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At Geelong City Hall for the #ClimateStrike . Huge turnout.

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“In better news for the Geelong Football club, Dangerfield and Miers have been admitted into NIDA for their obvious skill in performance arts”.

Successful trip into Geelong! New TV for the man cave and Bottles And Barrels provided an excellent array of craft beer for the Saturday Selection (posted shortly) 🍻💪 📺.

[email protected] - Slow football has died. It has cost Geelong, Brisbane and the Eagles in the past 4 weeks #CrunchTime.

Richmond have pulled off a great escape to book their spot in the AFL grand final, coming from behind to defeat Geelong by 19 points in a classic preliminary final at the MCG. #9News.

Eddie McGuire made the brave decision to chat to an ecstatic Richmond supporter after Friday night’s preliminary final at the MCG. And he didn’t like what he heard. WATCH:.

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Wrote this for @theTiser on Thursday. Geelong 20 points up at half time. Dangerfield (29) is now 0-4 in prelims. Ablett, Taylor, Selwood, Hawkins well into 30’s or finished. Kelly gone. Ship has sailed. Long off-season for Hawkins..

Well done to the Geelong fan who made a beeline towards us after the game to shake my kids’ hands, congratulate them and wish them good luck. Greatly appreciated random Cat fan with on his back.

Hear from Damien Hardwick after we won through to the #AFLGF with a 19-point win over Geelong. 🎥 -.

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This is so true. Geelong, Sydney, Hawthorn - they’re always challenging, always thereabouts - that’s the goal. Success measured in years..

Geelong coach sitting with all his mates composing his next angle of complaints this morning.

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Did this @GeelongCats group blow its last Grand Final chance? @TravisKing considers the fallout from the Cats’ preliminary final loss..

Cometh the moment ... @Robbo_heraldsun writes @Richmond needed a spark. Someone to make a statement. Enter the skipper. #gotiges #AFLFinals.

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Grand Final week starts now And with that, this stupid Geelong banter with their fans ends. Our club sent them packing, we got what we wanted, they don’t matter. Their fans have nothing to say, their coach is irrelevant. Goodbye cats fans, especially to one individual 🤫🖕#AFL.

I am officially a Geelong fan - Go Cats! #LoveWhereYouWork #BeTheBridge @gerri_elliott @Miyuki_Suzuki1.

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At Geelong City Hall for the #ClimateStrike . Huge turnout.

Bird photographer Sandy Goddard spotted the oddly patterned magpie near Geelong in Victoria. #magpie #birdphotography.

@3AWisfootball @Robbo_heraldsun Wow, this from the head of the Players Assn. Guess he only cares about welfare of the players if they play for Geelong..

Could the Cats three-game mature recruit help fill the Hawkins void if the Geelong ⭐️ is suspended? 📝 |.

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@AnthonyCole68 @iDGiam I understand the lights of media ... I let the Australian in my home and only when I asked why didn’t you just send the local Geelong addy photo dude and reporter ... then photo dude took me to side and said they about to fuck you ... he was good just making a living.

Here’s how it goes down: Hawkins gets a week from the MRO, Geelong take it to the tribunal where the unspoken superstar/finals rule comes into play and he’s free to play vs Tigers. Right result IMO, no one wants to see good players missing finals. Just gotta do the dance first..

Laois’ Zach Tuohy has helped Geelong reach the preliminary AFL final.

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The @PortlaoiseGAA and @DingleGAA natives will now feature in the AFL preliminary final for Geelong next Friday.

It was a joke. A little joke. A mildly amusing, wry comment. Even Geelong fans got it. Get a grown up to explain it to you if you need more detail..

Geelong has outscored its opposition by 118 points in final quarters this season - ranked Hopefully this is a good omen for tonight. #AFLCatsEagles #WeAreGeelong.

Just beautiful. Time stood still before Friday night’s Semi Final between Geelong and West Coast, as Danny Frawley was remembered..

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