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Rebekha Sharkie has claimed #Mayo defeating Liberal candidate Georgina Downer. #ausvotes.

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Georgina Downer has arrived at her election party with her dad, Alexander. No concession yet though @MakeMayoMatter has already claimed victory in Mayo. #ausvotes @AAPNewswire.

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MAYO: Rebekha Sharkie has claimed the Adelaide Hills seat of Mayo from challenger Georgina Downer. #10YourVote.

So Tone lost and Mayo told nation builder Georgina Downer to fuck the hell off. Otherwise a stupid, stupid night..

Rebekha Sharkie has claimed #Mayo defeating Liberal candidate Georgina Downer. #ausvotes.

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Unsurprisingly Georgina Downer completely obliterated in mayo. Why where the libs stupid enough to run her again? There was so much animosity from the community at her that would have voted for a liberal candidate had it been someone else #ausvotes.

Looks as if Georgina Downer has not managed to find a place in the Downer Dynasty political feather bed. Rebecca Sharkey seems likely to win there..

Is Georgina Downer (LNP candidate for Mayo SA)one of THE Downers? That’s one dynasty that the Australian polity could leave behind..

Look forward to Georgina Downer selling me some potting mix at my local Bunnings in the near future. #ausvote.

Looks like Rebekha Sharkie will retain Mayo, meaning Georgina Downer lost. One shining light in all this..

Georgina Downer will lose. @Bedeapk #AustraliaDecides #AusVotes.

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Good to see Rebekah Sharkie held off Georgina Downer in #MayoVotes #ausvotes2019.

No sign of Georgina Downer at her party yet but early results indicate Rebekha Sharkie will hold on to Mayo for the second time in 10 months. #ausvotes19 @AAPNewswire.

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Federal election results 2019: Electorates that will decide winner | Mayo -.

Mayo which has been given plenty of attention by the Liberals, but they’ll need a minor miracle to get Georgina Downer over the #7NEWS #AusVotes.

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[email protected] is standing by in Mayo with the latest on whether Georgina Downer has done enough to get over the line. #ausvotes #7NEWS.

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