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Very pleased to see The Australian’s wise Greg Sheridan rightly call for @AmyRemeikis to get a pay rise on national television. #payjustice for the overworked and underpaid media workforce at the Guardian now !.

Gosh! I agree with Greg Sheridan, who says we’re over-interpreting everything Peter Dutton says. #insiders.

The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says “nothing of substance” will come from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese visiting Ukraine’s capital Kyiv..

Greg Sheridan gets rolled out again!!!! FFS. No imagination #insiders.

“Nothing of substance” pretty much describes ANYTHING that “.. The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says ..”.

@SkyNewsAust I am sure Greg Sheridan would wet himself in excitement if #Morrison had gone and Phillip Coorey would have written breathless articles about it 🙄.

@Boyjace @JoshButler Don’t often agree with Greg Sheridan but he’s dead set right here..

Did Greg Sheridan fall on his way to the studio & sustain a head injury? Im not used to this Greg. #insiders.

@LesStonehouse @Diana5662996273 Even Greg Sheridan agreed with the gov on this. I nearly fell off my chair 🪑.

Greg Sheridan, be like the sound of a fool laughing at his own perceived wit! #insiders @David_Speers.

Greg Sheridan thinks we need to let the Liberal party draw breath. The LNP are the ones coming out blaming their historical failures on the 5-week-old government #Insiders.

Things to think about when Greg Sheridan opens his mouth. When was the last time you saw a crochet top on TV? Full cred to Amy. #insiders.

Greg Sheridan seems to have had a road to Damascus! I wonder what has happened? #insiders.

@PhilHazell1 Not too bad. JC good and Greg Sheridan criticised the LNP at one point and I almost fell off my chair.

Not wanting to sound too shallow, but Greg Sheridan’s political views definitely align with the way he presents himself on tv. Drab and miserly..

so Greg Sheridan thinks we should let the LNP take a let’s ask trans kids #insiders.

@ColinKi02276809 Agree. Many of us remember it … and remember the impact. Perhaps Greg Sheridan thinks we’re just ‘no-bodies’..

Greg Sheridan called out the extra staff given by Morrison as corruption. He gave the extra staff on 2 occasions as his small majority dwindled, when Julie Banks defected to x-bench and ditto Craig Kelly. That’s how the extra staff came about, bribes to ensure confidence..

@BigeyesP Based on some recent comments, I think Greg Sheridan is an @AlboMP fan. Hard not to be really! #AlboisourPM.

It was definitely more watchable, especially with @JEChalmers in command. What was surprising was Greg Sheridan post Renaissance!.

@mrseankelly @QuentinDempster Seriously Insiders is an ABC program There is a huge reservoir of ABC talent Greg Sheridan, James Campbell etc. from Murdoch! Just ABC show courage and independence.

@InsidersABC Best Insiders since the days when Katharine Murphy and Laura Tingle were regulars. Other than Greg Sheridan totally messing up on wages policy I agreed with everything he said. Good edition..

Ummm… pretty sure Labor supported 90% of LNP policy when in opposition. But facts are flexible if you’re Greg Sheridan. #insiders.

@morethanoneside @SandraM19642635 When Greg Sheridan speaks (especially abt foreign policy) I listen. Maybe not always agree but his views are worth considering..

@sallymcmanus @AmyRemeikis How refreshing #Insiders was this morning. It feels grown up and respectful (again) discussing issues without hype and gotcha — even Greg Sheridan was human. Good job panel..

Greg Sheridan #insiders needs to get with the progress on climate and decency in politics. To say the Liberals should fight the 43% legislation and that no opposition agrees with government legislation, is so old school and out of step with the Australians..

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with Greg Sheridan. An increase in the broad availability of librarians aka research, is far more equitable and useful in my book. #auspol.


#Insiders #ABC I expect to see Greg Sheridan sipping lattes with Tony Abbott in Nth Sydney next week where their world begins and ends. Get some sensible journos, stop pushing Murdoch spin doctors..

@Narty0071 You’ll find Greg Sheridan a bit of a pain at times. But overall, some decent discussions.

This is the current matter of debate in a nutshell. Evan Greg Sheridan, LNP diehard, described it as corruption on #insiders..

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