod Witts, and had Liam Jones on-field. But relieved I went Harry Sheezel over Nat Fyfe and left Ben King (19!) on the A watch on a few forward rookies and cheap defenders this week. #SuperCoach.

Fyfe Photo,Fyfe Photo by Dan Batten,Dan Batten on twitter tweets Fyfe Photo

@purplereign95 Should J-Lo have broken the glass and thrown fyfe into the middle with 10 minutes left and 3 goals to win? Fine to have your plan A roles and want the kids running the midfield, but when we needed quick clearances a presumably pretty fresh Fyfe is surely our best bet..

@danbegala I am Shorting Josh Kelly, even though injured to do the same: Kelly > Green Fyfe > Pedlar Jones > Ridley/Daicos.

@DamoMK I think we persist with Treacy. He presented really well early and the marks just didn’t stick. Then lost confidence. He could have had a couple in Q1. He is 19. I’d prefer we persist with him, fyfe, resting ruck and tabs into magoos for walters next week..

In a game full of kids and seconds players Nat fyfe has been by far the worst player on the ground #AFLSaintsFreo.

@freodockers Again poor forward structure. Why isn’t Amiss and Kuek getting a game. And Sturt. Fyfe was useless TBH.

@rohancct Their forward line is and putting Fyfe down there reeks of desperation. Did nothing to fix it in the off-season..

How hilarious is it thinking about folk like iona fyfe and that rancid munter who claims to be a comedian throwing all their backing behind nicola sturgeon only to discover they backed a lying criminal outfit. 🤣 brilliant careers down the pan. Send me money I need paracetamol.

Nat Fyfe. The most overrated player with the most hype. No place for him in the team. Old, slow, indecisive #AFLSaintsFreo.

📊 STK v FREO - FT #SuperCoach 📊 101 Sinclair 97 Byrnes 88 Steele 81 Marshall 77 Stocker 71 Bytel 68 Phillipou 34 Caminiti 168 Ryan 155 Cox 139 Young 96 Darcy 72 Brayshaw 28 Fyfe.

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@ByElizaReilly Fyfe doesn’t serve a purpose. He’s not agile and is absent so easily while unbalancing the forward line. Two blokes are doing the work of six. He was a brilliant player but his body has failed him..


@DamoMK How you are playing him ahead of Amiss defies belief, as does the ongoing Fyfe forward experiment. Every club would much rather see Fyfe hidden up forward than having to deal with him in the engine..


Luke Jackson was ordinary today. Needs to be better but the burden of expectation is a tricky one to navigate. Should have thrown Fyfe into the middle..

@ByElizaReilly Saints system was brilliantly executed. I’m not sure why Fyfe was playing..

@rohancct “Justin is a great coach, who can make Fyfe a champion forward!!!” (Every other coach).

@ThePhantomSC 2046 with Stewart, Jones and Fyfe. Only saving grace was having the C on Gawn.

@DamoMK Taberner has always been a loose tall. Fyfe as our full forward was never going to work. Treacy is a tackling full forward who can take contested grabs but not often. Leaving Amiss out of the side made no sense..


@SwoopLuke @PiesWrldd I absolutely bombed 😂 Tom Stewart, Liam Jones, Nat Fyfe. Think it’s my lowest first up score ever, as a seasoned SC player, I’m disgusted in myself 😂.

Fyfe Photo,Fyfe Photo by jjsmitty8,jjsmitty8 on twitter tweets Fyfe Photo

@Nerds4lifeSC Yeah he certainly went crazy in 2nd half. What to do with Nat Fyfe? Straight swap for Perkins looks tempting 🤔.

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