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Let’s Go Pies! Big 3rd Qtr coming up! 🙌🏻 #AFLPiesSaints.

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Sublime. Ridiculous. Crazy. But he is our @SP_10. Go Pies! Great win @CollingwoodFC.

Muchy wpadają przez otwarty balkon i nie ma już kto ich łapać, nie tak dawno jeszcze pies kłapnął pyskiem i już muchy nie było. Na każdym kroku przekonujemy się, że nam go brakuje :(.

Just went to the SCG to watch Sydney vs Collingwood in the AFL with my friends Hayden, Denzel, Will and Ethan. Really fun night, great to see the first green tick on the multi in person! Go the pies!.

@CherylCritchley Cheryl, blimey hey, GO THE MIGHTY PIES, phew, reckon my blood pressure was up in that last qtr, lol, but we got there, good win too, minus our forward line cox, de goey, Elliott, varcoe, no Langdon, taylor adams, so im rapt another four points, but phew. 🙏✌️.

@melleegee Brisbane will forgive you. Go Pies!! 😂 I’ve been dragged out of many a Brisbane pub over the years for supporting most were during the years the Lions were flying and killing didn’t stop me 🤣🤣.

We just keep finding a way!! Go Pies 👏 ⚫️⚪️ #AFLSwansPies @CollingwoodFC.

Collingwood you are a great team - so many key players out and still hold on. I’m so bloody proud to be a @CollingwoodFC supporter GO PIES!!!! #AFLSwansPies ⬛️⬜️⬛️.

3 weeks in a row played shite. Still won. Good signs. Go Pies!! #sidebyside #AFLSwansPies.

Go Pies you can do it beat 18th 2 weeks a go then StK bottom 4 for a decade you’re on FIRE.

@coachjc88 Surely using the “go home” factor just to bump his salary at the pies.

@rickynixontoot Hope you are ready chicken for the pies to go BANGGG!!!!!! don’t worry about the umpires.

Is the Pies shop at golden centre open everyday? Because I’ll go after uni during the week if I’m not sick..

pies mi się położył na zgiętej nodze obrócił się do góry kołami i chce żeby go głaskać słodziak.

Pies went up a cog in 3rd and Saints match us. We’ve gone up another notch and they haven’t been able to go with us. Been classy 2nd half from Pies..

Sitting here in Bali at the dentist 🦷 watching my phone every 2 seconds come on Pies #AFLPiesSaints.

Let’s Go Pies! Big 3rd Qtr coming up! 🙌🏻 #AFLPiesSaints.

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Fun fact. When Collingwood plays St Kilda on election day, and the Pies win, the government changes. Go Pies!.

@Crnokosa123 -ima vistina vo kazanoto no i nema Bidejki -ne im veruvaj na nikakov tip muabeti -ako si na dieta si drzi go zborot -ano ne pies ne pij drzi go zborot Ili imas zbor princip karakter Ili nemas.

Go the MIGHTY PIES!!! 🏴🏳️⚫️⚪️🏴🏳️⚫️⚪️🏴🏳️⚫️⚪️🏴 #AFLPiesSaints.

Daddy daughter day at the footy go pies⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️.

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I live in Western Australia is it wrong of me to put GO PIES on the ballot paper ! I think.

@rosegardenfien Oh no if you’re nice to me I will go above and beyond and show serious love. There’s just no reason to cuss someone out because you didn’t get two of your pot pies 🙄.

@debraejackson Best way to tackle winter blues is to go and watch the Pies do Saints! #GoPies.

Big Day Today. A Vote for Change. A Vote for Fairness. A Vote for Climate. A Vote for the Future. And then off to the Game. Pies v St KIlda. Go Pies! Go Shorten! - - @realjostanley marydelahunty @billshortenmp….

If you look at the saints forward line, only one tall forward and that’s Bruce. Roughead should get the job and that’s why I think Moore is being ‘rested’. Langdon and Howe have the height to go with their other forwards. Go Pies! #gopies.

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