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Updated: December 3rd, 2021 06:38 AM IST

“A group of unelected people subverting Democracy” - Greenwood

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High levels of arsenic found in well water in northeast Minnesota township #water

The Greenwood Park tree is lit for the season! It was great to see so many of you in person again and see our fantastic skating trail and rink so well loved ⛸ Thank you to everyone who donated food, we collected a ton for the food banks! And big thanks to @TorontoPFR staff 🎅

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Because he’s Cristiano Ronaldo? Just like Messi is allowed to attempt 100 dribbles even if he gets dispossessed a lot, just like Lewa/Benz can shoot at anytime they want, Greenwood tho? He ain’t that guy 😭

@vero_greenwood Hello Veronique, sorry you had a cancelled flight. Could you please share your ticket number, name and email on the ticket. Please send it in a private message, due to data protection. /Sina

Canisteo-Greenwood 27, Addison 17, Halftime Steuben County girls Basketball. High scoring Sophomore guard Lillian Mullen has 18 points. Mullen was a First team All-Star last season as a Freshman.

@ManUnitedZone_ @Amaddiallo_19 Saying it for the media lol. Amad and Greenwood knows Messi is clear

fuckin グーナー そもそもそんな奴はグーナーじゃない


@AbzLUHGv14 Worth mentioning Sancho helped much more defensively that Greenwood did in those games

Thong panties available in Xl Kindly send a dm or WhatsApp message to Wizkid | #Blackownedbusiness | Tems | Tiwa | Burna | Davido | Ronaldo | Greenwood

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Happiest 27th birthday to Yuu Serizawa! 🥳 She is known for her roles as Iroha Igarashi from 3D Kanojo: Real Girl, Shera L. Greenwood form How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, Kaname Arisugawa from Tonikaku Kawaii, Yumemi Yumemite from Kakegurui, and more!

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ユナサポ1人からリムられ、1人からブロックされ、グーナー1人からブロックされました 引き換えに勝ち点3取ったからお釣りがたくさんくる

#Netflix sent out this gorgeous swag for #ThePowerOfTheDog (one of my favorite films of the year). We got a leatherbound script, score, sheet music (with a note from composer Jonny Greenwood on the flip side), and beautiful Assouline coffee table book.

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@EuropeanReece Right now I’d have Sancho Bruno Greenwood behind Ronaldo with regular minutes for Rash off the bench

Hi guys, I‘m back 💖 Some of you know that I got banned Last week But I‘m back. The past month couldn‘t be any worse, because Mason Greenwood hasnt stepped on a Football Field for over a month now, but at least he‘s still happy, and he‘s more important to me than me own life💖

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Sancho is way more engaged off the ball than Rashford and Greenwood. Probably because of the German footballing education

Greenwood rots on bench for Man Utd and they’ve got most inconsistent player in Rashford starting. Then a bloke in Lingard, who doesn’t want to be there, coming on before him 🤣 Greenwood is miles better

@MrsHopkins96 Yes we are!!!! I predicted us to go 6-6 at beginning of year on our podcast here in Greenwood

Bruno for Just take Bruno off for Rashford can still hold the ball upfront and make them commit later out in greenwood for rashford

Want to work in #Greenwood, MS? View our latest opening: #Labor

VDB and Greenwood sat chilling on the bench and we waste 2 subs on Ronaldo and Lingard 😭😭😭💀

Ronaldo is going to be useless with this 9-1 formation. Either DvB or Greenwood have to come on

@timitvrner Greenwood has Covid, he’s been getting he recovers soon he’s very crucial to Man U

Is there a clause in his contract that means Ronaldo has to be brought on every game? Why make that sub at 1-0 up. Playing on the counter and you take away any pace we had. Should’ve been greenwood if anything

@CNN @lisaling Everytime Natives and African Americans got ahead in America, they were violently suppressed. Be it in Greenwood or the Black Hills.

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Carrick was supposed to sub Rashford off and not Sancho. Now we need Greenwood or Lingard for Rashford

Personally I’d have brought on Lingard or Greenwood but I guess that’s why i’m not a manager.


@ManUtd @B_Fernandes8 Wrong button, wrong sub. This game needs Greenwood to shake the defence with Ronaldo.


If it wasn’t obvious already Ronaldo wasn’t needed this early. We had Chelsea right where we wanted them bring Greenwood on instead.

“A group of unelected people subverting Democracy” - Greenwood

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