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Vale Judith ‘Georgie Girl’ Durham. I will never forget the first time I heard your glorious voice..

Georgie Girl, The Carnival is Over, such singable, memorable songs in that crystalline voice … vale Judith, genuinely an icon, a defining voice, and such a gentle soul..

Just wanted to make sure my mutuals who liked this knew he stole this photo from a girl and posted it to mock her and make fun of her for liking Georgie, and it’s not cool to be a bully 🥰.

Such a beautiful voice. ❤️ Georgy Girl has always been one of my favourite songs. It’s just perfect. 🎶 Farewell Judith Durham. #RIP.

RiP Judith Durham! I saw her play many times when I was working at the Vic Arts Centre and was given a warning when caught by manager dancing in the aisles to Georgie Girl 🙏.

Judith Durham, lead singer of The Seekers best known for the song Georgie Girl has passed away at the age of 79. RIP🙏.

‘Georgie girl’ was one of the first records I remember hearing as a kid. A song that really stuck in my head and a 45 I played on a loop, with the ‘arm up’. Judith Durham: Former Seekers lead singer dies aged 79.

@millyfromoz I was really sad to read that Judith Durham has died. I loved her voice. All these years later Georgie Girl is still one of my favourite songs. 🌈.

I can remember singing Georgie Girl in the 70s from the ABCs Let’s Sing! My favourite was The Purple People Eater - which I am now singing! Hubby is about to have me assessed! 🎶🎼🎵🎤.

Hey there Georgie fond memories from my childhood..

The first song baby Petra ever ever performed was Hey There, Georgie Girl. My absolute respect to an iconic woman, and deep condolences to all who mourn the loss of Judith Durham..

💋💋😍😍Georgie Girl There Will Never Be Another You!💋💋😍😍.

And a direct link to the wonder Georgie Girl - clearly Camus influences - and with the eternal message “Just shed those dowdy feathers and fly (a little bit)”.

@approveusername Oh no, what a wonderful voice she had, carnival, Georgie girl. Marvellous, rest in peace Judith ❤️.

Oh bugger RIP #JudithDurham Thanks so much for the memories, Singer of many 1960s good songs, including Georgie Girl And the one mum and I used to sing when I was a wee boy.

@billshortenmp Fond memories of my mum singing songs like Georgie Girl as it came on the radio, and then in turn, myself singing Seeker songs to my children as lullabies. A special place in the hearts and minds of many of us. RIP..

@Russputin2 “Georgie Girl” the movie was released while I was in England . Very well received.

@Noisynanawarat1 ☀️👍Morning Nan. I used to love them too & remember the Movie about Georgie Girl🙏💜.

@5Tunesaday Even I have stuggled to find link Public Enemy to Judy, who I have say had the voice of an angle, wake up to Georgie Girl every morning..

@56blackcat So nostalgic. Loved that number and The Carnival is Over and Georgie Girl. Brings a tear😢.

Noooo! Craig and I saw the Seekers at Bridgewater Hall years ago - she was amazing! Georgie Girl is always n my head! Heartbroken 💔.

Vale #JudithDunham- angelic voice of The Seekers, the first 🇦🇺music group to break into UK & US at No1, sold 50M+ records. Solo Artist. Immortalised in ARIA Hall Of Fame & the musical ‘Georgie Girl’. National Treasure. ‘I’ll Never Find Another You’💔🎶.

Georgie Girl Photo,Georgie Girl Photo by Let Me Entertain You 🎙🎧,Let Me Entertain You 🎙🎧 on twitter tweets Georgie Girl Photo

Noooo Judith Durham from the Seekers has passed away ! RIP sweet Georgie girl 😔😭.

Georgie Girl Photo,Georgie Girl Photo by Andy,Andy on twitter tweets Georgie Girl Photo

@Onebigsecret2 Their music brings back very early memories of experiences with my dear mum and dad🥲 Georgie Girl and I’ll never find another you my favorite’s.

@Dimitrios_1963 Puff the magic dragon wasn’t as innocent as I thought as a kid but I do agree they were fabulous 😎 Georgie Girl was a particular favourite 😙.

@hunting_relos My dad says he too remembers singing Georgie Girl in the car with me when I was very small 🥹.

being the georgie girl means opening twitter every day to boomers in my dms calling my favorite hockey player the f-slur.

@ArcticReviews Kidding- I love 70s, looking in to see if there’s room for The Jam… maybe “Strangetown” or “Tubestation’ Simple Minds, ‘Chelsea Girl’,Skids ‘The Saints are Coming’ Costello ‘Don’t want to go to Chelsea’, Rod,Killing of Georgie. Elton “Someone saved my life’ Staton Nights.

@PhillipAdams_1 I was gifted a fox terrier puppy as a year old, and I apparently decided that she was my Georgie Girl. I had her for 12 years. The song always brings me to tears. X.

@polbikers So sad, my parents loved the Seekers, so heard them all through my childhood. What an amazing voice. I’ll never find another you and Georgie girl being particular favourites..

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