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still cant believe this is real fr. thanks for making history with ya girl today. and for making me feel loved. bye crying..

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A cute girl still wears baby diapers. #abdlgirls #bedwettergirl.

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Gusto mo pumasa pero di ka naman nag aaral? Bobo ka ba girl — Kasama po ako sa academic achievers sa CEIS 😊❤️.

« jenlisa au » truth or dare? “ didn’t know, that i kissed a girl last night.”.

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@Mohlerrr_Boyyy @maddddelinee You’re right. Usually I don’t, but ya girl is in need of a nice marg with extra shot of tequila.

That girl has a beautiful voice. Annika, was it? Well done, young lady. #LetsGoPens.

Você não precisa deixar de ser uma menina pra ser uma mulher.❤️🌹 ( Gossip Girl ).

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شعور يقتل حيل لما تكون تحاول تنسى شي ولما تنساه ، يجي شخص على نيته و يذكرك بهالشي .. المهم ان حيل عااااااااااااااااااا 🥺💔.

She said “I heard you back wit you know who”... I tell her girl I’m always back wit you know who.

43-40 Final Stratford Academy girl’s are moving on to the @OfficialGHSA A-Private #Elite 8️⃣ with win over Prince Avenue. @KyleSandy355.

Girl: *Shows me the slightest bit of attention and affection* Me:.

I’m bored so I’m hyping up American Girl Doll on IG lol.

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Amigos que: [20/2 9:31 PM]: Mano to orgulhoso KKKKKK [20/2 9:31 PM]: Vc aprendeu cmg e não responde mais [20/2 9:31 PM]: Não preciso te ensinar mais nada.

@mishflorence You were so incredibly beautiful in the dress you chose but girl, I’m feeling Khaleesi vibes with the second one.

now this is what I like to see on Twitter :’) you go girl.

I voted for #TeamTWICE on @TyltEnt—TWICE is my favorite K-pop girl group.

#아미트친소 #무멘맞괄 〇 o   °  ┳┳ ∩∩  ┃┃(・∀・)  ☆   ★ ┏┻┻┷━O ┏┷┓ ┏┷┓ ┃박지민 ┠┨하는즁┠┨🌸┃💿 ┗©━━©┛ ┗©┛ ┗©┛ I 5 해랑이랑 친구해오~!!~!~!~ 핑크에 환장하고 현대무용하고 예비 생산허 지민이에게 환장하는 사람이에오~.

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If that piece of your love girl’s song is topping charts, I know mine can make it.

@chloesboyer 😂😂😂yo if this was true son i would dead buy my close girl .....friends this 😂😂😂.

I love it when niggas be showing off the same girl they be dogging to fw me 🤣.

so c’mon this is my adventure 🤚 😣/ _/| _/¯¯\_ This is my fantasy 👋 😩 | \_ _/¯¯\_ It’s all about livin in the ocean being wild and free 🤚 😳/ _/| _/¯¯\_ CAUSE IM NO ORDINARY GIRL 😭 👊/|\_ _/¯¯\_.

Over two decades of me loving you passionately and you, me fiercely, language was no barrier neither was tribe. I am that Yoruba girl that will forever be proud to be married….

My grandma 🙏🏽👼🏽been telling me that since I was a little girl and a lot of people who do get to know me they tell me the exact same thing and I’m going to live by it and follow it. @voguemagazine I’m coming for it 🙏🏽💯.

SCREAMING happy birthday to my main girl @rihanna!!! Can’t find words to describe how much you mean to me 💞.

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Let me guess this is funny because she’s a girl right .... smh this is Domestic violence ....

still cant believe this is real fr. thanks for making history with ya girl today. and for making me feel loved. bye crying..

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