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It’s hard to explain, but I am and have been heartbroken over that scene. So much more I can express but I will save it for the end of the show. Thank you for supporting @MayansFX #Coco #Gilly.

@gilly381 Absolutely gutted for you Gilly, and the whole of the Australian cricket family! To lose Shane and Roy in the same year is criminal! As an England supporter I loved watching Roy play, and his commentary on the big bash was superb! Devastating news! 💛💚.

Spann snatches the gilly up on a reckless Cutelaba… The fact that he ties his persona to his fight IQ is hilarious to me, good win for Spann tho 😭😭😭.

The Andrew Symonds news is so sad. Was lucky enough to work with him on a few BBL games, even had a few beers with him and Gilly after a game in Alice Springs. Genuinely great bloke, passionate about cricket (made me take a photo of his fielding scoring system to tweet). RIP.

@gilly381 I feel for Gilly & Ponting and all those who shared the dressing room of that Invincible Australian team of 2000s .. Champions of the game and played cricket at highest level. Warne gone too soon and then Heartbreaking 💔 Andrew symonds will always be in our memories.

@gilly381 Keep that head held high Gilly! I’ll be watching the big bash from England later in the year, and I’ll be expecting you to keep count on the runs lost on miss fields etc! That’s your job now! Roy will want you to do that! 👏🏻 X.

Man I thought Taira was going out from that Gilly just then he looked like he went limp 😂.

@escobasybidones Exacto. El torneo es así y punto. Para el que gana, es perfecto el formato. Para los que nos fuimos, es injusto. Nada de eso, es así y hay que aplaudir al que se lo lleva. En la Copa puede pasar lo mismo, llegado el caso.

My brain is filled with utter garbage and the memory of every single minigame in Mario Party 7, arguably the best Mario Party.

D said his name is no longer darrell, so I said okay. Your new name is Gilly. He’s not happy, but I’d like to introduce everyone to Gilly..

all I can say is that gilly was couldn’t have done it without you @CoachGill_MSU 🤍.

@isaguha So sad - feeling for you,Howie,Gilly & the rest of the commentary team. I’m shattered - can’t begin to imagine how you must be feeling. ❤️.

@gilly381 Terrible news Gilly - I feel awful for you. My favourite cricket memories from my high school years almost always involved you, Warnie and Roy. It’s unfathomable that suddenly we’ve lost two blokes out of that incredible highlight reel..

Gilly, I don’t know how you’re doing it again. Listening to you now on @1170sen. Very tough for you and all your mates to articulate your thoughts, and only 2 months since Warnie’s sudden death. I don’t think I could speak so soon on the radio. You’re amazing. @gilly381.

He was the big, burly Aussie you had to fear even when Gilly, Haydos & Ponting had been dismissed early because he could change the game (and destroy rival expectations) with his big hitting & intimidating persona. Rest in power, #AndrewSymonds 🏏.

@Utwitily I sleep holding a bottle of drugs, so I can peer pressure the demons with gateway drugs and eventually get them addicted to heroin, just like the Just Say No ads always told me when I was a kid..

@gilly381 It must seem like a nightmare. He was one of a kind. Look after yourself, Gilly..

sam has seinfeld vibes, gilly has its always sunny vibes, i have curb your enthusiasm vibes.

@mesch Yo tengo miedo que me lo choreen porque salgo medio indigente a la calle a veces.

started supporting deccan chargers because of gilly and symonds, will never forget that 09 season, rip champ.

I feel for Gilly and most of those who played with both warne & symonds. Imagine losing both of your friends in a matter of month. Heartbreaking.

@Christi98597931 @colinphoenix Second to Ukraine after the public vote. Best result really ⚡️✨.

@gilly381 Gutted for you absolutely devastating. Loved Roy as a player but even more so next to you in the comm box.

@gilly381 So sad Gilly. I cannot imagine how you and your teammates from that era must be feeling. Be kind to yourself. My thoughts are with you and those who were close to Roy..

Someone go and get Gilly, the Waugh twins and Haydos and wrap them in cotton wool. #RIPROY.

@chivo_gilly @escobasybidones La diferencia de la Copa (Libertadores) es que es ida y vuelta. Igual, obviamente el formato es así. A llorar a la iglesia. Ah, y el campeón SIEMPRE es el mejor..

@gilly381 Gutted is not a strong enough emotion Gilly. I feel so bad for you guys who were so close to him. Cricket has had a bloody tough year..

30-26. Close to a 30-25 cuz of the last two minutes but the gilly was deep enough to keep it 10-9.

@gilly381 I’m so sorry Gilly. You’ve lost way too many close mates this year. Can’t imagine how difficult this is for you. Loved Roy so much. Such talent and and so entertaining. I was a huge fan and hated the way he was treated by AC. So very sad. I’m sorry for your loss 💔.

Hayden Gilly Punter Clarke Hussey Symonds Watson Hogg Bracken McGrath Lee What a monster team man.

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