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@tofalIsofar Nahhhhh I actually am colourblind . Big problem with blues and purples / yellows and greens.

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[email protected]_OUR has opened abstract submissions for the @UWF Student Scholars Symposium & Faculty Research Showcase! Submissions are open until March 4. The Symposium will take place in the Commons, Cannon Greens, & Library on April 18, 2019. For info, visit.

Someone asked me what was in the #Hulkjuice so I get bitchy and responded “them greens” and then ask why can’t I send it? My response was okay I’ll send it sent the link to @Rushtush website 🤣🤣🤣 #shem.

Portobellos & Greens on Toast from the How Not to Die Cookbook, a delicious, savory breakfast idea! The recipe is on :.

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Custom stream design for @VBI client @Riskieren ! Aggressive greens and spikes for this one ! Interested in custom branding for your channel? Hit us up at: ).

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now that ive lived in LA for 6 months im allowed to say things like “traffic on the 10 was sooo crazy” and “ugh my postmate forgot the extra quinoa with my tender greens order”.

@dogsshouldrule @bubathemork She eats carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, n’ other greens tho.

The greens are a bit fast today. I would recommend spending at least a half an hour on the practice green before you round. What do you think @NWGirlsGolf @McCormickLive?.

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@notcapnamerica @KamalaHarris True story bacon is good in greens y’all. Tried it this year and I ain’t never going back. 🤷🏾‍♀️.

CIA: I am more of a warm weather person, hence living in Texas; however, I did enjoy skiing when I was younger - only greens - I am more of a social skier #grantchat.

@notcapnamerica @KamalaHarris It’s how my Momma made greens! Always cooked with bacon! Delicious!.

i feel like i’m the only person who hates collard greens 😂 they’re so nasty.

With over 1 ½ cups of leafy greens in every bag, our Just Greens chips are made with Mother Earth and you in mind. #ForagerProject.

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@HoarseWisperer If greens don’t have bacon and bacon grease, there’s no reason to eat them. Simple fact. Not opinion..

@epiphanymma Thank you 🙏🏼 I did a 12 day cleanse where I ate only seeds, nuts, low starch veggies, fats, and leafy greens. My brain was in a fog the whole time. I couldn’t do simple math. I felt weak & sick. I was eating a lot of protein & fat, but I couldn’t get.

@TWlegion shall reconvene on Saturday after 2 rounds, and reassess where he is. He usually has a weird time hitting greens here for some reason.

Mechanic hack of the day. Use a water bottle as a drip pan for oil changes on our walk mowers. And yes we still use PGM 22” on greens..

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Nice day for a cut on the Stranahan greens followed by a liquid feed of @Growth_Products, the Codrington greens will get the same treatment tomorrow..

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@iwishenought いえいえ😆間違った情報だったらごめんなさい💦なにか分かったらまたお知らせしますね😄.

Vegetable salad. Salad with Peking cabbage «Spring» Ingredients: Peking cabbage — 250 grams; Eggs — 3 pieces; A medium-sized cucumber — 2 pieces; Canned green peas — 250 grams; Sour cream — 3-4 tablespoons; Greens of dill — 4-5 branches;.

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DAILY COMBO Pork burger w/ swiss cheese, sauteed veggies (mushrooms, onions, peppers) & a bacon black bean sauce MKT SALAD Field greens w/ tomato, cucumbers, radishes & feta SNACK Crispy fried buffalo wings SOUP Creamy mushroom.

@RioSlade BINGO Like PBO did to his WS .......HRC should have offered Greens a cabinet post or EPA advisory position if she wanted their support .......HRC should have offered labor a cabinet post or related advisory position if she wanted their support.

@fleur_greens そうなんですね💦 いいね!しまくってました(・_・; フォローしてくださった方の 投稿に全部つけてました😭 気をつけます💡 教えてくださって ありがとうございます😊.

Glorious greens: 3 top golf courses in Los Cabos, Mexico.

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@tofalIsofar Nahhhhh I actually am colourblind . Big problem with blues and purples / yellows and greens.

Tips for Amazing Skin - Protect (SPF) - Cleanse (2x Daily) - Minimize makeup - Improve circulation - Drink Lemon Water - Hydrate (Drink Water) - Exfoliate (Every 3rd Day) - Nourish (Eat Leafy Greens) - Detoxify (Clay Mask Weekly) - Moisturize (After Cleansing/Bathing).

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