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Blessed to receive an offer from Florida Memorial University🦁 #GoLions.

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When the @brisbanelions ran out onto the field yesterday at the MCG hearing the crowd sing that song was beautiful! #GoLions.

Hey lions! order form is up and running. The more we order the cheaper it gets! Let’s flood the school with our logo! #golions.

Highlights from our game vs northgate!! Thanks for the sets @emmal_long Good W season starter #golions.

Blessed to receive an offer from Florida Memorial University🦁 #GoLions.

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@erikschlitt Quinn might be the best GM in this division. If I hear one more complaint about Tabor, I might go nuts. This division is up for the taking. Not sneaking in and stealing it, but crossing the drawbridge, knocking down the door and taking it. #GoLions I miss Game of.

Go you mighty ! #GoLions #🦁 @ Mail Exchange Hotel.

Today, we set out for the 2nd move-in @AlbrightCollege & get to check-in on our 1st yr POPS survivor. #GoLions.

Me, planning Sept 8: 7am half-marathon into 11am u14 best and fairest into 1:30pm coach rep side training AFL: Sept 7 night final for Lions - you’ll get home at 1am Me: so tired #FirstWorldProblems #GoLions.

@AFL_House Wow starting in WA on the West Coat, then from the bottom of the East Coast in Melb. up to Sydney then finishing in Brisbane. Not bad AFL 👌👍👏😊🦁 obviously saving the best for last #GoLions.

With the AFL season now done and dusted, today’s game means nothing now. Bring on the Finals been a long time, it’s a whole new ball game. It’s been a huge season from the @brisbanelions something we didn’t expect. Who know special things have happened before. #GoLions.

I know it’s not always easy for the boys to sign balls after the game but it does speak volumes to the kids! Thanks @DMcstay! Go @brisbanelions we’ll see you at the Gabba in 2 weeks! #Uncaged #golions.

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@LionsDi @iamamywilde Week 1 I definitely can’t do. A QF loss and a home SF on the 14th/15th is out for work reasons (I need to be in Atlanta the 16th). So it’s a must-win to get the home Prelim, and I might make it! #GoLions 🦁❤️💙💛.

@JDESTOOP80_FOX At the end BT said it was all about Richmond today. I a hard 1st Q when we were 4 goals down we competed well and had virtual parity in next 3 quarters. Will be strange for those Richmond players to leave MCG bubble & get on a plane to The Gabba. #golions.

Richmond too strong today but @brisbanelions fought til the end. There’s still hope #GoLions.

. @brisbanelions @travis_capt I love my Brisbane Lions. No chocolates today, but cracking game. #golions #AFLTigersLions.

@MarkGottliebFOX After that tough first quarter we had parity for the next 3. Fancy us to beat anyone at The Gabba #golions.

Mission accomplished. Well done Lions. Tigers we’ll see you in a fortnight. #golions.

Charlie Cameron need to kick 5 goals in 5 min to win this game commonnnnn @brisbanelions #GoLions #AFLTigersLions.

#AFLTigersLions Home final I think. Well played, Thats all that was required #golions.

Brisbane you’d do better if you didn’t keep kicking the ball into the arms of all the Richmond players!!! #GoLions #AFLTigersLions.

#AFLTigersLions These commentators are full of shit and I hate to say that. One of them is our pemiership coach #golions.

#AFLTigersLions Come on Lions. Hold them out for another 15 mins and we get a chance at home #golions.

I’d be happy with another 1 point win today but I’m not sure if my blood pressure will be #GoLions #AFLTigersLions.

#AFLTigersLions Lions still in touch against, arguably, the best team in the AFL in front of a huge crowd at the MCG. #golions.

Mrs p took Matty to see Willy Wonka today , and got a couple of free tickets to the footy so thought she would take Matty to see a real team play #GoLions 😂.

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