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Ireland is now officially the most expensive country in the EU. Prices here are 40% above the EU average. Rip-off Republic alive and well under FF, FG & Greens. We need a cost of living revolt like we saw with the water charges uprising..

You will likely never see anyone in the final group of a Open hit 18 greens in regulation, so watching Fitzpatrick hit 17 greens (drove 5 & hit 8 in two) today, you may well have just seen the best final round performance from a ball striking perspective in US Open history..

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I didn’t knew he was a retired fauji during the debate. Blot on olive greens !!.

@tomhfh Tom this is incorrect. NUPES are not the communist party. They include nearly all the socialist groups, including the Greens. Please correct your post..

So many Greens supporters have joined our movement over the years because of our unwavering commitment to equality, including for trans and gender diverse people. Right now, those supporters are understandably very distressed & disappointed by what is happening in the party. 1/7.

We could get so much done in this Parliament. But Labor’s ‘take it or leave it’ approach to climate is the hairy-chested politics the country just rejected. The Greens are prepared to work with Labor, but it seems for Labor it’s their way or the highway..

Greens Political Party approach well summarised:.

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Scottish Greens fined £2,300 after breaching electoral law.

The irony is Chevron and other oil companies have been trying to appease the radical greens for years by running away from defending their core oil business and promoting biomass and other green fantasies..

Amid gasoline crisis, greens want to kill 3,500 drilling permits. Greens are the enemy of mankind..

We will destroy Russia he said - and now that moron is complaining about the consequences - those Western politicians are complete idiots - and the Greens leading the headless chicken circus in Europe.

“It’s turning into…” Leish implying that the lack of firmness on the greens the last two days was unbecoming and not a proper US Open. We’ve got an ally, @BigRandyNLU!.

The three of us, it still hasn’t been proven that we can be stopped.” -- Warriors star Draymond Green on his trio with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

Eat your greens! Giraffes have a foot-and-a-half long tongue that can nimbly strip leaves and fruits from a branch..

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Grüne 🤝 AufstandLastGen Rettungswege blockieren, Arbeitnehmer terrorisieren.

Choque-rei verde de novo! 🟢⚪️ Um grande clássico e virada espetacular do Palmeiras, cada vez mais líder! Vem mais um troféu pro verdão? A Multi teve 3 greens, só faltou o Calleri pra gente comemorar um greenzaço, o stake vai voltar e bora pra outra com aposta grátis! 🚀.

German Greens are the greatest war mongers in Europe This party has been infiltrated by US thugs decades ago..

Rory said it was a day of hanging in there. He grinded it out there. Saying he found it impossible to hold greens on the first 9. Saying he’s happy to stay under par for the week. Said he felt he was unfortunate at times today but was rewarded with a break at 18🔥Let’s go💚.

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Studies suggest that more calcium and vitamin D in your body may be linked to less visceral fat. So load up on leafy greens like collards and spinach..

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@BenColeyGolf Either everyone else gets worse at majors, or the extra undulations on the greens somehow give him the illusion that he’s straight back straight through, feeding his confidence..

I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to Greens members who follow me and resist the urge to get into a scrap with me whenever I chat shit about the party. It’s admirable trait in a follower and I love you for it!! No cap.

Rory leads the field in strokes gained putting at + 🔥🔥 and in greens in regulation at 78%👏👏impressive stats, needs to keep it up 🙏👀.

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The German Greens say, We will Destroy Russia! Even if we have to burn coal to do it. RoW -- *snort*.


Leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, and beans are all good for keeping away the fat that stays deep in your belly..

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How we present food in a house where one person loves greens and another person not so much:.

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Eat your greens… and wear them too💚 Shop the overload collection online at Bo+Tee.

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So disappointing to see a war between Greens & Labor arcing up. I am over this confrontative stuff. We have had to put up with this for years with the sick Morrison mob. Get together people, settle matters behind the scenes & agree to changes we need. #auspol.

I would also wish they understand that basically we need an anti-fascist movement because that is what we are facing. We need Greens and Liberal Democrats and all parties on the left and centre to defeat it!.

Advising ALL those within the Scottish Greens that you 100% should go to the picket lines. Victory to the @RMTunion..

Greens promised to ‘do politics differently’ yet have spent the time since the election just sniping. Think what the progressive side of politics could achieve if Labor was assisted by the Greens taking a more positive, constructive approach!.

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