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🚨 Hoje iniciamos a campanha REGULA BIG TECHS e vamos apresentar a recomendação técnica do Sleeping Giants sobre a regulação das gigantes da tecnologia. Atualmente, as plataformas seguem suas próprias regras e fazem muito pouco contra as fake news e o discurso de ódio. PIOR:….

It’s ⁦@ButcherBoy415⁩ “From The Pen” as the Giants lose their opener 5 to 0..

皆さん おはようございます 今日の一言 『目指せベストナインとGG賞』 そして 覇権奪回を❗ 辛くて 苦しかった昨年💦 でも その悔しさを糧に 勇人🦁なら まだまだやれる それを信じて ファンは 応援あるのみ 今年は リベンジの年に🍀 頑張れ マイヒーローAera6 坂本勇人🦁 『さぁ~❗いこう❗』.

Giants Photo,Giants Photo by Aera6 永遠のキャプテン勇人🦁,Aera6 永遠のキャプテン勇人🦁 on twitter tweets Giants Photo

Another Banger! Digging in the crates for #Giants draft targets buckle up! 💪.

@EricFis67 Yankees already won 5-0 against the Giants. Over 30 strikeouts for both teams!.

#TBT Last year’s #GridironGala convened players from the @nyjets and @Giants, change-makers, and leaders for an unforgettable evening.🏈Join us for the 30th Annual Gridiron Gala on May 2.🎉Purchase tickets and sponsorships here:.

@JayTibbs23 Yes, this “far-fetched” idea points to the standard model of nephilim theory in Gen. 6 & the antediluvian giants & to those extinct by the times of Moses (rephaim) & King David’s era; the “rephaim “ & dead giants of the underworld apparently have been conflated. See:.

Der Spieluntergrund im Met Life Stadium wurde nun ebenfalls ausgetauscht..

4 innings into the season I can pretty confidently say that the giants are not very good.

The #SFGiants may be better on offense, but the defense is still a major question mark. Catch the rest of this conversation in the latest episode of Garlic Fries and Baseball Guys with @ButcherBoy415 and @slubman59 🎧 📺.

@steinkobbe @tonyposnanski Oh no, the two giants of liberal intellectualism have fallen out. Whatever will we do?? (🍿🍿 probably).

Giants 0 (Batting: #5 Mike Yastrzemski) Yankees 1 (Pitching: #45 Gerrit Cole) Top of 4th, 1 Out, Man on first.

@tedtheinvestor What Brandy said?! Almost doesn’t count!! They just showed someone with the Giants tweet tho lol.

@GRY6IER Ja bym sobie życzył, żeby Giants wrócili do trzeciego czerwonego stroju. Rams też wolałem w schemacie granatowo-biało-złotym z lat 2000-09..

Webb’s 12 K’s is a (complete) Giants records. Going back all 141 years! #SFGiants.

My wish right now is for me to turn off the Giants game. Go to class without checking my phone. Giants beat the Yankees 4-3..

@donyatesnba @dillionharper1 My mistake, you’re correct about rule 5. What I was mainly getting at is the Giants inability to address LF since Bonds. One good ST doesn’t mean all that much. His MiLB stats in two seasons are just okay; there’s a reason why talent needy CIN let him go instead of adding him.

Giants 0 (Pitching: #59 John Brebbia) Yankees 3 (Batting: #11 Anthony Volpe) Bottom of 7th, 1 Out, Man on first and third.

@sportslarryk Giants management is to blame. Once again they have failed the SF Giants FANS!!.

@greek_laziale @Lazio_Land Would’ve been better if “genius” Sarri wasn’t wasting him in meaningless matches against “giants” like cfr cluj FFS.

@westsidecoltfan I’m still gonna buy tickets to watch the Giants when they come out here.

Giants 0 (Pitching: #59 John Brebbia) Yankees 3 (Batting: #39 Jose Trevino) Bottom of 7th, 1 Out, Man on second.

Yankees vs Giants Live Stream 2023 MLB Opening Day 📺 WatchLiveHere #OpeningDay2023.

Giants Photo,Giants Photo by Gg Nn Tiong Hai,Gg Nn Tiong Hai on twitter tweets Giants Photo

Man Utd interested in signing £31m man with ‘uncertain future’ at Euro giants after dispute.

Giants vs Yankees Live Stream 2023 MLB Opening Day 📺 WatchLiveHere #OpeningDay2023.

Giants Photo,Giants Photo by Gg Nn Tiong Hai,Gg Nn Tiong Hai on twitter tweets Giants Photo

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” (Isaac Newton).

Who throws the first pitch in the New York Yankees’ season opener against the Giants? Bronx legend returns.

@FronOcia @patriottakes No the giants were the abominations of children between humans and angels. They were all deformed giants or some stupid shit.


Giants getting they ass beat whole time I’m just excited to be watching MLB again 😁.

@pick_six22 @WhitlockJason You would’ve thought differently if you would’ve caught that INT in the SB to seal the game against the Giants 🤡.

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