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Están asesinando a niños en la franja de Gaza. La comunidad internacional no puede permanecer impasible. La impunidad del Estado israelí es indignante..

Her name is Alaa Qaddoum. She was 5-years old. She was killed today in Gaza..

Gaza Photo,Gaza Photo by Khaled Beydoun,Khaled Beydoun on twitter tweets Gaza Photo

El repunte de violencia en la Franja de Gaza es alarmante. Los bombardeos sobre población civil, que acaban incluso con vidas de niños palestinos, son inaceptables. La comunidad internacional tiene que ser más ambiciosa: alto el fuego inminente y diálogo real y con garantías..

#Israeli fighter jets destroyed a 5-storey house in the center of #Gaza City, after warning its residents to evacuate.


The names and faces of the 15 children killed in Gaza: Jamil,4 Alaa, 5 Momen, 5 Hazem, 9 Ahmad, 11 Jamil, 13 Muhammad, 13 Dalia, 13 Mohammed, 14 Hamed, 16 Nazmi, 16 Ahmed, 16 Mohammed, 17 Khalil, 18.

Gaza Photo,Gaza Photo by Anealla,Anealla on twitter tweets Gaza Photo


@DavidGovrin This is how they launch rockets from residential neighborhoods and use the population as human shields, and when some of these rockets fall over the heads of the people of Gaza, they hold Israel responsible🐙🇮🇷🌍🤑.

Make me a channel of your peace where there is hatred let me bring your love #IsraelPalestine BBC News - Israel-Gaza: Ceasefire holds overnight after days of violence.

@abdulla29976480 @Sarah_orabi9 Israel invested tons of money on Iron dome to protect it’s people while in Gaza they invested money on more rockets and terror tunnels to store them and protect their terrorists. There really is no where to compare, each side’s goal is different..

@Timesofgaza is a legit Palestinian news page that posts daily updates about Gaza.

Gaza Photo,Gaza Photo by fresh prince$$ of nablus,fresh prince$$ of nablus on twitter tweets Gaza Photo

@PabloIglesias Mientras la gasolina este a 2€, la luz al triple, mi alquiler disparado, la comida a precio del comen la polla los israelíes, Gaza y su puta madre. Además, tu eres una rata q huye, q hablas de guerra, si serías el primer desertor.

The Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary General Dr. Nayef Falah M. Al Hajraf issued a statement strongly condemning the Israeli occupying forces military aggression on the Gaza Strip..

@ShaharAzani @Israel Which Gaza are you talking about, Gaza with 1947, 1948, 1967 or current borders?.

Gaza Photo,Gaza Photo by Omar 𓂆,Omar 𓂆 on twitter tweets Gaza Photo

@gracenapolitano This is a genocide perpetrated by the Israeli air force against innocent civilians in Gaza not self defense. Since when is killing children considered self-defense? How did the aggressor and the victim become one person? This is Israeli Bank of targets in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza Photo,Gaza Photo by Amal Abu Holi🌍✨,Amal Abu Holi🌍✨ on twitter tweets Gaza Photo

@capallfada Gaza is a tragic situation but since 2014 more than ten times as many died in Ukraine/ Russia border regions pre-invasion. I don’t recall seeing anything then in the media..

@Christo55303068 Have a good Today is the day that the world mourns a great man who fought against the oppressed with oppression and won. Today the oppression of #Gaza children has #HussainForjustice.

Gaza Photo,Gaza Photo by نیره,نیره on twitter tweets Gaza Photo

At least 29 people, including six children, killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza which also wounded at least 253 people, Palestinian Health Ministry says. #Palestine.

Gaza Photo,Gaza Photo by USMAN IBRAHIM عثمان (Mujaddid) 661.,USMAN IBRAHIM عثمان (Mujaddid) 661. on twitter tweets Gaza Photo

@TheJawi1 @AP The Israeli military said an errant rocket fired by Palestinian militants killed civilians, including children, late Saturday in the town of Jabaliya, in northern Gaza. The military said it investigated the incident and concluded “without a doubt” that it was caused by a misfire.

Жертвите на израелските бомбардировки в ивицата Газа станаха 29.

Looking for Palestinians in Qatar who have direct family in Gaza and are willing to talk to me about how the recent attacks are impacting them and their family. Also just the general feeling of helplessness when you’re away like this (For a piece).

@Hoelseth @karijo007 Hadde barna i Gaza truet stakkars Israel? Da må alle dø. Amen..

Gaza | La violencia se recrudece en Gaza por los enfrentamientos entre Israel y la Yihad Islámica.

⚠️Hamas controlled Health Ministry : 31 killed and 265 wounded sincr operarion Breaking Dawn had begun #Israel #Gaza.

Footage shows Palestinian children being treated at a hospital after Israeli warplanes bombarded Rafah, southern Gaza Strip..

🚨ROCKET SIRENS 📍 Gaza border communities: Kfar Maimon, Tushia.

@m4s1w7 @ArielElyseGold Surely a civilian death whether in Gaza or Ukraine is wrong? Or are some civilians worth less than others?.

Ministerio de Salud palestino denunció que más d 200 personas resultaron heridas por nueva ofensiva israelí sobre la Franja de #Gaza y hasta el sabado 24 palestinos muertos, entre ellos 6 niños #IsraeliTerrorism.

While Palestinians dying under the rubble of their bombed homes,dozens of injuries,no electricity,no health care, The Israelis complain that they cannot go to the beach,cannot go to restaurants and nightclubs. A gap between being human but without humanity. #Gaza.

@LoloNkch @PascalBoniface Ces roquettes sont desréponse au bombardement il faut replacer les choses dans leur contexte … vous pensez que gaza va ce laisser bombarder sans répliqué ? Si la France ce fait bombarder vous resteriez sans riposté ?.

A picture of the children who rose in the massacre committed by the Israeli planes north of Gaza a while ago!! What is the danger these innocent people pose to Israel until it kills and liquidates them!!.

Gaza Photo,Gaza Photo by العبدالفقير الى الله,العبدالفقير الى الله on twitter tweets Gaza Photo
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