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Updated: July 30th, 2021 11:39 AM IST

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Gutho calling his teammates a bunch of dumb cunts just before throwing one of the worst passes of the season, sums him up pretty well. #NRLRoostersEels

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@leeblogg @ajl247 Gutho is also probably the one that said this and gave opacic a spray too

@aaronthompson93 There have been so many examples we are truly blessed haha. All coming from Moses & Gutho

Woke up, remembered the game last night and started swearing like Gutho and Moses combined #parradise

I hope Gutho gets fined for what he said last night the same way Evans was fined for what he wrote on his tape.

@ajl247 What about Gutho giving Sivo a gob full after he threw a shocking pass. Talk about shifting the blame

Is this the new most metres in a game record? 😱 Think it used to belong to Gutho as well

Honestly Parra might have the most terrible blokes of any NRL team. Moses is a rat Matto was hated by Wests teammates Gutho also a rat N Brown is a groin stomper Feel for a young bloke like Arthur coming through and having to deal with such a toxic culture

Gutho yelling exactly,what I want to say to the whole team watching that game tonight, deadset no words

@MattMoylansLegs @AdamHux2 I have to disagree I think he has so much talent. Not saying he can be as good as Teddy, Trell or Turbo at their peaks but he has way more talent than someone like Gutho. He could easily be the 4th best fullback in the comp imo

@ellapk3 No, Gutho off the field is outstanding him and BA earned a lifetime of my respect and admiration during the early period of their time here. Gutho and Brad fronted everything regarding the salary cap issues and the fallout. When everyone else hide away, they fronted up

Honestly, if it had been any player but Opacic I wouldn’t care so much about Gutho’s antics but that dude played the day he his brother was potentially murdered because he didn’t want to let the team down. I know so many people will say it ain’t that deep but it is to me.

@ellapk3 I’m interested I know some of them liked Moses yelling at Gutho earlier in the year but is this one a step too far? 🤔

I’d love to hear if Parra fans genuinely like having Gutho as their captain? It’s crazy how he carries himself speaking to both his team mates and referees on the field…

@Hayward_AdamK Remember when Gutho was negotiating his contract - put himself on the market and had no takers. That was funny.

@HughSherwood1 gutho having a terrible month tbh. Tonight papa, reed and kafusi put in. The entire team was disgusting.


@alexeels9620 @TheParraEels Feel sorry for Gutho trys so hard but the rest have no passion

@utdbodi @TheParraEels Lol poor Gutho!, he needs a new coach and some new people around him

“King Gutho” gave the penalty. Who will he blame for that? To think people mention that imposter in the same breath as Teddy.


Geez Gutho has had a great view of all our tries tonight 😂 #NRLRoostersEels #EastsToWin

Gutho calling his teammates a bunch of dumb cunts just before throwing one of the worst passes of the season, sums him up pretty well. #NRLRoostersEels

@Raiders_24Sep89 And the line speed was for most of the game, they were up in their face all night, it was refreshing to see! And I loved how they shut Gutho down.

I can’t describe the feelings I feel when Gutho whinges to the ref ffsssssss nothing grinds my gears more in this world

What’s Gutho sooking about? He would’ve slid in with knees to save that Rapana did nothing wrong there! Huge play #NRLEelsRaiders


Gutho you fucking tool, piss off! Sivo’s try wasn’t even a try, have a whinge you wannabe

RTS not letting the Warriors lose to these Raiders like Gutho

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Parra Didn’t deserve to win that for many reasons, and gutho carrying on at the end despite a poor refs call getting them in the match made my night.

Not a penalty try Gutho. How about, Brown want on side, so get fucked? #NRLEelsRaiders

The commentators don’t even care about the offside, too busy wanting to get excited about a close corner finish. “Come on Gutho” fuck off

A grinding first half, a game like this is something we need - to learn how to win. Find a way to get it done through other players stepping up. Gutho & Mahoney are probably the key. Penisini looks dangerous with ball in hand #NRLEelsRaiders #PARRAdise

shout out to the guy in our section who started a “gutho’s manbun” chant 😂😂😂

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