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👮‍♀️🇸🇪 ICYMI! Mikael Lustig kindly joined Gerry and @SimonDonnelly13 on the #CELHIB pre-match show on Saturday to reflect on his career and being back in Paradise! Thank you, Mika, for taking the time to be on the show! 😁 Here’s how the chat went ⤵️ @CelticFC | #COYBIG🍀.

🚨 - JUST IN: Gerry Hamstra will LEAVE Ajax. The technical manager feels responsible for the appointment of Alfred Schreuder and the failed summer transfer window + Ajax looks set to appoint Julian Ward. [@MikeVerweij].

Gerry Photo,Gerry Photo by 𝐀𝐅𝐂 𝐀𝐉𝐀𝐗 💎,𝐀𝐅𝐂 𝐀𝐉𝐀𝐗 💎 on twitter tweets Gerry Photo

Just listened to my home answering machine (something I rarely do). There’s a message from taxi driver Gerry saying “we were chatting so much forgot to take payment from you.” Mortifying! BUT no number left. It will be a recent taxi to or from Glasgow Airport. Do you know Jerry?.

🗳️ Tal día como hoy, en 1812, se acuñó el término Gerrymandering, ampliamente utilizado desde entonces. Sucedió en el Boston Gazette para nombrar el rediseño de distritos firmado por el gobernador de Massachusetts, Elbridge Gerry, para evitar una victoria federalista 🧵.

Gerry Photo,Gerry Photo by El Electoral,El Electoral on twitter tweets Gerry Photo

As long as we have 850 military bases all over the globe and several wars going on at once .... there is not going to be any serious moves towards nuclear disarmament. Veterans for Peace co-founder Gerry Condon joined us to discuss his long fight for a more peaceful world..

“San Francisco Chronicle Meteorologist Gerry Díaz said cities and towns along Highway 1 in San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties could see thunderstorms capable of producing small hail and gusts of 35 mph that could form into tornadoes of 100 yards in length, lasting a few minutes”.

Pihak yg ga cari makan di sepak bola teriak tolak Israel -> FIFA kasih sanksi -> Industri bola Indo mati -> Banyak pengangguran. Yang protes mah anteng aja, ga rugi apa2 😂 -Gerry- #MC.

Been told Elliott is not the only financial investment firm involved. Oaktree Capital, MSD Partners, Ares Management & three more yank firms have also met Utd in the past few weeks. These options preferred by Joel as it keeps him in charge & unds stadium redevelopment for him..

if Liz goes tonight, we can safely assume that Matt will win the final immunity challenge and take Gerry to the final two. this will lead us to the biggest dumpster fire of a pair of pitches to the jury in #SurvivorAU history..

george is really begging gerry to save him while liz is ending patriarchy i can’t deal #SurvivorAU.

@SoniaPoulton One of the greatest lies of modern day MSM is that Madeleine disappeared into thin air. Madeleine left traces behind, swab 3A is the key to the case. 17 dog alerts to McCann only items, traces of Madeleine in the boot of the hire car. The lies of those Gerry saying….

If you give a moose a muffin Character, Gerry, belongs to @McDoogIy.

Gerry Photo,Gerry Photo by Snappygreat🔞,Snappygreat🔞 on twitter tweets Gerry Photo

y’all can mope and be mad all you like it doesn’t change the fact that taking out george does not make sense for liz, gerry or matt yet. at the end of they day all three know that it’s not in their best interests and they care about winning not satisfying y’all #SurvivorAU.

A better course for those of us who supported that terrible misadventure is to admit our shameful error or, failing that, take an oath of respectful silence, writes former WSJ editor-in-chief Gerry Baker on the Iraq War..

Jungs Gerry liked immer noch jeden Post von unseren Jungs auf Insta. Ich kann das nicht😭💔.

El especial Preguntas y Respuestas ya pronto estará terminado. Por lo mientras les muestro la miniatura del mismo para quienes lo esperan con ansias.

Gerry Photo,Gerry Photo by Gerry (BDay in 2 days),Gerry (BDay in 2 days) on twitter tweets Gerry Photo

This is what a corrupt cop looks like. Gerry O’Carroll. You can sue me anytime for defamation I will be waiting for you ……...

Gerry Photo,Gerry Photo by paddy fox,paddy fox on twitter tweets Gerry Photo

Im not a George fan. But lets be honest, Nina, Gerry, Liz and Matt have done nothing between them all season. George needs to win. #SurvivorAU.

Love the way Call Kaye today relied on a guy from Bearsden, not an SNP memebr to say ‘party members not listened to’. And Gerry Fisher, god bless him was mentioned earlier. To suggest that Gerry ‘was silenced’ had me in hysterics. Never ever happened! Fake news again..

@jsaquella @BeeTEE15 Not to be dramatic, but when Scott sat up there and said, How about that Gerry Mayhew, eh?, it turned into my Joker origin moment..

Pam is used to seeing Gerry like this because of the multiple plane crashes and castaway scenarios he has been through #SurvivorAU.

Penny farthing racing at London’s Herne Hill in 1963 (Gerry Cranham).

Gerry Photo,Gerry Photo by Historic Sports Pictures,Historic Sports Pictures on twitter tweets Gerry Photo

George: “Gerry is wise, Gerry is kind!” George, for the previous 40 days: “Gerry is an old codger” #SurvivorAu.

In de derde vijfluik bijzondere mensen bij 🔴🟢⚫️ hebben we vandaag de stem van het stadion @gerryvancampen Gerry is al 26 jaar de stadion speaker en een zeer gewaardeerde supporter van #NEC. Hij is nooit te beroerd om zich in te zetten als presentator voor de supporters!.

Gerry Photo,Gerry Photo by Harold Bastiaans,Harold Bastiaans on twitter tweets Gerry Photo

1. Calonin diri 2. Terpilih 3. Bangga 4. Eh, taunya Israel lolos 5. Menolak Israel 6. Dihukum FIFA 7. Rezim pemerintah ga becus Politik, politik dan politik. Semoga ada plot twist diakhir situasi ini. -Gerry- #MC.

lmfao omg gerry saying nina would vote for liz because of girl power? damn, the misogyny leaped out on that one #SurvivorAU.

Why did RTE only mention that Gerry O’Carroll & PJ Browne sued Joanne Hayes? Why did they keep Garda John Harrington’s name secret as he also got £17,500? And Joe Shelley who was criticised by the Morris Tribunal over corruption in Donegal also sued her. Unknown if he won.

Gerry Photo,Gerry Photo by Free The Monk,Free The Monk on twitter tweets Gerry Photo

Anybody got a feed for this? Seems Gerry has me blacked out because I’m - checks notes - 808 miles from Nashville..

OUR GIRL!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proud of you Liz!!! As my good friend Gerry would say, “girl power and all that” #survivorau.

Voy hacer un hilo de la humildad de los años 2013-2017, en mi otra cuenta no soy Gerry. Pero denme unos minutos qué me voy a reír mucho mientras lloro..

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