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Speaking as a Melburnian, Greg Sheridan can pull his head in. Same goes for any other conservative running victory laps on our misfortune.

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@jmil400 Greg Sheridan clearly the most incompetent useless so called journalist in Australia.

Free Falling
Free Falling ()

Greg Sheridan thinks Dan Andrews is the greatest premier to work under pressure during a national emergency while dealing with a hostile and unhelpful opposition. He’s not allowed to print this because his boss won’t let him #BoycottTheAustralian #BoycottMurdoch

Robyn J Holden
Robyn J Holden ()

Well Greg Sheridan would say that wouldn’t he!! It was a Liberal voter and owner of the Security Company who politically sabotaged the Hotel Quarantine. And it’s the Liberal Owner who will be named and shamed as having deliberately facilitated the escalation of coronavirus.

KerrieC ()

@DuchessFrida Greg Sheridan is the worst performing and most irrelevant journalist in the country. And I am being restrained and kind.


@mickytill @adamajacoby Henry the VIII had a personal bum fact i saw in a BBC after old mate Henry visited his potty this bloke was there to wipe his bum for obviously a disgusting job but Hey! work is Greg Sheridan is Murdochs bum wiper n yes he would if he was asked.

Jan27 ()

@adamajacoby Alan Jones is running out of time. His options are closing. Greg Sheridan still comes across as influential.

💧Jennifer #TheALLiance Meyer-Smith v🔥LNParasites
💧Jennifer #TheALLiance Meyer-Smith v🔥LNParasites ()

@adamajacoby Greg Sheridan coz he manipulates the audience to think he is a decent learned man The others are just harpies

Markus Pfister 🇦🇺 😷🔥😷
Markus Pfister 🇦🇺 😷🔥😷 ()

@binarusconi @D_Melissa2 This says everything about the state of Greg Sheridan’s inner life and nothing about Daniel Andrews. Except perhaps that we always hate most that which proves is wrong. Otherwise Dan the Man is merely a convenient object for Sheridan’s bile.

Lance ()

Greg Sheridan, the constant champion of sexual predators and those who are protectors of child abusers in the Church. Most rotten base for a human, and he thinks his opinion somehow counts?

Tony Shaw 📚
Tony Shaw 📚 ()

@AusOpinion Greg Sheridan is now clearly the worst-performing, most unsuccessful ‘journalist’ in the Murdoch stable of arseholes.

🐨🦇🎀💧Angry Granny
🐨🦇🎀💧Angry Granny ()

@AusOpinion Lol Greg Sheridan should stick to writing his Tony Abbott erotic fan fiction. He’ll never love you back Greg- move on! 💋

Mal Chaplin
Mal Chaplin ()

@Jimyeahna @AusOpinion Greg Sheridan bringing us the views of the hard right of the Liberal Party

Carole Lee
Carole Lee ()

Written by Greg Sheridan . Who would have thought. Was Andrew Bolt busy?

John Mills
John Mills ()

@DuchessFrida I reckon greg sheridan would ring his master murdoch every night to say goodnight master how high would you like me to jump tomorrow. How low dose someone go to satisfying his masters hatefull greed. Why is this man allowed to write bullshit so others suffer for his stupidity.

🤗𝗙𝗿𝗲𝗱 𝗦𝗺𝗶𝘁𝗵💧🇦🇺🎶🕹️👍
🤗𝗙𝗿𝗲𝗱 𝗦𝗺𝗶𝘁𝗵💧🇦🇺🎶🕹️👍 ()

@AusOpinion Greg Sheridan must be the worst possible source of advice. Steer clear of loony Greg!

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Boomer ()

@phbarratt @hannj666 beegeezus Mr you needed to do was lead your tweet with Greg Sheridan said..........and I could have moved on to the next tweet in my 🤓😬😜

DontStandSoCloseToMe ()

@phbarratt Greg Sheridan is one of the most spiteful, hateful little men we have ever produced.

😷 Mick Minion 🍷👏🚰 Stay Home 🏠
😷 Mick Minion 🍷👏🚰 Stay Home 🏠 ()

Greg Sheridan again shows he is entirely out of touch. Thank God Victoria gas Daniel Andrews

Roro ()

@DuchessFrida @LennaLeprena To Greg Sheridan “There is no greater beast than envy, no greater thief than fear, no greater enemy than greed, no greater predator than wrath, and no greater poison than bitterness”. Matshona Dhliwayo

Deb Kirby — anti fascist
Deb Kirby — anti fascist ()

Greg Sheridan (The Australian): “Daniel Andrews is now clearly the worst-performing, most unsuccessful premier or territory leader in Australia in managing the #COVID19 outbreak, despite being the most authoritarian.” Another Murdoch hack adds HIS OPINION — unhelpful! #auspol

Melanie Virtue
Melanie Virtue ()

@AusOpinion Shameful attack trying to politicise a health crisis that dedicated Daniel Andrews is managing with over 70% approval rating. Shame on The Australian & Greg Sheridan for sinking to new lows. Keep up the good work Dan!

Kerryn Goldsworthy 📚 📝 🎶 🥂
Kerryn Goldsworthy 📚 📝 🎶 🥂 ()

@AusOpinion Somebody needs to explain to Greg Sheridan that correlation does not equal causation, and also that this is a public health emergency, not an opportunity for him to please his masters.

Scott Moody
Scott Moody ()

@AusOpinion ...writes Greg Sheridan. No better content warning going around for myopic, poorly informed, partisan BS.

The grumpy old man
The grumpy old man ()

@AusOpinion Dan Andrews continues to enjoy a 70+ approval rating. @australian is a rag that few read and less care about. Greg Sheridan is desperate to please his paymaster, and the LNP. Desperate for some relevancy. 💐❤💐

Heather Cooke
Heather Cooke ()

Greg Barton on 774 this morning, a voice of reason and sanity re world affairs. What a contrast to Sheridan et al.

Observer (Half in, half out of Iso) 🇦🇺🌏
Observer (Half in, half out of Iso) 🇦🇺🌏 ()

Before you rush to judgement, look at the stats that matter. But then again, what would you expect from Greg Sheridan? Not well known for his left leaning views. I mean, he still believes George Pell is a candidate for sainthood.🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ #auspol

Tom Gorman
Tom Gorman ()

@AusOpinion Read the disturbing headline but then realised it was only by that News Corpse newt Greg Sheridan. For a split second I thought it was by someone credible!

Steve Conroy
Steve Conroy ()

@phbarratt As soon as I saw the name “Greg Sheridan”, I read no further. I’ve better uses for my data allowance.

Progressives For Palestine
Progressives For Palestine ()

With the Pope speaking out against Israel’s occupation how will pro-catholic & pro-israel mouthpieces like Gerard Henderson & Greg Sheridan cope? #auspol

Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green ()

Speaking as a Melburnian, Greg Sheridan can pull his head in. Same goes for any other conservative running victory laps on our misfortune.

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