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Oh, amazing, Scott Morrison is a liar. That’s breaking a commandment, Mr Holy. #auspol #GladysMustGo.

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@vanOnselenP @australian Still a beat up?My tip is she didn’t disclose all her business interests on top of her links with Chinese Government propaganda machines. After Morrison’s last 48hrs something has to give,the more he lies the worse it gets,#GladysMustGo. Ian.

@GladysLiuMP @lionsclubs Do the Lions understand how having a Chinese communist party agent in their midst compromises them? #auspol #GladysMustGo.

If there had to be a byelection what would that mean?? #auspol #GladysMustGo.

Malcom Farr: “Gladys Liu has much to explain and no huffing and puffing about ‘smears’ by the government will remove that obligation”. C’mon @GladysLiuMP time to come clean. #auspol #GladysMustGo.

Of course she was. Favours like this are how you repay the debt to your patrons. This is how foreign influence and soft power work. #auspol #GladysMustGo.

While @ScottMorrisonMP has all focussing on #GladysMustGo we are not focussing on #letthemstay - what has been going on on Christmas Island this last week??.

If I am questioned at some point in the future about calling PM @ScottMorrisonMP a lying sack of shit, I actually did say that #GladysMustGo #auspol.

am wondering if @GladysLiuMP will be able to get her old job back with the Chinese Government when this is all over #GladysMustGo #auspol.

It’s bloody serious #GladysMustGo #auspol.

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Oh, amazing, Scott Morrison is a liar. That’s breaking a commandment, Mr Holy. #auspol #GladysMustGo.

So when will super double agent Gladys resign? #GladysMustGo.

@pamurrell @SkyNewsAust LNP, the Republican Party of Australia. Cheats, racists and liars. No surprise. #GladysMustGo.

I enjoy that #GladysMustGo is applicable for both Gladys Liu and Gladys Berejiklian..

@ScottMorrisonMP & @PeterDutton_MP are at odds with ASIO. They are so afraid of losing their 1 seat majority, they are deliberately ignoring our intelligence agencies. Is it because Gladys facilitates the funneling of millions of Chinese $ into the LNP? #auspol #GladysMustGo.

#GladysMustGo and if youre in NSW, it works two ways, its such a handy little hashie.

@ItsBouquet #SmirkMo playing the racist card in the #GladysMustGo debacle must come in a close 2nd.!.

The laborites calling #GladysMustGo are helping the Chinese government install spying systems in Darwin next to our naval base..

Opinion: “Morrison played the race card to defend Liu, but it was a foolish move” #GladysMustGo #auspol.

If it is found that @ScottMorrisonMP knew that Gladys Liu had an adverse security assessment and was protecting her then surely he would have to go as well and now Dutton. This surely would bring down the Government. #GladysMustGo #auspol.

People are saying #GladysMustGo but she already did and left her potato chips that are shaped like won’t even quote the picture below. Simpsons fans will hear it instantly lol.

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When you see #GladysMustGo trending and sadly realise it has nothing to do with #nswpol.

Why @LennaLeprena? Because the CCP know that @liberalaus is corrupt and therefore easier to deal with than the Labor Party. They can be bought for a fist-full of dollars. #auspol #GladysMustgo.

Ah, remember the days when Gladys liked the air of mystery? It seems like yesterday when Scott Morrison declared unequivocally vehemently that no money changed hands, hang on a ! KACHING! Hey, Ho, VOTE of No confidence Scomo #gladysmustgo #auspol.

#GladysMustGo liberal party sycophant hypocrites know no bounds.

How far will this rabbit hole go? #auspol #GladysMustGo.

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