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Between Lindsey Graham fantasizing about wielding an AR-15 and Ted Cruz jetting off to Cancún, it seems Republican Senators only think in terms of self-interest when their constituents face a natural disaster.

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Amene ()

Manchin is the Democrat y’all are forced to rely on because y’all wasted money trying to unseat McConnell and Lindsey Graham.

🥩🍃 Beefleaf 🌈🍖
🥩🍃 Beefleaf 🌈🍖 ()

I feel like this is a high school math problem If Hannibal is not a killer, then Will Graham is delusional and his first-person evidence and conclusions cannot be trusted THEREFORE If Hannibal IS a killer,

Josh Dawsey
Josh Dawsey ()

Among speakers at RNC donor retreat in Palm Beach this weekend: Trump, Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson, Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Steve Daines, Todd Young, Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, Kevin McCarthy, Tom Emmer, Mike Pompeo, Kellyanne Conway and others.

ChuckGrassley ()

I praise Lindsey Graham for his suggestion that Dr Fauci go down to the border to assess Biden admin handling of covid When I was at the border 12 days ago I was told 10% of the ppl hv covid & they’re sleeping shoulder 2 shoulder so it’s like a super spreader

Orhan Karaaslan
Orhan Karaaslan ()

Biz neden Alexander Graham Bell’in sevgilisi, Allessandra Lolita Oswaldo’nun adının kısaltılmış hali olan, ALO diyerek telefonlara bakıyoruz ki? Acilen alternatif bir kelime bulunsun.

Julie Camacho Racing
Julie Camacho Racing ()

Excited for our first runner of the turf season today at @ponteraces! Ballyconneely Bay has his first run for us under Graham Lee in the 2:30. It’s also our first runner for his owner Martin Hughes. Good luck!🤞🏻

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WSJ. Magazine
WSJ. Magazine ()

My son is a huge motivator for me but also the community of women who haven’t felt validated because of society telling them how [to] look, says Ashley Graham. I just want to keep fighting for them.

Lawan #Pemimpin_378⭕⭕
Lawan #Pemimpin_378⭕⭕ ()

Sama yang nikahan kemaren, kok mingkem??? Gak bingung juga? ⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕

Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham ()

If Christ’s bones lie decayed in a grave, then there’s no Good News; the darkness of the world is indeed black, and life has no , the New Testament teaches that Christ indeed is risen from the dead! Read more from my father @BillyGraham: 

Kenneth Lukasiewicz
Kenneth Lukasiewicz ()

Lindsey Graham Has Bad News for Biden and the Dems When it comes to the Border Crisis. I am not surprised. Incompetence always follows the Biden mess.

𝑘𝑙𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑒𝑦 ♡︎
𝑘𝑙𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑒𝑦 ♡︎ ()

So ang daming nagmemessage na magpa-order na ako ng graham balls, sige guys after ECQ promise na talaga huhu HAHAHSHSHSHHA thank youuu!! 🥰💓

villaneve brainrot
Villaneve brainrot ()

me in heaven: what cloud will graham on🤔 god: GET OUT‼️

LHENKEUN |🌾SB19 👑 WHAT❓for 10MViews
LHENKEUN |🌾SB19 👑 WHAT❓for 10MViews ()

I can do Mango graham flan hahaha 🥰 @SB19Official #StanWorld #SB19

Elaine Taylor
Elaine Taylor ()

Scottish Parliament Election 2021 campaign posts are promoted by Alan Duggan on behalf of Elaine Gunn (aka Elaine Taylor), both c/o Scottish Green Party, 19b Graham Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5QN


devolveme el follow joda a, por qué graham es tu favorito? — JURO devolverles a todos el follow y graham es mi fav x muchas cosas pero más que nada es mi mayor inspiración se puede decir q gracias a él hoy toco la guitarr…

Galgos del Sol
Galgos del Sol ()

Graham showing the neighbours he can do zoomies Inside the kennel 💪😂

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sabrá usted ahora q me empezó a seguir que me la paso hablando de graham? yo advierto

Kirsteen McNish
Kirsteen McNish ()

Last 10,000 of my daily steps in March in memory of my friend Graham who died last year. Feeling much more emotional than I expected. My knees will be grateful for a rest though. Don’t forget to tell people close you love them. 🌿

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Pamela Valemont
Pamela Valemont ()

@BazzaCC This bullshit is again creeping into our society since Billy Graham became passe. Good old Bill was discovered smuggling diamonds out of South Africa. Avoided jail time because he bought his way out of it. This modern lot are just the same. Fake. Hypocrites.

Aaron Dutton
Aaron Dutton ()

For finance I was most influenced by the value investors (Buffett, Graham, Munger ect.). In economics, I never found anyone I liked more than Thomas Sowell. The Hardcore History podcast gave me my foundations in understanding history.

Granies ()

We offer a delightful product which is Granies, the combination of brownies and graham. Kids who are fond of eating sweets will surely like it even adults. Guarantee the best quality taste of unexpected combination of the two. It is cube shape and often more of a bite size.

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James Kranick
James Kranick ()

@Graham_Couch Picked a bad night to look like shit great player horrible with the game on the line

Big Baller
Big Baller ()

@Graham_Couch No he isn’t. Pathetic choke job performance. He should feel fucking disgusted

RIP Chairman Netero! 🧢
RIP Chairman Netero! 🧢 ()

Devonte Graham asking for a technical foul makes this video 15 times better 😂

Graham Couch
Graham Couch ()

Tough night for Franz Wagner. One of my favorite players to watch this year. He’s going to be a dude eventually in the NBA.

Graham Couch
Graham Couch ()

When MSU was up 14 in the first half against what looked like a soft UCLA team, I would love to have seen a live line on the Bruins to make the Final Four.

Queen Adesuyi
Queen Adesuyi ()

in all the excitement over NY’s marijuana victory, i can’t stop thinking about Ramarley Graham.

Cami ()

Kat Graham, atriz, cantora, produtora, embaixadora da UNHCR, dançarina, sempre trata muito bem os fãs, sempre com discursos inspiradores, e não é valorizada. Sério, o mundo não merece ela

Greg Olear
Greg Olear ()

Gone is the GOP of Lincoln and Eisenhower and Reagan. What remains is a zombie party, which looks the same outwardly—we all recognize the pickled husks of Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham & Chuck Grassley—but is hellbent on the annihilation of democracy.

George Takei
George Takei ()

Between Lindsey Graham fantasizing about wielding an AR-15 and Ted Cruz jetting off to Cancún, it seems Republican Senators only think in terms of self-interest when their constituents face a natural disaster.

☚ Bella #BANGBANGCON21 ☛
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