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Updated: October 15th, 2021 02:39 AM IST

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@ABCthedrum Gray Connolly is obnoxiously full of himself and shouldn’t be invited again. Please correct the record about nuclear. #TheDrum

Gray Connolly Twitter

@ABCthedrum Please never allow Gray Connolly on again. He shouted over everyone about the Republic and energy policy and was totally disrespectful to Kathryn. He is always obnoxious but this was outright bullying and he is clearly unable to control his temper. He should apologise.

Shorter Gray Connolly: Just STFU and listen to me Hello #thedrum what is the purpose of giving this blowhard a platform. Please stop.

@TooheyMatthew @AmyRemeikis And Gerard doesn’t think much of him either. 🤐🤐🤐

Gray Connolly is talking out the back of his arse here. #TheDrum

@ABCthedrum What an arrogant dipstick that Gray Connolly is. Loves his own opinion and hasn’t got time to listen to superior, and gentler, intellects.

People who asked me who Gray Connolly was, the ABC has him on The Drum today, as they often do.

Why do I periodically have to see that bloated buffoon Gray Connolly on @ABCthedrum . Asserting baseless crap, and then shouting over any dissent.

@ABCthedrum @ABCTV Very unpleasant listening to Gray Connolly talking over everyone. Annoying and comes across as arrogant.

@ABCthedrum could you stop inviting Gray Connolly until he respects other people and stops shouting over the other guests and the host. #TheDrum

Gray Connolly is an overbearing, rude, obnoxious twit. Mistook him earlier for Jason Felinksi - same, same #thedrum

@ABCthedrum Gray Connolly is obnoxiously full of himself and shouldn’t be invited again. Please correct the record about nuclear. #TheDrum

Hey @Peter_Fitz are you listening to Gray Connolly on @ABCthedrum ? Hoping to hear your view asap. You should have been on this panel tonight.

#TheDrum this Gray Connolly character should shut up, he is being belligerent and rude and is a poor representative of the monarchic model

Unfortunately Gray Connolly has a huge ego and his way of delivering his strong opinions on The Drum is not the usual respectful type of panelist we enjoy. #TheDrum #abc

@ABCthedrum @ABCTV I read articles such as this and the hear Gray Connolly tonight on The Drum stating emphatically and at some length that the obvious way forward for Australia is to employ nuclear energy. Would love to know who here is so utterly wrong .

@ABCthedrum Gray Connolly proffers a typical conservative white mans solution to carbon pollution - nuclear pollution! France has a serious nuclear waste problem Gray. When are we going to hear something from rightwing men that does not destroy our planet?

Yeah Gray Connolly let’s get nuclear power stations, they’ve never had any trouble with them before 🙄 #thedrum

According to Gray Connolly, faster and more frenetically you speak, the truer the claim is and the more you should believe him. #TheDrum

Gray Connolly telling us that what Twiggy Forrest says is completely irrelevant is just a little ironic. Non? #theDrum

Gray Connolly speaks exactly as you would expect a privileged, white male would. #TheDrum

Joining Kathryn Robinson: -Gray Connolly, Barrister and writer -Jason Yat-Sen Li, Managing Director of Yatsen Associates -Amy Remeikis, Political Reporter at The Guardian Australia, -Kudzai Kanhutu, Infectious Diseases Physician #TheDrum

@stofsk @GrayConnolly this is the Gray Connolly channel, not the bastardised english channel

Gray Connolly, as always, with the incisive and highly original analysis here. He blocked me three (?) years ago and he still uses the same material.

Great article from Gray Connolly - we all should be judged on our merits - including the new NSW premier Mr Perrottet . Commentators suggesting anything to the contrary should be ashamed of themselves …

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